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Glenn B
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2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Went to see Summer Jazz show. Our first time to this venue. Great facility..comfortable seating..great parking! Very easy to get in and out. Highly recommend the venue for any performing arts.
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Ben C
佛罗里达布兰登390 条分享
2023年2月 • 好友
Ruth Eckerd Hall is a wonderful venue that regularly brings in major national and international acts. Facility is modern, clean, acoustically sound, and versatile, with multiple rooms available offering varying seating capacities. Ample snack/bar offerings, and food/drink is allowed to be brought to your seats. Also offers before-show dinners that are delicious, and a good value. Adequate FREE parking. Offers membership options with varying levels of perks available for donors. Customer service is famously attentive and helpful.

However, I have three concerns with the venue. One, REH is notorious for very long rows, up to 80 seats wide, WITH NO AISLES. If you are seated in the middle of one of these long rows, you must step over (and disturb) as many as 40 people to leave your seat for a bathroom or snack/drink run. If you have bladder issues, you might want to limit yourself to seats near the end of rows.

Secondly, being a private enterprise that handles their own ticket sales, there are no provisions for refunds or for re-selling tickets in the event that you have a situation arise that conflicts with an event you have already purchased tickets for, even for members who may have paid hundreds of dollars in membership fees. They have a VERY strict "no on-site ticket re-selling" policy, which is extremely rigidly enforced, which leads me to my next issue.

Lastly, I have had several negative experiences with overly aggressive, hostile, and rude security personnel. Many of them seem to be on big power trips, enjoying flaunting their power. Many are very harsh in "ordering around" people as they navigate security entrance points or interior areas. I had a backstage pass to one event, yet when I attempted to enter the backstage area (with my pass clearly displayed), the security person guarding the door blocked my entry, and told me I could go in "when I tell you that you can go in."

I have literally had security personnel blatantly and obviously follow me around outside the venue, stalker style, when I chit-chatted with other patrons and they (security) thought I might be trying to re-sell a ticket. Management's defense of such tactics states that such steps are taken to protect patrons from counterfeit ticket selling, but their extreme aggression in enforcement leads me to believe that the true motivations may be financial in nature. This phenomenon is very out of character for this otherwise extremely well-run and customer-friendly venue, and has spoiled more than one evening for me that otherwise would have been wonderful.
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Mike R
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Saw Wilco at Ruth Eckerd Hall last nite. Sound was terrible. This place can’t handle a super loud rock band and Wilco was super loud. Extremely reverberant. Way over 100 decibels. Had to leave half way through. The person mixing didn’t have a clue. Kick drum was boomy and undefined. The guitars were piercing and Jeff Tweedy sounded like he was singing through a megaphone. This was a loud as a Mountain concert.
Enjoyed the the opening act, the A’s.
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Tom W
Bradenton, Florida, United States36 条分享
We have always had a wonderful experience at REH. But, last night (3/30/2023) the Aretha Franklin Tribute, R.E.S.P.E.C.T., was a HUGE disappointment. Why? Because the talented singers ruined Aretha’s songs. Their vocal delivery was hard to understand due to excessive hollering and revival-type vocal delivery. Finally, the performance morphed into a slanted, political agenda that was unnecessary and, for us, was the final straw. And together, with many orders, we walked out during the intermission with great disappointment for a show we had really hoped to enjoy.
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内华达里诺1 条分享
The performce was excellent. But people wih canes beware. There should be handicap ramps to allow you access to auditium portals. I was recently forced to use a cane remporarily following injury . I had my choice of entering thru the lobby and walking up two flights using a cane or taking elevator and walkin down two flights to the portal. If there was a better way,none of the employees voluntered it.
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Karl H
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2023年2月 • 好友
Don’t use Uber or Lyft if you go there. The day laborers that direct traffic will not let the Uber or Lyft stop for the riders! Many drivers refuse to pick up there because of this!
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佛罗里达Pinellas Park28 条分享
We love Ruth Eckerd Hall and attend concerts regularly there. The only criticism I have is the fact that there is no middle aisle within the seats and whenever someone needs to get up to use the restroom or get a drink during the show, they force everyone in the row to stand and let them by. One night this happened so much that I truly feel we missed a lot of the show. It was constant. They need to remove a few seats in each row and create a middle aisle. It truly is interrupting to everyone who paid to watch the show and it is difficult on the person who needed to get up.

We think the sound is great there and pretty much all seats have a nice visual of the stage but that constant up and down is rather annoying.

The issue I mention - It doesn't stop me from going I just really consider where my seats are now before hitting purchase.
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alison j
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2023年1月 • 好友
I just saw an adults at leisure show at Ruth Eckerd Hall this afternoon. The venue was wonderful. The talent was outstanding. Whoever was controlling the microphones really blew it. Throughout the entire show, the singers were on the mic then off the mic. Then the mic was completely off. From the beginning th
rough the end there were voices that could barely be heard and others that were booming
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佛罗里达Sun City Center313 条分享
Sorry to say - I had high hopes for THE WORLD OF MUSICALS at Ruth Eckerd Hall. I saw a ton of musicals on Broadway, in Tampa, St Pete and many other cities. First, if a consumer isn't using valet parking, I would just stay to the right (not behind the long line of vehicles), straight and turn left - it's probably a lot closer to walk. 2nd, the program consisted of appx ten good singers (could hear that on my own devices in stereo), no backgrounds and some cheerleading-type steps and clapping. Audience - lady beating her back against the seats (not with the beat), women doing the windshield wiper thing with their heads, another holding up and recording the program with her BRIGHT cell-phone. The staff were WONDERFUL. I would not attend anything else unless they created loge seating and I didn't think the program was worth the money. My opinion.
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Gail R
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Pleasantly surprised at the size, & organization of everything. Event staff friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Very very clean for the size & number of patrons for the concert.
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