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Flamig Farm(West Simsbury)

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康涅狄格Berlin302 条分享
Our grandson loves this place so much we bought a season ticket for the family. He loves feeding the animals and is specially fond of riding his buddy Tony the Pony. We would recommend this place to any child that loves animals or a parent that would like to introduce their children to a array of farm animals.
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Autumn M
康涅狄格斯坦福3,277 条分享
2021年4月 • 家庭
I took my 3 year old son and we had a blast. They have pony rides. The petting zoo is fairly large and you can feed the animals. I definitely recommend it for animal lovers.
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3 条分享
NOT TO BE MISSED! I took my 12 year old daughter and four friends to the brand new "Haunted Petting Zoo" last night for her birthday celebration. We were so impressed by every aspect. The creativity with themes and scenery, sound effects and visuals was outstanding. What seemed like over a hundred carved jack-o-lanterns contributed greatly to the ambience; the church and graveyard were a perfect setting to start the trail. The haunted forest with glowing eyes was most impressive to our crew, and they loved the "surprises" of moving objects and characters along the way. The ability of the staff and characters to appropriately engage with visitors based on their age was extraordinary. As a parent and a teacher, I see this as an exceptional Halloween experience -- not too scary, and also not in any way too childish. When we completed the walk-through the consensus simply was "I wish we do it again." SO GREAT!
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David H
康涅狄格曼彻斯特2 条分享
Unless you or your children never saw any farms or farm animals this might be a good place to visit. But for those who are non city this is just an ordinary farm with ordinary farm animals. I was hoping to see something intriguing, and after viewing the farm's website previously didn't see some of displayed animals, like the guinea pigs, kittens, or exotic birds. We paid $25 to walk around a regular farm yard, waited for over an hour to give our granddaughter a turn on the "only two ponies" they had for the pony ride, watched her chase one of the hundred loose chickens, and left - quite disappointed and bored.
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康涅狄格埃林顿298 条分享
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Fun, cute petting farm. We bought the $5 bucket of food and enjoyed visiting the animals. Clean restrooms and even nice area to was hands at the entrance. Friendly staff who took our money and seemed happy to even see people there without kids, mostly families with little ones were there. Lots of places to sit and even had picnic tables near parking area. A fun little place and we spent less than $20.
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Rachel K
3 条分享
2020年5月 • 家庭
We are so lucky to live nearby such a special place to take our girls. We absolutely love visiting the animals! You can tell that the owners pour their hearts and souls into taking care of this place. Such a great learning environment and a fantastic option for a “social distancing” friendly outing!
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康涅狄格哈特福德197 条分享
We took our 6 year old granddaughter here for a few hours and it was a lot of fun. We got a bucket of feed and set about visiting the animals in the petting zoo. Feeding them was interesting to see which was the gentlest (the sheep and mules) and who was th emost aggressive (the papa goat). They have pony rides for children of two laps aroud the pen - the pony is gentle and makes it easy for even the smallest toddler. There's a small playgorund for thme to get their energy out while we adults relax. My favorite animal was the brown llama - great character and the oversized chair is fun for a photo op. Everyone was very friendly. Just a fun afternoon.
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康涅狄格锡姆斯伯里115 条分享
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
I am way beyond kid child rearing age so I have no comment on the petting farm. What I do know is they have great eggs. And when they have it the pork is superb. I also get my mulch form them. I save the delivery charge by bring my trailer . So much cheaper than bags of mulch from the big boxes. Pleasant people.
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南卡罗来纳米尔堡26 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Such a gem! Staycation is conveniently located. The owners are so friendly and helpful. Fun to sit on the patio and watch the families and activities!
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德克萨斯州舒格兰531 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
This is a different type of petting zoo where the animals have separate pens. You can buy grain to feed the animals and they approach you with that expectation. The variety is good and they seem to be well cared for. Our grandson loved the experience and also enjoyed the playground.

The day we visited they were hosting a camp for young children and it seemed like a big success. This is a must if you have small children.
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