Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge(锡达礁)

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge


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Elise G
纽约州Hudson River Valley876 条分享
What a treat it was to both have a coastal tour by one of the boating companies, then get dropped off at the Atsena Otie Key. I was in the Wildlilfe Refuge both on and off the water.

I learned about the refuge from the boat's tour guide. Then I had some very peaceful time exploring the Atsena Otie Key. This is the only key that is entirely open to the public. (Other keys are partially open, with some of the land being privately owned, or owned by schools.)

Atsena Otie Key offered one a sense of going back in time. The cemetery gave one a chance to reflect back to the 1800's. I saw remnants of the mill. I was grateful that I didn't encounter any mosquitoes. Being in this region in February has its advantages!

I appreciate this refuge, as the birds are protected. Though I am not a "birder" per se, looking at the birds I saw was truly exquisite. If I visit this region again, I would love to paddle around on a kayak. What a magical place, indeed!
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯9,537 条分享
I ventured out to Cedar Key and it was a bit chilly and windy that morning. I thought there may be a more obvious way to get out to the national wildlife refuge but I didn't really see it. As you come into Cedar Key, there are several spots to rent kayaks but it really wasn't the type of day you wanted to be out on the water in a Kayak. Interesting spot, like Key West but cold... If this is on your bucket list, you may want to figure out how to get out there before you get here or ask wherever you are staying. Nice view from the fishing pier but it's a long ways to the wildlife refuge.
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英国苏格兰36 条分享
A nice sanitised version of a jungle adventure. Following a really relaxing but informative ride on a boat with commentary, you arrive at the centre. The park appears well organised and run with lovely areas caring for wild animals which can no longer survive in the wild. Go at the right time of year and you might see Manatees too.
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比利时Waregem312 条分享
This Wildlife Refuge is a collection of about a dozen small islands (keys) with the primary objective of protecting the birds that frequent the area. Some keys are closed when those birds breed, but most islands can be visited. You will need a boat or will need to rent a kayak from one of several outfitters in town. We paddled to Atsena Otie Key, the closest from downtown's landing zone. Atsena Otie Key has a small hiking trail to an old Indian burial ground. Be sure to bring mosquito repellent (and plenty of it!) if you plan to complete the hike. We were basically eaten up alive and ran all the way back to our kayaks. You can venture farther. Seahorse Key has a lighthouse, but it's a formidable paddle - and you can only see the lighthouse from you kayak - so take plenty of time. we didn't see too many birds (this was July), unfortunately, but we did come across some dolphins not to far from our kayaks!
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14 条分享
2-stündige Bootstour durch den Nationalpark. Wir sind raus zu den Keys gefahren und haben viele Seevögel gesehen und wunderschöne Strände auf den Keys. Unsere beiden Führer haben uns sehr viel von Ihrem Wissen weitergegeben.
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Janice L
佛罗里达Homosassa11 条分享
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We really enjoyed the flocks of birds as we were paddling our kayaks. Also liked (except for the bugs) the walk to the old cemetery. Very interesting history here!
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28 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
Nice paddle out Refuge from the beach kayak rental. We paddled to the north end of the island and hiked to the old cemetery. Nice trail not buggy, but they say they can be bad. The old cemetery is interesting. AS long as the tide is up you can continue on around the island and cut through the middle. Its shallow and if the tide is low you will need to paddle all the easy around the island or return the same way you came. You will find the backwaters of Cedar Keys to be very shallow and high tides are needed to be able to get around in them on a kayak or boat. Its VERY pretty paddling in the mangroves and the Cedar Key water tower is visible for a reference point.
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Wilson;Mrs.lind... W
英国班格尔96 条分享
2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful place to visit. You forget where you are as it is so peaceful. Not much to see but plenty of good walks to enjoy all the sounds of various birds and insects.
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13 条分享
We rented kayaks and explored several of the islands which felt like an undiscovered paradise. It can be difficult to figure out where to launch or where to go, so I would definitely recommend asking getting advice from a guide place (even if you have your own kayak they will help you out in giving your some direction!) We were there in September which was perfect weather and empty of people! (I hesitantly share this information!) We rented from Cedar Key Paddling - family owned, great prices, super friendly and knowledgeable!
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Sean D
17 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
great place to visit on the west coast of florida. If you get the chance drive the 9 mile loop in the lower suwannee management area. you will get the chance to see lots of Florida wildlife. We saw several large alligators in ponds, wild hogs, loads of beautiful birds, various snakes and a florida panther
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