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Vivian A
巴西累西腓73 条分享
2013年9月 • 家庭
O atendimento é brasileiro, isso facilita muito.
Fiz o passeio para conhecer Miami (terrestre + marítimo) e recomendo, preço excelente.

O ônibus é bem simples e a embarcação é melhor, segura e junta com outros grupos de outras empresas de turismo.
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巴西Anapolis29 条分享
2013年2月 • 家庭
O proprietário é brasileiro, super prestativo. Ele possui tours de inúmeros tipos. Fui para Key West e gostei muito, fui pra Orlando e foi tudo incrível, também fiz tours em Miami e valem a pena. Eles também alugam scooters.
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I called a day ahead with some questions and to make a reservation somewhere this weekend. All they said was to post my information on their Facebook, offcourse I had to "like" them first. I got an confirmation to be there before (yeah BEFORE 9.10am). When we came there all we were asked for was "what tour". After that no one said a thing for more then half an hour! So they told us to be there before 9.10 and till 9.40 nothing happens, then a bus appeared...

There was a young boy, I guess hè was like 13/14 years old hè told us to get on the bus. We walked there and the bus wasn't ours. At least this boy was trying to help us, in 5 minutes the right bus would come. Just after 20 minutes when I started to think I was on MTV's boilingpoints and started to reach mine.... a small bus appeared. They made us wait for 45 minutes, without any excuse or service. Not even offered us a drink or a chair in the freaking hot office while we had to wait.

The driver didn't pick anyone up nor did hè apologize. While we were driving you could notie he worked for the company: not informing us about anyhing; that we were picking up some other people, how long the drive would be, nothing!

In the bus it was very hot too, no airconditioning least not working! The driver was calling and texting while driving... We allmost had an accident...

When we finally arived he only told us to apply musquito-stuff, he didn't give us a time when we would leave.

So after the airboattour and "gator show" were over, we all were in the bus waiting for him to come back...

This is such a weird and rude company, if you got a (rental)car you can way better drive up there yourself! Or instead of the groupon just pay 10 bucks more and go with another operator!
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