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  • Adrienne Arsht Center • 步行 4 分钟
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Enrique H
2 条分享
Disfrute Absoluto
Acudir a las presentaciones de la ópera de la Florida es una gran experiencia ,buena organización en el teatro,magníficos cantantes, y en general un disfrute al máximo del espectáculo ,esperamos la continuación de las presentaciones,gracias por su existencia Enrique Hernandez Tirse
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New york34 条分享
Having had attended other performances this season, I must say this performance was a disappointment. The strength of the performers voices were below the music. It was extremely difficult to even hear them sing. The scenery and the costumes were excellent. The dancing, which is the key highlight of this opera, was weak and the auxiliary dancers to Salome were poorly rehearsed.

While I am a big supporter of the Florida grand Opera, I was not satisfied with this performance.
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Gilberto O
佛罗里达迈阿密237 条分享
Beautiful Musical Experience!
2017年11月 • 好友
Celebrating its 77th anniversary (2017) this Opera company performances are located at the beautiful Sanford Ziff Opera house in downtown Miami, part of the Adrianne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Check out the architecture and décor. Performances and staging are world class. We saw a performance of Lucia Di Lammermoor and the production was rather modern and minimalist. Both the singers and the live orchestra were very good. Pricing for the performance, food and bar seemed in line with everything being offered. You can valet at the Opera House or park for less money at nearby parking lots.

If you are an opera lover or just wish to have a full understanding of the performance, you MUST show up an hour before the curtain rises to listen to Mr. Justin Moss. He gives a very complete narrative and explanation of the Opera being presented. His love for this art form is undeniable, while his understanding and knowledge of opera, diction and presentation are nothing short of first rate. Very strong recommendation. The whole thing is truly a beautiful musical experience.
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Andrew J
佛罗里达劳德代尔堡85 条分享
Proud to have this in our community
2017年5月 • 独自旅游
FGO has become an important name in regional opera. The quality of performers and performances has only improved over time, and their outreach in the South Florida region--not just Miami--has been steady. I look forward to more performances from this great arts company.
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138 条分享
Belo e moderno edifício cultural. Poltronas amplas com excelente visibilidade em qualquer ponto. Vale o esforço que a equipe e diretoria artística estão fazendo, porém as produções ainda são um tanto fracas, carecem de experiência tanto artística quanto técnica. Os cantores convidados ainda permanecem no nível médio, a orquestra razoável e a grande decepção fica por conta dos cenários e guarda-roupa bem aquém do razoável.
Assisti lá a última produção de Un Ballo in Maschera.
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New york34 条分享
Great Opera Experience
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Being a born and bred NY Metropolitan Opera and NYS Opera adolescent, I humbly have to say the Miami Opera was an huge positive surprise.
Costumes, actors, staging, music, and voice ranges were all excellent! A great way to spend and evening.
Highly recommended.

Then only room for improvement maybe in the speed that the scenery is changed between scenes, not the acts, the scenes.

The FGO has done an amazing job. If you can go, do it. A great way to spend an evening.
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佛罗里达迈阿密52 条分享
The Opera "Norma"
2016年1月 • 好友
My friend invited me to see the Opera at the Arsht Center in downtown Miami. I had not gone for years and she had a wonderful ticket in the orchestra section where we heard a fantasticscore of music for the opera "Norma". I did not know much about this but was so pleased it was a fantastic performance with very strong voices and the lead Norma played by Mary Elizabeth Williams was incredible. Her range and strength and stamina was unforgettable. The nice part about this was before the opera we are given an overview of it, if you arrive early at 7 and then after the performance we are invited to stay and talk with some of the actors. It found it so exciting and enlightening. Norma was quick moving, a love triangle tragedy, but very well done by all. Can't wait to see other operas as well. The conductor Anthony Barrese, was very passionate and made the music soar...an added plus. A wonderful night out!
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Eugene W
佛罗里达北迈阿密海滩51 条分享
Casta Diva? Wow!!!
2016年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Total disclosure: I do not take OPERA lightly. I moved to Miami after almost 20 years of subscribing at the Met, where I experienced magnificence and magnificent failures. The fact that I feel free to compare my Met experiences with my FGO experiences should tell you how really excellent the FGO productions generally are.

I attended last night's penultimate performance of NORMA and I am still flying high from the experience. There was so much great about the production/performance that I am unsure where I want to begin...

OK, I'll start with a very pleasant surprise even before the opera began. I always arrive early for the most excellent pre-show talk by Justin Moss. I greatly appreciate that in his talks Justin Moss does not merely parrot what is printed in the program notes. His talks are full of his personal remembrances of productions and singers which leave me wondering how old he is and how can he be everywhere at once?

While reading the program insert before JM's talk I saw that Craig Colclough would be singing Oroveso in place of the scheduled Burak Bilgili. I remember CC from when he was part of the Young Artist's program at FGO. He was amazing -- truly able to sing toe-to-toe with the soprano Mary Elizabeth Williams. He has sung the part before and was well prepared to step in on 4 days notice. What is truly amazing is that the FGO production includes the alternate aria composed by Richard Wagner which CC had to learn practically overnight! Well done! It was a highlight in an evening crowded with highlights.

