Hobe Sound Nature Center

Hobe Sound Nature Center

Hobe Sound Nature Center
上午9:00 - 下午3:00
上午9:00 - 下午3:00
上午9:00 - 下午3:00
上午9:00 - 下午3:00
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上午9:00 - 下午3:00
上午9:00 - 下午3:00

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纽约州纽约市790 条分享
An escape to natural beauty
Though officially closed, most public trails are open. We encountered a few other people, but everyone was masked and respectful.
There are multiple trails, and a short walk along the water.
One path involves a lot of steps, but can be avoided by choosing an alternative route. Suggest one wear a closed shoe
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4 条分享
Love this Place!!
The Hobe Sound Nature Center is a great place to go, as it is free to visit and has many activities, all of which are kid friendly! Inside there are different species of rescued reptiles, amphibians, birds, and small mammals. Employees and volunteers are helpful in explaining more about animals, will take them out for further observation, and do feedings at certain times. Outback, there is a trail that gives you a good hike, or out front there is easy access to the beach. The Nature Center hosts summer camps and group activities such as sea turtle walks. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area!
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康涅狄格Brookfield201 条分享
Great for days where the ocean is too rough
This is what locals call the "river beach". It's nice for when the surf is too much at the ocean. Still plenty of sand here to play in, and fun to walk the beach and check out the mangroves. Also cool to see some of the nice houses across the river. Well worth a stop. Note that the bathrooms do keep more normal business hours. The park is open until sundown, but the bathrooms close around 5.
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加利福尼亚阿纳海姆205 条分享
Great pit stop!
I stumbled on this place on my way to Coral Cove Park, and it was a very pleasant surprise! I didn't go inside the building, but I took the longer trail around to the beach. It only took about 10-15 minutes, and I didn't run into any wildlife but it was a very nice little trail! Just watch out for those mosquitos when you get in the shaded area just before reaching the beach. Now the beach is gorgeous to look at- tree-lined, soft sand, and calm water- but I wouldn't swim it. Even the kids with their families there were playing in the sand near the water but weren't swimming in it. It looked a bit mucky, even though the beach itself was clean, it looked like more of a boating area although wading the warm shallow water only up to my knees was nice, besides the very muddy sand I was stepping on. This is a great place to stop along the way of a bigger destination. Parking was easy and it was a free pit stop!
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MaysLanding,NJ153 条分享
Nice walk
2019年3月 • 家庭
Probably not the best nature walk in area but still good for all ages but the most discerning nature lover.I would go back
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Marie B
佛罗里达Hobe Sound13 条分享
2018年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Hobe Sound natural areas are the best. They are pristine! The trails to the water are soothing for the soul. The teaching and programs available are a wonderful asset to the area. Great place for pictures and fun with children.
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Monica C
佛罗里达Hobe Sound13 条分享
Hobe Sound Nature Center
2018年3月 • 家庭
My 9 month old grandson was mesmerized by the fish, snakes and birds. My daughter and I learned a great deal of what fish, shells, birds, etc. we have to offer her in Florida. Very educational for all ages.
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Gary D
佛罗里达Hobe Sound29 条分享
Another great place for an outing
2018年6月 • 好友
Here is another wonderful place to go for a fun and interesting outing. Highly recommend it for almost any age. If the can walk they will enjoy the diversity of Nature in this area
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Amanda W
佛罗里达Hobe Sound28 条分享
Regular Local Visitor
2018年5月 • 独自旅游
I love this nature center and the people running it! It's very nicely done with many attractive and educational displays that people of all ages can enjoy. I attended one of their spring presentations on a Tuesday night and enjoyed learning more about all of the good that zoos do, as well as getting to see a visiting sloth.

The center has nice dune trails where you will often encounter wildlife, especially gopher tortoises. They have recently renovated the stairs that take you down to the shore of the intracoastal waterways.

I also found a sea turtle pelvis on the beach last year and they helped me identify it and provided suggestions on how to properly dispose of it (since you are not supposed to keep things like this), before I turned it over to my neighbor who works for FWC.

I also enjoy their gift shop quite a bit. They sell my favorite lip balm (made in Florida), and I've found nice, colorful beach sarongs for very little. It's a great place to support! Wonderful employees and volunteers, I always enjoy visiting.
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Tim H
佛罗里达Hobe Sound391 条分享
Small informative natural
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
Walkways through native landscape or to the inet coastal waterway. Nature center with reference materials gifts and exhibits.
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