Grimal Grove

Grimal Grove(Big Pine Key)

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Dolly G
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Amazing Resource
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Grimal Grove has an amazing origin story and history - a resource that fell into disrepair and was resurrected by the loving hands of people who recognized its immense environmental value. Exotic fruit trees are grown here that exist in only a few places on earth, and some only here.
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佛罗里达基韦斯特14 条分享
Fantastic place
If you have never been !
They have a great store in Stock Island also with food & produce
I believe they sell Pickle Baron of Key West pickles too ❤️
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佛罗里达Big Pine Key28 条分享
Severely damaged by Hurricane Irma
2018年3月 • 独自旅游
Grimal Grove, the premier tropical fruit orchard in Big Pine Key, was severely damaged by Irma but is on the road to recovery. Most of the 60+year old trees were topped or uprooted by the storm and the surge. New growth is returning, the mangoes are blooming, and a new fence being installed.
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Thurman52 条分享
This year events to high priced
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
Last year we went there for a GREAT show the band excellent the whole place was lite up at night looked beautiful great time had by all. So this year we went to the event page and found high priced events like 85 dollars for a dinner with a chef. Another high price event around Valentines day. There is nothing I would want to eat for 85 dollars and yes it it charity but a expensive one.
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Minneapolis84 条分享
Historic Tropical Fruit Grove in Restoration Process
2017年2月 • 夫妻情侣
During a visit to the lower Keys, we unexpectedly heard about Grimal Grove. It is an unusual attraction--definitely not a "must see" for everyone! However, for those interested in tropical trees or fruit, the farm-to-table movement, food justice, or for those who are simply foodies, Grimal Grove should not be missed.
First of all, some contact information: the Grove itself is not open except on Saturdays (10-2) or for special tours and events; instead, contact the nearby store (305-923-6663, on the Overseas Hwy) for more information.
Briefly, Grimal Grove is a 2-acre area planted with a variety of tropical fruit trees, many of which are rarely seen in the U.S. Beginning in the '60s, Adolph Grimal developed the grove, moved in topsoil from the mainland, constructed irrigation systems and specially-contained planting areas, and planted and cared for the trees. On his death, the Grove fell into disrepair; it has only been in the last few years that Patrick Garvey and the Growing Hope Foundation have begun the process of restoring this unique site.
Go online to Grimal Grove and you will find complete information about the Grove's history, and an 8-minute documentary video about the Grove and the restoration process. Again, for those with a special interest in food, it is a fascinating story and worth a visit!
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