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Uncle Donald's Farm
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Vicky H
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This farm left me heartbroken. Animals in small cages and all of them seemed like they were starving. Their bowls were all empty and either had no water or dirty water. The birds, which they have an over abundance of, were so frantic for food I thought they were going to hurt each other trying to get to the corn I was giving them. My family walked back to the wildlife area and said the animals looked so bad that they left quickly and warned me from going back there. In my opinion they have way too many animals and too little staff for them to take care of things properly. Less animals would allow larger enclosures and a staff of full time volunteers could really get this place to where it should be. The staff was also not very friendly. The lady doing the animal encounter sounded and acted like she hated her job. She was snarky and rude when we tried to ask questions. Very off putting. The only part of this farm that we actually enjoyed was the hayride to feed the cows. The cows, allowed to graze and given hay on the various hayrides during the day, were the only animals that looked well fed.

If you care about animals and their well being this farm will most likely disappoint and leave you saddened. It’s a shame because with more care and less animals they might be able to take care of this place the way it should be taken care of.
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Barbara F
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Today I took my 5 year old granddaughter from Chicago to this "Uncle Donald's Farm". I have never felt so ripped off & disappointed!
No ponies to ride, animals were in dirty cages, very, very smelly. Lots of chickens, turkeys, pigeons, goats & a couple of sheep, that were desperate to get the dry corn we bought for $1.00 per bag.
I spent $23 plus change to get in and for 2 bags of feed. My granddaughter lives in the city but with access to the Lincoln Park Zoo and has travelled to different states and countries. She was very disappointed. She said, "let's go grandma, all they have is a bunch of stinky chickens"
This place should be investigated by animal cruelty agencies. These critters could run loose. Horrible conditions, empty barn that has "baby animals" on the sign.
I hope this keeps people from wasting their money.
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Brenda S
佛罗里达达尼丁757 条分享
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Thoroughly enjoyed our short stop at uncle Donald’s farm today. Purchased some corn treats & walked around the farm feeding mainly - chickens. There were other animals too but you couldn’t feed them the corn kernels. We also had the pleasure of taking the short but fun hay ride out to feed the cows. Saw an ostrich while on the hay ride. Other animals we saw were rabbits, chickens, alligator, goats, sheep, coyote, panther, owls, tortoise, cockatoo, deer, pig & peacock. Although because of covid we were not allowed to milk a goat like advertised, we still had an enjoyable time. Recommend this outing.
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2021年4月 • 家庭
It was a waste of Money two adults and two children almost 50 never again and the way the animals were nope never again I feel bad for the animals the poor owls were looking at you and it was like they were crying for help. And not a lot of people that work their was to answer questions.
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Chris A
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I took my 5 year old granddaughter ...she had her bag of food for animals and loved every minute of the day...the hayrides ,Harley the talking bird..., on and on.....I felt the staff couldn't be more helpful to the guests, Very knowledgeable, friendly and hospitable!!!
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Orlando, Florida48 条分享
while NOT a "zoo", still the perfect place to see many wonderful species NOT abused and living life large! Took my gf and we both were overwhelmed by the variety and care shown to customers and animals. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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Frank K
佛罗里达群村100 条分享
If you and your children and grandchildren want to experience animals in a true farm setting, Uncle Donald's is ideal. It's not a polished, Disney-like setting; real farms aren't, either. You'll find all the typical barnyard residents, and many more. The animals and the grounds are clearly well cared for, and the staff members are knowledgeable and sincere. A wonderful experience, especially with kids.
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佛罗里达Clarcona3 条分享
It is a nice little farm. Nothing fancy, but the kids enjoyed seeing all the animals. They have more than just your typical farm animals.
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2018年10月 • 家庭
I have taken all nine of our grandchildren to Uncle Donald’s Farm — some more than once. The animals are clean and well cared for. Some are behind fences while others are rather free and available to pet. My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed milking the goats and sitting in a circle on the hay taking turns bottle-feeding the goats. We have also taken the hay rides where we could see cows, horses and lamas.
I would recommend this adventure to anyone with grandchildren — especially ages 10 and under.
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佛罗里达Lady Lake160 条分享
The farm is over the highway on the Lady Lake side, not the Villages. It has been there a long time. Owners have not been able to keep it up as well. Few animals were present or able to be fed when we were there. We just walked around a little and left. I think Grand Oaks Resort has overpowered their desire to keep it going.
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