Lemon Bay Park

Lemon Bay Park(恩格尔伍德)

Lemon Bay Park

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佛罗里达威尼斯2,386 条分享
Nice place for a low-key nature walk.
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
No restrooms, small parking lot but we were the only car there on a weekday morning in May. We saw one person on our 45 minute walk.
Easy walking, some shade, mostly hard packed sand and sparse grass. Doable with a stroller if you navigate over a few small tree roots. Take a map because there is a whole network of trails cross-crossing throughout the park.
The “rivers” on the map are not much more than ditches with running water.

Nice place for a low-key nature walk.
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Michigan130 条分享
Great walking trails!
My husband and visited this park twice during our stay in the area. The trails are fun to walk. We even found a gopher turtle. The park is a dedicated eagle nesting area but we didn't see any when we were there. We did see shorebirds along the water. The trees and fauna are so different from our state of Michigan. Most of it is shady but will get hot when the temperature goes up. Restrooms are available. Parking area adequate.
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Indianapolis371 条分享
Beautiful mangrove boardwalk trail
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Not “spectacular” but really nice and well maintained. Flat and easily accessible (though not truly wheelchair accessible IMO). We will be back!
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Diane K
佛罗里达威尼斯3,629 条分享
Very nice park for a hike
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I walked both the South and North trails. It was a cool day - which was nice since there is a few spots of shade but mostly a sunny walk. Combined the main trails are about 2.9 miles. The trails are easy to walk - mostly sand or dirt with an occasional boardwalk. I appreciated the benches which were numerous along the way. There were bathrooms in the building by the parking lot. Nice spot.
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Sherry W
佛罗里达阳光岛海滩483 条分享
No bikes
This is a beautiful trail that is 75% shaded. It equals about 3 miles. Bikes are not allowed and park volunteers will remind you of that rule. Part of the trail has a boardwalk over the water. Parts of the trails are mulch and some are grass. Plenty of parking and a visitor center with restrooms.
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佛罗里达威尼斯9 条分享
Lovely get-away
A trail-laden forest amid fantastic pines and oaks and other shrubs, mangroves along the beautiful bay observed from the elevated and railed boardwalk. This peaceful and relaxing place is a wonderful site to enjoy the quiet, watch for birds and enjoy the lovely smells of nature. Watched a Great Horned Owl surveying the park from his high perch--no concern about us below so I was able to get a few really nice pictures. We'll come back, next time with our dog as the park is dog-friendly, and maybe bring a picnic lunch.
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Michael C
1 条分享
Amazing Real Natural Florida
Best Nature Park in Florida, Really! Eagles, Birds galore, rare Indigo Snakes, even Alligators! The real unspoiled Florida! Trees Everywhere, walking paths, on Lemon Bay. Wonder relaxing place! Enjoy
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佛罗里达恩格尔伍德27 条分享
Sights of Lemon Bay Park
Love this Park! Great place to relax. Many walking trails. Beautiful Nature. Kayak/Canoe launch. Picnic Areas. Many Benches places throughout walking trails if need to
Sit and just take in the fresh air. There is a north side and a south side both offer different experience. A welcome/environmental center in between. Offer restrooms. As well as pet water fountains. Definitely pet friendly place
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加利福尼亚圣罗莎141 条分享
Just OK
I am not sure why everyone thinks this is a great park. The kayak launch is limited, while parking is ample, there really is no beach here and the famed water walkway is nice but very short and hiking is limited also unless you really want to go far away from the actual parking area. The water is murky and smelled in parts of algae. So, after the short waterside walk, little else to do.
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Beach bummin it
佛罗里达恩格尔伍德25 条分享
Peaceful Nature lovers walk.
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Great park for hiking and even getting your feet a little wet! Great nature park with an abundance of wildlife and an easy walk to the bay for some amazing views!
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