Exploration Tower

Exploration Tower(卡纳维拉尔角)

Exploration Tower
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Jim W
华盛顿埃弗里特8 条分享
The facility was very nice and the staff friendly. We were able to go to the top and stand at the rail to watch a launch, but a little disappointed to be more than a mile away. I KNOW - it's for safety reasons, I get it. But you kind of lose the effect when the rocket seems so small on the horizon - and the boom of liftoff doesn't reach you for a few seconds after it happens. It was cool - glad we did it, but not really a Big Wow. Manage your expectations accordingly and you'll love it.
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So glad you were able to join us for a launch viewing. Thank you for sharing your feedback!
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Barbara S
12 条分享
Went here the day before a tour that was to meet here to see how long the drive was from our lodging. Only the gift shop and the observation area on the seventh level were open. Went to the observation area. The views were outstanding. A fun place to go.
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Glad you enjoyed your visit! Thanks for sharing your feedback.
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美国21 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
The exploration tower was a wonderful stop! Only 2 floors were open when we visited (first floor gift shop & 7th floor observation area). Entry was free…Friendly staff & reasonable prices in the gift shop. Beautiful views on the 7th floor. The 2 ladies at the gift shop desk were helpful in telling us things to do & best places to go. Even gained some knowledge from them about the lighthouse nearby. They also went above & beyond when I was looking for a particular size in a shirt that they didn’t have out on the rack.

Tip - they have free brochures with coupons for local restaurants & activities. Near the register, there are some business card type coupons for the restaurants at the port. My daughter picked up one for “Rusty’s” that had a coupon for a free fountain drink & beer/wine for adults for up to 6 people. We had lunch there & used the coupon & all our beverages were free including a beer for my husband & glass of wine for me! Would definitely recommend stopping here if you are in town.
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Thank you for sharing your feedback! I'm so pleased our staff were able to help you find what you needed and share information about the surrounding area. Hope you can come and see us again soon!
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Rene V
佛罗里达奥卡拉16 条分享
Only the 7th (top) floor and bottom floor were open when we went. It was free though! A quick elevator ride to the top floor offered a spectacular view of Cape Canaveral. There were 4 cruise ships docked there at the time. Such a beautiful view of the port and the surrounding area. The first floor was a gift shop with restrooms. It would have been nice though if all the floors had been open, although it was worth the trip to see the top floor view.
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纽约州Potsdam470 条分享
We were disappointed that only the ground floor and gift shop and top floor were open, but then again it was free admission.

Beautiful view with a couple of binoculars available if you want to get a little closer. we took a few shots, and went around the corner to see the small exhibit.

I must say that the gift shop had a lot of unique items in it. We enjoyed browsing there as well.

The surrounding grounds were beautiful, quiet and peaceful. Great place to chill and unwind maybe before or after visiting one of the close by restaurants.
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佛罗里达Merritt Island1,298 条分享
As far as I can tell this was built as a chamber of commerce boondoggle to canoodle people. So it was meant to entice kids which it has not
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俄亥俄辛辛那提594 条分享
I am certain this place will be more busy and have more things to do once all the floors re-open. We were greeted on the main floor by a very friendly employee in the gift shop, which is very pretty. We took the elevator to the seventh floor to see the view, which is quite pretty. You will only need 15 minutes or so for this attraction, but it is worth a quick stop. The architecture of the building is beautiful, and on a sunny day you can see for a long way.
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卡罗莱纳州温斯顿塞勒姆114 条分享
Due to covid, only the top floor open but it was a good view. and admission was free. We got to see through the binoculars the SpaceX Falcon 9 across the river after it's return. Bought a tshirt there in the gift shop. It's worth the stop to visit.
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佛罗里达奥兰多15 条分享
This was my second visit. I would have given it 5 stars but they changed the video to more of an infomercial. The original video had a lot about the space program and was much more interesting. A very nice lady there gave me a DVD copy of the original.
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51 条分享
the woman who works in the gift shop was so friendly and full of great information! We weren't able to go anywhere except the gift shop and the 7th floor viewing area due to covid. The gift shop had some cute items. The viewing area was great for looking out into the port and also seeing some fish in the little pond around the tower. I'd love to go back when the interactive exhibits are open to the public. I would recommend this as a short stop over if you're near Cape Canaveral. It's chock full of neat information about the area, the port and the animals.
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