Show Palace Dinner Theater
Show Palace Dinner Theater
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We just came back after a few hours of the Brunch for Easter Sunday April 9, 2023 and it was terrible. 1. You are assigned a table but not the seat. 2. the new way the table are set up you cannot move ….very little room between the each table, and depending of your seat you cannot see the stage, the round tables were much better and we could turn them around to see the theatre. 3. the brunch was far from being a Gourmet Brunch or even a Easter Brunch, they offered a small bun, scramble egg, potatoes, sausage, and bacon …. that was the brunch also no condiments, coffee had no taste and no real cream, you had to buy dessert it did not come with the Brunch. 4. Plate were ice cold, so by the time you got to the table the food was cold. 5. the show which was suppose to be cabaret style, it was like watching and listening to a high school production. 6. It was not worth the $120.00us that it cost us. In the last 15 years we have been many many time to plays and concerts at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre with meal, and we never had even one complaint to say. But today, it was our first time with the new inside arrangement and management and of the new name (Suncoast Broadway Theatre)…. Unfortunately, we will never return.
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Rich P
佛罗里达里奇港7 条分享
Simply the very BEST !!!
My Wife and I have enjoyed every one of our visits to this Dinner Theater
The Buffet is superb , the Staff our at the Top of their game.
Every Show and Concert we have attended was a 10+
We have several additional concerts and shows booked and we are looking forward to them all
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Mary M
4 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We enjoyed the Show Palace tonight. Mostly because of our server Christian. He did a wonderful job. Always smiling, got our drinks promptly. He checked back on us frequently. They had a new emcee tonight, Hendrick. He was awesome at telling us the procedure, keeping us up to date as to how the buffet line was going and added a little entertainment and got the crowd going as you waited. I hate to say, he was better than the owner Kurt. Can't wait to see what we are in for tonight. Last week was the ruling songs and they were awesome! Food was great too. Wish our club house had food as tasty.
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佛罗里达15 条分享
Absolute false advertising! Suncoast Broadway dinner theater (this is their new name) offered a brunch buffet with bottomless mimosas and build your own Bloody Mary. (see photo of their advertisement below). bought ticket in August. When we sat down (Oct. 30)- we were informed by the waitstaff that the mimosas and Bloody Marys where not included---whereas the advertisement for the event clearly stated brunch buffet WITH bottomless mimosas and build your own bloody mary and premium gourmet breakfast offerings. Spoke to manager who said that the advertisement did not say WITH--until we showed him our screenshot of the original advertisement that they removed from their website. He was shocked that we had it. The manager offered to give us a refund but then the owner came and told us no refunds. He was rude and condesending and smirked at us- he obviously did not care about his customers. We told him we really would only have one or two drinks, but he did not care. We left so that we could get a refund on our credit card and no credit. We WERE repeat customers but will never return.
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佛罗里达布鲁克斯维尔30 条分享
First time at this Venue. Pleasantly surprised, seating was great, staff very friendly.
Got there early and it was already more than half seated, arrived to an 8 Top table where 5 other people were seated, a salad was already placed on table. A server showed up took a drink order and explained how the Dinner worked. again Very friendly staff. ( found out most servers were the CAST of the show)
Show was great, NOT NY but was an excellent show. Some Cast members allow pictures at end of show... Nice OK the "Nitty Gritty" Ask server if you can order two drinks at a time, or if you are drinking Wine, just get the Bottle, because of Show schedule, staff cannot get you a drink every time you are empty, same for water ask if you can have a pitcher of water. Food... very Generic presentation, All food was hot and tasty, not a Gourmet set up, Presentation could use a little " Pizzazz" some posters on the wall. a few Flowers, some Color !!! I purchased Season Tickets.
I do recommend this place. for the price you pay cannot go wrong..
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Appleton, WI52 条分享
2022年3月 • 家庭
We decided on a whim we’d go to this place for dinner and a show as we are in the area for our son’s spring break. Dinner theater is something we like to see on vacation for fun. The show was great. The leads in Kinky Boots were amazing! However the food service and process of getting food, etc was horrendous. Immediately our waiter seemed overwhelmed and unorganized. He forgot drinks, didn’t refresh water, didn’t explain anything to us about dessert orders, etc. The process of getting dinner was chaotic. There was an owner and two assistants walking around trying to sell, sell, sell season passes yet they didn’t seem to be helping the busy waitstaff fill drinks, remove plates, etc. Our waiter brought two desserts out and didn’t bring the third person’s for probably 5 mins so we thought he maybe didn’t get the order. When I was going to ask about it he then had it in hand. He took my husbands credit card with bill prior to show starting and we didn’t see it come back until the end of intermission. With the service so bad I was so anxious he had misplaced it. The buffet line were disgusting. They ran out of gloves, food was not being refilled and there just seemed to be no order. When the bill came to us there was no itemized bill just a total owed with suggested gratuity. Our bill came to $52 for drinks and desserts and the waiter suggested $30 for gratuity…what? For a buffet dinner??? Wasn’t impressed.
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佛罗里达拉哥147 条分享
Another outstanding show yesterday! A Christmas Story - The Musical. Food was excellent and so was the show! Everything was done with military proficiency and wait staff smiled and was obliging with everything. It was a Christmas Turkey Dinner at the buffet along with all the trimmings. The only negative I ever find is that they do have FISH but it has soooo much mayonnaise poured on it before ooking that my husband and I spat it out. I truly believe a creme soup would have enhanced the flavor - everyone was complaining bout the fish.
But it was a most enjoyable evening, and their desserts are fabulous!
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佛罗里达坦帕2 条分享

