Happehatchee Center

Happehatchee Center(埃斯特罗)

Happehatchee Center
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William Noel
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A Resident Volunteer's Experience
When I was a resident volunteer at The Happehatchee Center, I got to partake of what still seems to me like the full gamut of experience that they could provide. They opened my mind to what the world has to offer beyond our basic sensory input and showed me more of what life is supposed to be about.

I learned from interactions with others using copper dowsing rods that every person has an "aura" (spiritual term) or perhaps something like an "electro-magnetic field" (semi-scientific term) that they emit. Why are some people's "auras" only 1-2 feet in diameter, yet other people's "auras" might be 10-15 or even more feet in diameter? School never teaches anything about that.

How is it, as it happened to me once, that I can lay on a table and 3-4 Reiki practitioners can work on me, not laying their hands on me but merely waving their hands and wafting air above me, can drastically clean, sharpen, and intensify my energy level, allowing me to perform in Yoga class later that evening with a *much* greater ability to balance and maintain my body than in any of the other (of several dozen) yoga classes I had ever attended. It was literally like I had a superpower that day. How does this happen? Can any empirical endeavor explain this to me and any potential reader?

Why is it that reclining in a room, either an open or closed one, with perhaps a dozen or two dozen other attenders, where 2-3 musical conductors can have a set of crystal singing bowls spread out on a few blankets and play them with the sound-waves from the various bowls building upon each others, with literally, within just a few seconds, put me from a state of regular consciousness to a state of very deep relaxation or near sleep? How does this very short activity that relies on neither touch nor eating nor electronics drastically alter the brainwave activity within me, allowing me to enter a state of extreme relaxation where my body can heal from stress?

How interesting is it that during a kayak trip along the Happehatchee center - just me in a little kayak with gosh-knows-what else in the waters of that river in the hypereutropic subtropical environ - I pass within only a few short feet, quite eerily, an alligator of undetermined size yet with eyeballs still big enough to convince me that I was the prey, sink directly below the surface just as I am passing it in my kayak, building up within me a fear whose genesis was never realized? I discovered that it was more afraid than I am. It probably just wanted to be left alone.

In a world where the Puritan underbelly is manifested as a slave-master whose face is never revealed and convinces us not to conceive of ourselves as enslaved and under the yoke, and some of us are working 50...60...70...80 hours a week to distinguish ourselves as "entrepreneurs" (or just to survive) and we are taught through Instagram that if we don't turn ourselves into multi-millionares that we are shmucks, where so many people whose lives will thus become out-of-balance, struck down with disease, plagued by interpersonal difficulties that we can't understand and are "never our fault" (if never our fault, then whose?), we desperately need places and communities that bring us back to the basics - of nature, of understanding that there is more to life than what we can buy in a mall or achieve on the sports field or accomplish at a 9-5 or that we can read from a textbook, or that an entrancing but ultimately brain-damaging "blue-light" emitted from our computer screen or smart-phone hypnotizes us away from the higher energies of life.

Going to places like The Happehatchee Center should be a chapter in life for all people on this earth. It is a leap into for what many people is the unknown, and, sadly, for many other people, will always be the unknown.

Jump in. The water is churning. Jump up, the air is a gale.

And there are lifeguards there to teach you both how to swim, and how to fly.
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Cape Coral76 条分享
Interesting place
2017年12月 • 家庭
This place is kind of unique. Just a quiet place in the woods away from the rest of the world. We had a wedding here. Great for nature lovers; but not where I would want to be married. We had a very nice time here at the reception. The manager was a bit difficult to deal with but all in all we enjoyed the place.
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Julia K
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Fun night
I live here year round and whenever I want a nice getaway I think of the Hyatt...home from home without the travel.
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Antonio C
佛罗里达博尼塔斯普林斯169 条分享
Relax and smell the beauty in Estero
2017年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The Happehatchee Center is the perfect place to appreciate nature. Though it is small in size, sandwiched among the Estero River, Corkscrew road and Tamiami, the center offers the visitors a serene place to appreciate nature and relax. They offer daily activities from yoga to meditation to lectures and more. An awesome place in Estero.
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Christopher H
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Yoga in nature
2017年6月 • 好友
We were invited to do yoga here. The setting is a nature walk. Tall trees, gardens of flowers and useful plants (some of which are for sale for a small donation). A small pond and a Zen circle. Very tranquil place. In the center sits a large screened gazebo; working ceiling fans to fight off the heat.

Our instructor names was Myles. An excellent yogi with a class that accommodates all skill levels. After a great yoga session you lay there to meditate and all you can hear is the wind through the pinetrees and a chirp or two of a bird. You totally forget you in the middle of town close to major roadways.

Highly recommend visiting and requesting Myles as an instructor.
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Elizabeth E
佛罗里达开普科勒尔29 条分享
Low key and relaxing
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
This historic site has a small food garden and pavilions for yoga or gathers. It has a relaxing and creative aura. Happehatchee Center is definitely "chill".
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Tina W
佛罗里达埃斯特罗21 条分享
Spiritual nature sanctuary
2016年5月 • 家庭
I love Happehatchee! It's welcoming and just feels good to be there. You can wander the grounds, do the labrynth, and get a tour. They offer classes for yoga and the like. Edrick's class sounds amazing! I'd take his class if my wrists would cooperate.

Check their website for speciality classes as well!
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Courtney C
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A place for peace and love!
2015年9月 • 好友
My sister-in-law my sister and friends and I have been visiting this location for many years. It is such a beautiful and tranquil place. You will not want to leave. Go for yoga, drum circles, reiki...you will not want to leave.
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Lindsey S
佛罗里达埃斯特罗1 条分享
a glimpse into old Florida
2015年9月 • 独自旅游
A place for yoga, meditation, photography, wildlife sighting, and environmental education. Rich in cultural history dating back to the Caloosa. My absolute favorite place to retreat and relax. The most welcoming and caring staff members.
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佛罗里达埃斯特罗19 条分享
An Historical site not to miss.....
Very peaceful and serene. Back to nature with water fall, walking path, screened in yogi room, and the most beautiful Banyan trees you have ever seen. Take a canoe trip down the river with a picnic lunch for a great place to relax and enjoy the day.
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