Roadside Rusted Ford Trucks

Roadside Rusted Ford Trucks(Crawfordville)

Roadside Rusted Ford Trucks
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Alyssa DG
乔治亚Donalsonville2 条分享
Husband loved it
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
me and my husband loved looking at them and it was an amazing experience for pictures. It gave us some down time to just chill and relax.
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密歇根Jenison6 条分享
Seeing "accidents" by accident.
Cruising down state highway 63 headed from Crawfordville to our hotel on "98" my wife poked my arm and said, "stop and turn around." She directed me to a row of about 10 rusted out -- and when I say rusted out, I mean RUSTED OUT -- cars that were on display for the sheer pleasure of viewing something "artsy" that someone had a vision of and acted on. If you're into quirky stuff like that "just because," GO FOR IT. It really is nothing more than a lineup of old rusted out cars and trucks, but when you see it in the faded sunlight of the late afternoon when we did, it's just something fun to look at. And you wonder: What kinds of stories would those cars and trucks tell if they could speak? Were they someone's first car(s)? Did a boy and girl do "it" for the first time in that car? Did a young married couple honeymoon in this car? Let your imagination run. And take a few photos. We did, as did the professional who, along with his model, patiently waited for us to leave. We were only there less than 10 minutes, but we'll remember it for a long time. JUST BECAUSE.
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佛罗里达Williston111 条分享
Told kids mater's family lives here
2020年9月 • 好友
I like to take pictures so this unattended free stop was a no brainer . Great subject matter to take pictures about an less then 5 min off of 98 enjoyed it
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佛罗里达韦斯顿23 条分享
Nice, small, free 30 min stop
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Quite smaller than I expected but if you like old cars, the place is nice and really worth it since it is free.

You need to go there fast as the rust eats all the cars and trucks little by little. Some of the cars are still in good shape and the chromes are amazingly well preserved in some cars.

Short visit, less than 30 min to take some pictures and go back in the road.
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91 条分享
No Admission Fees, Rare In Today's World
Unattended, simple display of a collection which the owner generously shares to the world. A photos binge for the Ford enthusiast. Uncrowded when we came, and in a very quaint surrounding.Come during daytime I don't think they have lighting when it's dark.
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6 条分享
Visit yo crawfordville
2019年9月 • 好友
This is a lively spot, great place for photos. Any family portraits etc. Great yo see the old time cars!
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Daniel K
10 条分享
Worth a stop and see
It's just a cool sight to see! Tons of rusted out old vehicles to take photos of. Doesn't take long to stop by and have a look.
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英国伦敦42 条分享
Lush setting for rusty trucks
2019年7月 • 家庭
Cool to see the rusty trucks being reclaimed by vegetation and nature, makes some lush photos surrounded by greenery in the clearing just off Highway 319. You may need a couple of passes to find it as no signs, and why would there be? It’s great as it is. There is room to park up and pace about and peer inside the vehicles, imagining stories from the ghosts of a bygone age.
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Brenda H
佛罗里达Crawfordville159 条分享
Not much
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
A bunch of old trucks sitting on the side of the road, I didn’t know it was a thing. I’d like to have a couple
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乔治亚Moultrie223 条分享
Be on the look out, Gearheads!!
2019年3月 • 家庭
Gearheads will love this small, rusting homage to old trucks. Be careful, they are tucked in a small clearing on the side of the road with no signs and a very rough dirt siding. The wife thought scrapped off her muffler. I've driven this road to St. George Island thousands of times and saw this for the first time earlier this year. Did a u turn to go back, look and take some pics. Worth the stop to stretch the legs between the coast and Tallahassee.
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