The Markets of Marion

The Markets of Marion(Belleview)

The Markets of Marion
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2021年1月 • 好友
I was really amazed by all the vendors. I was there in the 1990’s and I absolutely loved it. I purchased all kinds of things. Beach towels and some travel glasses are a couple of things I remember buying for gifts.
There was one thing I was disappointed about. A guy was selling a mutt puppy. It was so small. It was dirty and it looked like it needed to be wormed. It was so disturbing and sad to see.
I hope they ban people from selling animals. A flea market shouldn’t sell puppies and kittens. What kind of person would do that??
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佛罗里达1,286 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Have been visiting the flea market in Webster, but decided to give this market a try even though it is a bit of a trip for us. This market is laid out nicely, clean all under cover. We liked the farmers market section, the produce selection was good and priced reasonably. The flea market is also nicely organized and clean and we bought a piece of cookware we were looking for. This market reminds me of the markets in central, Pennsylvania.
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Happy Traveler
威斯康星麦迪逊40 条分享
If you have time and want to spend some time looking at different things this is the place to go. They have fresh produce, pickles, honey, candy, and everything in between. You could spend a couple of hours here looking at so many different things.
The only bad thing is they use to have sunglass alley and they no longer have that.
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密歇根Lapeer1 条分享
DO NOT USE KEN’s Antenna, he did not installed the antenna correctly, destroyed my home, cut my electric and internet. Now I have to pay someone to fix the walls, fix electric and internet. When he wanted to get paid I explained to him that after I get the repairs done (cost to me ). He has threatened me and said the he will destroy the antenna and my home.
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The Advisor
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Earlier this year I bought an antenna from the business in subject at $100.00 and later needed a second one. While doing my research I fund that the same antenna has a price range from $25 – $30 online. So, after finding out the price range, I first went to the offices, (Marion Oaks Flea Market), to find out how will deal with this type of situations. Their response was, that they do not intervene with the seller’s prices and they can sell items at the price they want. In other words, they don’t really care what they sale as long as they pay their spot fee.
As for the seller in subject, my calculated markup profit rate, at the highest price of $30 is 335 percent or 3.35, which is a rip off. For my second antenna on e-Bay, I paid $25.00. Thus, my advice to you to, when visiting these places, do your research and do not buy from this individual, because, you might be better off buying the same type of antenna from the internet or any other retailer such as Walmart, e-Bay, Amazon or any other online retailer.
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佛罗里达奥卡拉34 条分享
Anything from new golf carts to e scooters to t shirts and a whole lot of plants. Go early to avoid the traffic.
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Bill R
8 条分享
We were there again today, and yesterday.
Today we picked some items for our garden project. Got 2 metal trellis'($10) each an fancy scroll work iron chair($25) a large concrete planter with a spider type stand ($10) and a wood trellis for a buck.
The garden we are creating in an open spot in the yard is starting to look really good. I built 4 bird feeders that are on the outside edge so we have birds and blooms. Yesterday I got a Craftsman router table complete with fence for $10.
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佛罗里达群村44 条分享
A walk through the Markets of Marion was "an experience," that's for sure. And, there were plenty of honest to goodness DEALS to be made. We started at the farthest end, outside, where there were tables full of tools, parts and "stuff" that you'd expect to see at a large garage sale. Continuing on under the cover of row upon row of vendors selling new and home made craft items, and even some darts good caramel corn. It was fun.
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卡罗莱纳州Garner286 条分享
This flea market is very large and has something for everyone's interest. From antiques, to junk, yard sale items, to brand new items such as: sunglasses (if you can't find a pair here, you like, you are way too picky or they just don't make them), Avon, pocketbooks, fruits, vegetables, golf carts, etc.
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加拿大McGregor27 条分享
More than your typical flea market, has a large produce section, lots of vendors with new merchandise and of course the typical flea market selling other peoples junk!!
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