Hanksters Hot Rods

Hanksters Hot Rods(代托纳比奇)

Hanksters Hot Rods
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Martin H
佛罗里达St. Johns26 条分享
A must visit stop when in Daytona
It's just like an indoor car show to come and visit, lots of like minded people to chat with, and its free! can't beat that deal......................
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Christian S
厄瓜多尔瓜亚基尔1,168 条分享
Nice place to look (and buy) classis - muscle cars
Check out classic/muscle cars from the 60s/70s and 80s.
Some other newer models also in stock but the 60s and 70s are the cars to look at.
Very well organized facility, free entry (just a donation) and cars are in top notch condition.
All cars are for sale
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Brad L
4 条分享
Worthwhile place to visit, even for non-car buffs.
Primarily older muscle cars for sale. Friendly staff, free admission, although I did make a donation to their charity at my own discretion, no pressure. I thought the cars were very interesting to view, their prices seemed reasonable. It's worth a visit for anyone!
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Chattanooga, Tennessee226 条分享
It's okay
It's more of a old car selling place than a museum. There are a lot of old cars there but they are all for sale.
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Donna W
密歇根Portage424 条分享
Lots of free parking out front and the venue is free as well. Never saw a soul in there. We wandered around and enjoyed the fine cars for sale. Most were from the 1960's and 1970's. These are easily drivers you could take right out on the street today. It is worth the stop for car lovers.
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Impala guy
Grant, Michigan751 条分享
Just happened to find an ad so we dropped by.
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Found about this dealer from a local ad. Most unique location in an old skating rink that still has a skating rink floor.
Staff was doing paperwork and making calls so they pretty much ignored us being there which was fine with us.
Lots of Mopars on the floor but we liked the Amphicar. Muscle cars everywhere. Beware that if they start the vehicles you will be affected by exhaust smell.
Worth your time and effort to check it out—free admission, too.
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Tami V
1 条分享
I have never wrote a review on a experience before until today. Just had enough and had to speak my peace I bought a 1955 Chevy Belair 2 years ago from the Daytona showroom on line sight unseen believing very much and trusting Al the person I dealt with was very nice man and I totally trusted him as being honest and not just another typical car salesman which was a very big mistake which I know people say was very stupid and I do agree I will say one thing that Al was VERY VERY honest with me was the appearance of the car was awesome a very eye catcher as he said paint and overall outside of the car was beautiful The major issues were ALL mechanical it is a very long list which I called him about the minute it was unloaded 1) Brakes went almost to the floor found out rear shoes were installed backwards and booster was no good plus a lug nut on the left rear was GLUED yes GLUED on because because stud was broken off the drum cost me $1500.00 to have fixed which Al told me to send bill which I did and something will be done never happened 2) A/C would not work system was totally empty which Al swore to me he just used yesterday and it was ice cold slides to keep in position would not even hold in place had to hold them3) Gas leak coming from tank which I fixed plus gas gauge would not operate 4) Seat would not stay in place kept rocking back an forth 5) Pass. widow would not roll up properly was off of the track had to push it out for it to roll up and stay in track 6) Car had pretty major oil leak at the rear main oil seal.All being said called Al back with these issues and his response was that it is an old car and these things will happen true but not from a person (AL) that guaranteed me that this car was top notch . He than told me they fired there main mechanic for not doing his job properly and many other complaints. Well all in all this does nothing for me. I got my bucket list car spent some good money on it and ended up putting in even more into it on other things I was able to fix myself. So instead of trusting a typical salesman like I was very very stupid doing go look at it personally I am sure there will be a different reply from them on this but I have all my receipts and pictures
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14 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Very friendly staff, clean bathrooms, easy parking. Plenty of cars for sale was great looking at a blast from the past. Took lots of pictures
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马萨诸塞Agawam353 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
I am not a big car girl but I LOVE beautiful cars and these are BEAUTIFUL! Immaculate condition for cars from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. And they are for sale too.
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Connie A
Franklin11 条分享
Love old cars.
We enjoyed this trip back in time. I had fun pointing out the cars I dated back in high school. Lots of fun memories.
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