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Trabuco Canyon, California1,374 条分享
Good parking, lots of food vendors, comfortable seating
All they need is a team who wins a bit more! We visit stadiums all over the US and this being a newer one has organized parking (self pay so it keeps traffic moving) Nothing too unique other than architecture on the outside and cleanliness inside. Come on Miami...they need more to turn out
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法国Saint-Cloud12 条分享
The Best stadium :)
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Un super stade pour admirer la meilleure équipe de baseball des États-Unis :) . Parking pratique est juste à côté du parc. Entrée par plusieurs portes. Sur place restauration en de multiples endroits. Écran géant suffisamment important en pour pouvoir voir le match même sur les places les plus élevés. Ambiance rendez-vous. Bref je ne suis pas objectif mais ce stade est super.
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佛罗里达2,651 条分享
Beautiful new air conditioned domed baseball park
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Modern new baseball field with a dome, lots of parking and air conditioning. There is lots of security and ushers moving people into the garage and into their seats. We can’t go in with closed bags so I brought my plastic see-through stadium bag. There are cheerleaders that try to get things going and special evenings with fireworks and music. There are many varied food vendors unfortunately most are not special & are very expensive. Although the Marlins don’t bring in a crowd when they play teams from the north east fans come out.

There are times when we get into the parking lot in five or 10 minutes and last week it took us 90 minutes, Nobody seem to know which lots were opened or closed and we drove around missing out on our reserved spot in chaos. Mass transit to the stadium would surely make sense.
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佛罗里达Wellington18,099 条分享
This is the best way to view a baseball game!
My wife and I were part of a large group in one of the "skyboxes" last Saturday evening when the Marlins lost to the Yankees. The food we received was very good and quite diverse. The servers were very helpful. Our seating inside the box was just OK, but the seats outside the box were very comfy with great views.
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哥斯达黎加诺萨拉7 条分享
Open the roof, turn off the AC!!
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
You would think during a pandemic a little sunshine and fresh air would be welcomed when there’s no rain in the forecast. Whoever is in charge of the roof needs to be let go. Was so cold with AC vents on our backs we left in the 6th inning. Disappointing to say the least.
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佛罗里达Mount Dora251 条分享
Great staff, family friendly
2021年7月 • 家庭
Went to a game with 8 family members 3 of whom are small children. Everyone from the ushers to fans were friendly and hospitable. The stadium and clean and nicely air conditioned. Staff seem to enjoy their jobs as we were always greeted with a smile. One even stopped the mascot (Billy) for a photo op with the kids. Overall a great way to spend a night at a ballgame.
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Laura P
佛罗里达迈尔斯堡76 条分享
Great time!
Have heard Derek Jeter can't get people to come to a game. Why? Cleanest, friendliest park we've ever been too. Cheap, plentiful parking. Reasonably priced. Fine location. NOT hot, because the roof was closed on the June day we went. When our fave team is back to play the Marlins, we'll go again! BTW, the Marlins players threw out a dozen or more balls to fans in the stands--obviously a big draw for the kids.
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犹他州盐湖城19,228 条分享
Very enjoyable experience.
We enjoyed our visit to what is now called loanDepot Park. Overall feeling was that it was a very comfortable place to watch baseball. They were playing the Mets and at first it seemed like there were more Mets fans in the stands than there were Marlins. At least they were louder. Until the Marlins made it interesting and then it was obvious there were plenty of Marlins fans as well. The top was closed, I guess it was getting a little hot outside, but we were sitting right in front of the blowers and it was pretty cold for me.

We were there the first game no masks were required. The staff was still wearing them.

We entered the park before we realized the team store was outside and I have to give a shout out to the attendants who allowed us to go out and come back in so we could get some souvenirs.

