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2022年6月 • 家庭
Great time for the kids! It was a pleasant surprise. Love that it’s free and the only cost is that if the tickets. Time well spent especially when it’s rainy. Will absolutely come back
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Jade Z
马里兰Abingdon50 条分享
We come to Rehoboth every summer for a few days with the kids (10 and 4 now) and this is our 8th summer visiting. It is a must to do Funland with the kids. They look forward to it every year. It's a family tradition of ours and it's very affordable for hours of fun. The rides are well kept and the staff is friendly. Plenty to do for everyone of all ages and convenient right on the boardwalk. We love it at Funland!
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Laura S
宾夕法尼亚Brownstown110 条分享
It was a fun way for kids to spend an evening. My friend's son fell getting on the Sea Dragon (Pirate Ship). He got out of line because he had a bump on his head and it was bleeding. Once he collected himself, the attendant of the ride let him get right on.
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Temple, PA24 条分享
We stopped here with a 7 and 3 year old. The cost for tickets (for rides) was about 60 cents per ticket. $15 for 25 tickets (they take credit cards). Many toddler rides were 1-2 tickets, larger rides were 5-6 tickets. Decent variety in a small amount of space. We did play video games or any of those things so I can't review those, but there were some carnival games (throw balls into colored cups, hit the frog into a lily pad) that were 4 balls for $1 and 2 frogs for $1 (cash). So those prices were fair for small kids wanting to play a couple of things. There were also $1 and $2 play until you win claw machines that are great for little kids.

One special note: one of the ride attendants for one of the small toddler rides, immediately stopped a ride when some young kids got scared, gave their tickets back and gave the kids already on the ride an extra ride for it getting cut short. Great customer service, wish we noticed their name, but we did compliment them directly.
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弗吉尼亚维也纳3,799 条分享
Funland has been a spot for vacationers in Rehoboth Beach for what seems like forever. It is clean, reasonably priced, and very fun with a number of differing activities and rides.
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McLean, VA131 条分享
Funland is great for kids of all ages. Even older kids enjoy the rides and games. The staff are friendly and nice
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andy k
7 条分享
we rhode some kiddie rides but later we went on the haunted mansion it was scary after we played arcade game
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特拉华州Bear27,778 条分享
Funland has been a family tradition for generations! My Mom went to Funland. I grew up going to Funland and when I had kids of my own, we took them to Funland. Funland has retained many of its original rides and added some newer ones over the years (probably in an attempt to stay current and appealing). I personally miss some of the ones that have come and gone....the wagon wheeler and the silver cups specifically. My kids play the same carnival style games that I played as a kid: the frog bog and the goblet toss. The grab-it machines are a family favorite for sure. We have won countless stuffed animals out of those machines over the years. This year was no different. I love that most carnival games are only a dollar or two to play. There is a small arcade and skee ball area, but that doesn't really interest us much.

Last year was the only year we/I did NOT visit Funland. This was mainly due to COVID and their timed ticketing schedule. I did NOT agree with purchasing $25 timed tickets for EACH child and EACH adult who was just accompanying their child(ren) into the facility. It would have cost us $100 for a family for 4 for just a few hours of play. I get that they were trying to maintain safety and fun, but that was a far cry from the cost of ticketing from prior years. They started Summer 2021 with the same system as 2020 & we were sad that it looked like another summer would come and go without a visit to Funland.

We visited in May 2021 & found that they were still operating under the timed ticketing. However, without tickets we were still able to play the games and grab-it machines. Staff were just limiting the amount of guests allowed to enter at one time. Masks were worn and hand sanitizer was available.

As summer progressed, we were EXCITED to see that Funland was returning to their old ticketing system on July 8th 2021. For the remainder of the 2021 summer, admission into Funland was FREE once again. You only had to pay for the tickets (OR timed wrist band) to ride the rides. Tickets were a little more expensive this year (60 cents each), but still reasonably priced. Most kiddie rides are 1-3 tickets. The BIG kid rides are 5-6 tickets. So, still reasonable. IF you wanted to ride between 1 pm & 4pm, you could purchase a $20 wristband and ride unlimited during those hours. We just opted to do the tickets as we have always done. Tickets NEVER expire, so we bought a large book of 100 and used them throughout the summer. Kids rode the carousel, sky fighters, swings, fire trucks, cars, the Himalaya cars, tea cups, Sea Dragon and the classic Haunted Mansion this summer. As an adult, I rode the carousel, Sea Dragon and the Haunted Mansion with the kids. Kids enjoyed ALL of them. However, the Sea Dragon felt a little wobbly/unsafe when it was braking the last time we rode it. I told the kids they were NOT getting back on it. After that visit, we noticed that it remained closed the rest of the summer. Coincidence? We also happened to visit on closing night 9/12/21 at Funland this summer as well. That night there was an incident with the Super Flip that appeared to be a malfunction. I will say staff acted quickly and professionally that night. The area was closed off & surrounding rides were closed out of precaution.

Overall, kids enjoyed the rides and games at Funland this summer. Prices are reasonable. Rides have always seemed SAFE. However, there was one incident this summer with the Super Flip. I would recommend if you are looking for a family friendly atmosphere for little kids. It is good for kids under 10 years of age, but especially great for toddlers. There isn't much for the big kids/teens.
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明尼苏达Houston3 条分享
Have been coming here since I was little and am now in my 70’s. Next I brought my kids & now I come with my grandchildren. It’s a family friendly establishment geared to children. The games can be played and won by kids without braking the bank. While the rides are mostly geared to little children there are fun things for teens (and older) to do. The staff is always courteous and friendly.
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弗吉尼亚Burke60 条分享
Enjoyed the atmosphere and a good place to get out of the sun a bit and take in all the tourists and families having fun. The horse racing game was fun to play!
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