Speaking of which, the Young Artists Program could very accurately be called the Future Stars Program. I have been told by some participants that the FGO YAP is second in prestige only to the YAP at the Met. I have heard the YAs in concerts, including at a most difficult venue -- the Aventura Mall. They were able, by dint of their excellence, to actually stop some shoppers from their rabid consumerism! I have performed with some of the YAs in concert with Orchestra Miami and they are as nice as they are talented.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to The Passenger this coming April. In that same concert I sang (behind) Robynne Redmon who is making her FGO debut as the Old Woman. I am very excited to see/hear her again!

I left the Arscht last night wondering why there were signs warning of strobe lights and pyrotechnics during the performance. It wasn't until this morning that I understood they were referring to VOCAL pyrotechnics -- and they were in abundance!

Mary Elizabeth Williams and Catherine Martin set the night on fire. As solo singers there was not a moment in which they did not sparkle. And, as Justin Moss pointed out, in Bellini (unlike Wagner) there is no place for the singers to hide in a cloud of sound. The glorious singing floated out to the house with power, emotion, and excellence throughout each aria. MEW sang a divinely inspired Casta Diva (and I heard Sutherland at the Met). We could have gone home satisfied after that, but I'm glad we didn't. The inspiration continued for another two hours!

Then, when you think you've heard it all, MEW and CM sing the overlapping double aria and took my breath away. THEN, when you think you've heard everything that can be done with human voices, they sing a duet over the sleeping (almost dead) children that sucked all the air out of the room. I was exhausted when they were done.

Pollione (Frank Porretta) did a passable job. He was the only lead who could not ( at least DID not) fill the house with glory. He was (at times) covered by the orchestra. Even worse, when he sang what should have been a powerful duet with MEW, he could just as well mouthed the words for all he could be heard.

About the production -- I am not always impressed by the productions at FGO, especially the lighting. The use of backlighting during Luisa Fernanda and The Consul was much more annoying than effective. Last night the lighting was as much a stellar character as any of the singers.

The use of color and shadow to set the proper tone and indicate a change of time was magnificently done. Thomas Hase deserved a place in the curtain calls! The unmuted colors matched the vocal fireworks perfectly. The sharp demarcations between light and shadow were beautifully executed. Especially I want to mention when Adalgisa crossed from the light into darkness (was she turning evil?) and was immediately lit by a spotlight -- a true indication of her innocence in the midst of the lies surrounding her. Fabulous!

The other great moment in lighting design occurred at the very end of the night -- As Norma and Pollione walked toward the pyre, their personae lost all color and became shadows (or shades, as Shakespeare would put it), foreshadowing (no pun intended) that there would be no further plot twists to save them for a happy ending. I was in awe.

Now -- I have to say I am disgusted with the community's response to FGO. Where are the people? These wonderful performances are woefully underattended. I feel sorry for the performers singing their hearts out to empty houses which makes even hearty applause seem sparse. I wish I could offer the suggestion of a solution.

Certainly the cost of a ticket is not outrageous. Season subscriptions for my partner and I (together) are less than a ticket for a single performance at the Met. Even better, our season tickets to FGO are less than what I had to pay to park my car at the Met for a single performance -- and my car did not even like opera!

We met with Max Kellogg regarding "Say Yes to Opera." We told him that the FGO performances are very underpriced. Tickets for the same performances at the Broward Center cost more. FGO should at least bring the Arscht prices to parity with the Broward Center. And yes, my partner made a pledge to SYTO. We chuckle each time we see his name in the program insert!

OK, Miami -- get your butts into these seats!
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佛罗里达迈阿密47 条分享
Great Venue for Opera!
2016年1月 • 好友
It is a great venue for Operas. The sound quality is superb! The theater is really made for Operas, the way the seating is arranged, it makes it accessible for everyone, and easy to see. It is a very nice theater. The performers are talented. Its just a pure pleasure to see an Opera here.
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佛罗里达西棕榈滩255 条分享
Opera at the Arsht Center
The Florida Grand Opera started with a group of dedicated volunteers and has grown into a professional world-class opera company. The Arsht Center with it's concert hall, opera house, and additional smaller theaters has greatly contributed to the FGO's rise to its present status. Though my husband and I no longer live in Miiami-Dade County, we purchase season subscriptions and travel the hour plus to enjoy fabulous music and performances. In addition to old favorites, the FGO also presents lesser known operas. We make sure to attend the lectures preceding each performance and thus appreciate it all with additional knowledge.

Since Books & Books opened a restaurant, it has become quite affordable to have a nice dinner right on the premises. The earlier restaurant too is fabulous, but it is a bit expensive.
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Dagpel - thank you so much for your very kind review and for your dedication to this company. Florida traffic is certainly a difficult obstacle, and we really appreciate you making the trip to see our shows. Your kind words have warmed our hearts. Thank you once again, and we hope to see you back at the opera soon for our 75th Anniversary celebrations.
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