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纽约州Neversink1 条分享
The FAU stadium is a great place to watch college football. Its is a family friendly arena and if you have an family or friends attending the school it is a great place to visit. I went with my team as a team bonding exercise and it was defiantly a positive experience.
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232 条分享
We were on a tour for FAU for my daughter. The stadium was an added perk. Can't wait to see the Owls play there!
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佛罗里达马拉松206 条分享
2021年2月 • 好友
Great place to take in a college football game and watch the FAU owls! Great views from anywhere in this intimate stadium. Great family fun.
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纽约州纽约市6,845 条分享
I guess I was surprised to find a substantial stadium in Boca located on the FAU campus. Good for events.
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Douglas P
乔治亚Hamilton768 条分享
2020年11月 • 好友
Although our team “lost” the game, the experience was very good. The seats and stadium were positioned so that it felt as if you were right on top of the field. The stands were close to the teams so you felt that an active participant. Also, there were a limited number of people at the game due to COVID-19 precautions but it got pretty loud. The speakers were good and the stadium “felt” new. Bathrooms were clean. Concessions were fair.
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佛罗里达博卡拉顿1 条分享
I know a lot of students who attend FAU and for the longest time they would not stop talking about the football games. So, last October, I finally decided to attend a game. I attended the FAU vs. Old Dominion game on October 26, 2019, and ever since, I have been eager to attend another game. The atmosphere, especially at a smaller school like FAU, is one that is relatively active and always engaged considering there aren't enough people that attend to fill the stadium, plus, it was especially fun because FAU ended up beating Old Dominion, 41-3, so there was plenty of celebration in between touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, and fumbles. FAU has an extremely friendly fan base with an "everybody knows your name" feel to sitting in the stands and interacting with the other fans. I would say the stadium on gameday is relatively family-friendly where as the students who are there to party, separate themselves to a specific tailgating area outside of the stadium so that families with children can also have their own area free of recklessness. The best part is that the tickets to attend the game are realtively cheap compared to the price you would have to pay to attend a game at bigger Florida schools like UF and FSU. So, not only can you enjoy yourself, but a decent price too. Overall, I would say that it was worth my time and money to attend a game at FAU Stadium and I can't wait until the pandemic clears and I can be one of many fans to attend the first game back!
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纽约州New Windsor8 条分享
MY son goes to FAU we went to a foot ball game there and we belong to team Owl .The location is safe the stadium is not hard to find ,parking is good and plenty of place to buy food . If you or your family like collage ball and or like what other spots are played that your have all the amenities as far as a stadium most of all the bathrooms were clean.
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Susan S
5 条分享
FAU stadium is really easy to get to and our parking was super great. Not knowing where we were going, they had plenty of people directing traffic and were willing to help out. MTSU lost, but still had a great time. Good seats and moved to even better seats after the game started.
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Boca R
佛罗里达博卡拉顿63 条分享
Watching a FAU football game is a pleasure here. The stadium almost never fills, but parking isn't bad and seating is good.
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William C
佛罗里达博卡拉顿1 条分享
The day started off with us buying tickets to a college football game (UCF at FAU) this was the biggest game of the year for them since it was the first time a ranked team went to F.A.U.'s stadium and it was about average price. Once we got there it was a hassle to park due to many roads around the campus being blocked off that would make it easier and the only places you could park were far away. Parking cost 20 dollars which is very expensive for a game for example an average game at a bigger college is 15 dollars. Once we got inside the stadium it was very hectic they under-anticipated how many people would be there as facilities were way over filled and they ran out of food before the first quarter even started. Along with that many people had to be kicked out due to not appropriating themselves with the college rules. The lines were way overfull as well for some people even taking over an hour when it usually takes ten minutes or less for bigger games. Once the game actually started things started to get more smooth (although F.A.U. got blown out). However during the 4th quarter a storm started and the rest of the game was foregone.
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