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Ruth Eckerd Hall(克利尔沃特)

Ruth Eckerd Hall

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马萨诸塞伍斯特360 条分享
Outside area prior to show was just wonderful. Tables and chairs, light food items, and a bar. Big tree with some live music. Well organized and secure venue. When going inside it was very clean and had modern flare. Smaller show space which was nice and sounded wonderful. Would attend another event here in the future.
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Jim C
佛罗里达Valrico6 条分享
The venue is easy to get to from Valrico. The staff is friendly. The hall has good sight lines. Enjoyable experience.
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7 条分享
This is a beautiful venue. Outdoor music before the show, free parking, friendly staff, ample concessions at reasonable (mostly) prices. Saw Van Morrison and the sound system was incredible. One big downside…there is no center aisle. People constantly getting up during the show was very disruptive to the enjoyment of the concert. I can’t believe this type of seating was allowed to be built, it is above all very unsafe should there be an emergency of any kind.
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佛罗里达萨拉索塔33 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I was so disappointed when Ruth Eckerd Hall did not return our money nor did they offer to exchange our tickets when I called to advise them that I tested positive for COVID. Their reaction was “you should have called a week before”…that said, I did call 5 days before to tell them I had been exposed to COVID and they said “sorry, we can’t refund or give you tickets in exchange”.
Our local arts had no problem refunded or exchanging when COVID was an issue. We won’t ever buy ti tickets at Ruth Eckerd Hall again!
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密歇根利沃尼亚84 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This venue is well known for perfect acoustics and it did not disappoint. We saw Little Feat from Row K and the sound was amazing! The hall was just nominated for best theater along with other famous venues like Ryman and Beacon. Concessions are plentiful and the lobby provides a bar and lots of tables. The only negative is that there is no center aisle. Get your drink and visit the restroom before you sit down so you don’t have to get up!
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harold f
54 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Been here multiple times. Shows are great. Staff is great. The place desperately needs a center aisle to allow people another way in and out. Constantly standing up or sitting sideways ruins the experience for others.
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佛罗里达克利尔沃特369 条分享
Excellent performance arts center. Have been to Gypsy Kings performance and Tampa Orchestra's Handel's Messiah. Both wonderful performances. Excellent concert hall with good acoustics. Very easy to access, with lot's of surface parking. Highly recommend .
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俄亥俄Newark111 条分享
Went tonight to see A Christmas Carol. Really disappointed. Description said it was an adaptation filled with "a heavy dose of humor". I partially chuckled maybe 4 times in two hours. Wouldn't have gone if I knew it was regular story w a handful of jokes. Sound was terrible. Microphones kept cutting out. When they worked, they weren't balanced properly. I was very underwhelmed. Felt like I paid top dollar for a high school play.
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Steven C
佛罗里达Seminole960 条分享
My wife and I attended a concert here recently for the first time. There is ample free parking, which is a nice change. (However, it can be a little chaotic to leave after a concert when everyone is trying to leave all at once. I recommend taking your time and waiting few minutes for the traffic to clear out.) The staff were helpful in helping you get through security and finding your seat, rest rooms, etc. It appeared that many of the seats were only accessibly via numerous short flights of stairs and we couldn't find an elevator so if you have mobility issues, as my wife does, you may want to inquire ahead of time to ensure you don't get a nasty surprise when you arrive for your event and find you seat very difficult to reach. The overall sound quality was excellent. The seats were fairly comfortable however, you could tell they were getting some age on them and the are probably getting close to needing replacement. They also had very good air circulation during the concert however, where we were sitting ensured we had a blast of air blowing into our faces/eyes so that was a little uncomfortable. We didn't purchase any food or drink items so we can't comment on the quality or prices of those items on this occasion. Overall, I would recommend the place if an event you like is playing here.
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Mayra S
波多黎各圣胡安235 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
STYX💪🏻🎹🎸🪘Perfecto! Apropiado, comodo Estacionamiento Gratis,, buen acustico y esmerada organizacion. Hacia un poco de calor, pero estaba lleno
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