My wife and I attended the matinee of A Christmas Story (The Musical) today and thoroughly enjoy ourselves and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of this stage production. All aspects of it; the acting, singing, dancing, music, set design, and audio quality were superb. This is no amateur production but professional ala Broadway theater experience less the large stage size and elaborate sets. This troupe of actors are the real deal and bringing a lot of talent and energy to the show. Outstanding voices. Outstanding dancing. Very entertaining start to finish in the two and half hours the show lasts. Don't worry there is an intermission when coffee and dessert are served.

This show is very funny, clever and full action. Unlike the boring movie, which I have never watched all the way through (sorry).

Kudos to the young man who played the lead as Ralphie Parker, he is so talented, great voice. I believe his name is Cam Kennedy (if not it's Seth Black-Diamond also listed in the program).

On the subject of food. I felt that the buffet was excellent. They call up people in groups of tables which moves along pretty quickly. The food was fresh, hot and well prepared. Choices were turkey, pork tendeloin, and white fish in a creamy sauce. Side were fresh green bean with fresh garlic, mashed pototoes, cranberry stuffing, and a sundried bowtie casserole. Dessert cost extra but include cheese cake, apple pie, ice cream sundae and Lemoncello Mascarpone Cake.

The theater itself is clean and spacious, so you don't feel cramped in, and all tables have a good view of the stage (no bad seats as far as I could tell). Oh and the actors are also the servers, so tip well if you want a good show (only kidding, sort of)

If you're in the area give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
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佛罗里达新里奇港36 条分享
My wife and I just saw Mama Mia yesterday. Fantastic ! Buffet was very good, staff was warm and friendly. Atmosphere was modern and comfortable. We were so impressed with every thing and everybody that we signed up for season tickets and so excited that we did. We know have a date night 6 times this year set up. Thanks !!!! Great Job !!!!!
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乔治亚Thomasville8 条分享
This place is now called Suncoast Broadway Dinner Theatre, and let me tell you, that is a very appropriate name. The food was delicious, and the show was even better. Every single person we had any interaction with, from the actors/waiters and owner, was so incredibly friendly. This is definitely a FIRST CLASS act going on here, and you'll be cheating yourself if you don't make time to fit it into your visit.
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