I enjoyed my walk around the ball field, I enjoyed looking through the Bobblehead museum. We loved our Pincho hot dogs, I'd put them near the top favorite.
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犹他州盐湖城31 条分享
Nice ballpark, uptight staff
2021年4月 • 家庭
Had a great time at the Marlins game. Beautiful ballpark with skyline views of downtown Miami. We went during reduced capacity due to covid. Plenty of parking around the ballpark during this time. Private parking lots charged $10 to park and the stadium was charging $15. Seemed like inexpensive parking all around. Concession lines were very short. I am sure parking very open due to reduced capacity but the Marlins are not hugely popular so maybe parking is often open.

Our group sat in two rows of section 140, rows 3 and 5. The seat were behind right field. We quite liked this view of the game.

The Marlins has some really nice people working for them but they sure had some uptight people which could explain why it is one of the least popular ballparks among MLB fans. This made it hard to really relax and enjoy the game.

Staff was super uptight. I am not sure if the particular staff in our section was a group of micromanagers of of Marlins policy trains staff to micromanage fan behavior. One security guard in section 140 just stared at people and made people feel like they were doing something wrong. I was scared to get fruit snacks out of my jacket pocket for my kids in case the security guard objected. It was very uncomfortable. I noticed several fans feeling the discomfort and overhead others discussing why the security guard kept standing in front of our game view to scrutinize fans.

The staff makes fans clear out of the stadium the moment the game is called. I was cleaning up our trash from out snacks and the staff was barking at me to clear out. This was less than five minutes after the game ended. It makes for a very bad taste in ones mouth to be hassled and treated as if I am a misbehaving child. The staff followed me at an uncomfortably close distance to the stairs. It was strange. If that is protocol for the Marlins, I would suggested allowing people a reasonable amount of time to clear out (perhaps don't hassle people until 10 minutes after the game ends so people can take photos and enjoy the ballpark) and if it's not protocol, perhaps Marlins management could retrain staff and encourage a more enjoyable environment.

Still a fun game and ballpark. Not sure I'd rank it high on my list of favorite ballparks due to the very uptight atmosphere. Ball games are supposed to be relaxed and fun!! Glad to have been to this park. It sure is a nice ballpark! However, with the absurd amount of money in sports today, seems like all ballparks are quite nice!
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Joyce Kory
佛罗里达迈阿密9 条分享
Don't Waste Your Money on a Marlins Suite
With a group of our friends, we rented a suite for the Marlins 2001 season opening game. This is not the first time we've done this, but it will definitely be the last. Perhaps because we knew what to expect, we were in total shock at how bad our experience was.

First, when we arrived at the suite, there were NO CHAIRS anywhere in the suite. Previously, the high-top table and the bar area facing the field had several stools, allowing people to stay inside and enjoy the game and food. We asked repeatedly, each request brought a new person, but no chairs. Finally, around inning 5, ONE stool showed up!

Likewise, the (normally) 16 chairs in front of the suite had been reduced to 10! Inexplicably, both end seats on each row were lashed closed - not the center seats, where the excuse could have been COVID related, but the end seats, jamming everyone together! To add insult to injury, we were a group of 12 ... and there were 10 seats ... and NONE inside. So, for nearly $200 per person, 2 of us had to stand up. Again, we asked repeatedly, each time a different layer of management expressed their deep concern for our problem, but nobody could come up with a pair of scissors until at least the 6th inning!

Finally, regarding the food ...

Let me assure you, we did not go expecting a gourmet dining experience. We did expect edible hot dogs and chicken fingers - and peanuts, for heaven's sake!!! We NEVER got peanuts, regardless of how many people told us they were "on the way". We had chicken fingers and hot dogs that had been placed in the suite before we arrived, but the chafing dishes had never been turned on, so they were ice cold and disgusting. The hot dogs were supposed to be on a grill, but weren't. We asked that they be replaced, which they were, and the second batch of each was much better.

In summary, save your money. If this is the best they can do at (maybe) 1/4 capacity, I would hate to see what happens when they are full, not that that is ever the case for the Marlins. For $2,500, the suite is an absurd waste of money - for $250 it would still have been a waste!
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