Red Reef Park

Red Reef Park(博卡拉顿)

Red Reef Park
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Western Massachusetts334 条分享
$25 entrance now!
We decided on this beach as we thought it would be good for a beginner snorkeler who was in our party. All information we saw when researching this beach indicated a $20 entrance fee. Well, when we got there we were charged $25, just went up apparently.
The parking, bathrooms, covered picnic area etc were all very nice. At any new beach we go to, we talk to staff or lifeguards about any conditions we should be aware of. We are young seniors. We like to swim, snorkel, ride waves, and we like to do these things in an informed and safe way. So we asked the young female lifeguard a question relating to beach conditions, and received a very brief, not very complete answer. When we followed up with another question, she actually rolled her eyes and sighed while giving us another almost answer.
We went to many beaches in this area on our vacation, mostly in Jupiter. Aside from none of them having admission fees, and facilities that very much matched this beach, we found all other lifeguards very welcoming and informative in their dealings with us. In fact, one advised us of an incoming shower so that we could prepare for it.
It is the the best interest of all that a life guard be prepared to deal with the public in a professional way. Being proactive about safety is part of the job. Being friendly means you were raised right. This employee does not promote a positive impression of this town. BTW, the 2 staff members at the entrance were friendly and funny!
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Cynthia G
1 条分享
Wonderful experience
2021年7月 • 家庭
Amazing beach. It is very clean and the restrooms are clean as well. An amazing place for snorkeling.
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Khalyah L
佛罗里达Wellington1 条分享
Very good
This beach so calm. If you looking for a place to relax The Red Reef Park is the way to go. Depending on the time, some of the toddlers and young children are out. However, after 4 'o' clock the boisterousness of the families calm down. Most people walk along the shore, but my family and I just relaxed and made videos for the gram. There are also a couple ice cream shops to go to after you're done with the beach. Somethings to look out for is the water and the ocean's texture (if you want to swim). Also when going to stand in the shallow parts of the ocean don't be alarmed if the sand is course it gets smoother as you go!
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1 条分享
Crystal clear snorkeling beach - must see!!!
2021年7月 • 家庭
The reef is great snorkeling for any age. The water is crystal clear. We went at low tide while the ocean was calm. It wasn’t more than knee deep. We did not expect to see many fish. But to our surprise there are schools of fish under the reef. Look under the second rock from the end on the south side. There is a deep spot for many fish to swim in. We were there in July and there was a shark sleeping in there also. You could see the fin and the whole side of it. It was amazing!!!! Also, there was a huge sea turtle that was stranded on the sand, that was rescued and released back into the water. You never know what you may find at Red Reef Beach. You must stop here!!!
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德克萨斯州休斯顿26 条分享
Rough surf=No snorkeling
2021年7月 • 家庭
Know before you go! If you want to snorkel- call ahead and ask about conditions!!! We went and water was horribly rough- wave after wave beat us up. You could not really use a snorkel. It was exhausting to try and see fish although there were some. Much too rough to enjoy. I had selected this location for my 9 year old grandsons first snorkeling experience based on what I had read - so disappointed. Beautiful park and clear water but that day surf was too rough. $20 to get in and nice bathrooms, showers and shaded sitting area off beach but when we entered park and saw sign saying poor conditions- we should have turned around! I realize conditions vary- call ahead!!!!
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佛罗里达杰克逊维尔109 条分享
This is a gorgerous park! Lovely trails and picnic areas, but the highlight is the beach with crystal clear, shallow water ideal for snorkeling.

Here's a tip- it is $20 to park here, but you can park across the street at a city golf course for $3 an hour.
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Andrea H
1 条分享
2021年4月 • 好友
it's a beautiful place, but is very sad to see so many people fishing and destroy that beautiful reef. Fishing should not be allowed in that place, it is very sad and frustrating to see the amount of people after 5:00 pm. who meet up for fishing and killing all those beautiful fish. After enjoying snorkeling seeing all those beautiful fish, you leave with infinite sadness to see how they take out these beautiful fish in heaps with fishing nets. Very, very sad. FISHING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT RED REEF PARK!!!
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西班牙巴伦西亚203 条分享
Beautiful place
Great for walking (there is a boardwalk adjoining the park) and a no-smoking beach! Plenty of parking.
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南卡罗来纳乔治敦16 条分享
What a beautiful place ruined by the amount of people fishing and killing those beautiful fish... One person stating, "I'm going to give it to the park workers to eat" ... The appeal of this beach is to enjoy the ocean life... not witness them being killed for the workers to eat.. totally ruined any confidence I had in the people working there caring about the ocean life.
I also picked up some much fishing line and hooks... its a real shame such a beautiful place is allowed to be ruined by those only interested in killing and littering...
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Isabela M
1 条分享
Wonderful beach
Red Reef Beach is an amazing place to go with family and friends and have a day to relax.I go almost every weekend and every time the water is crystal clear and there's hundreds of fish to watch. There aren't a lot of people in the morning, so it would definitely be the best time to go. There is also places to have a picnic or barbecue next to the beach.
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