Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experiences
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Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experiences

Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experiences

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2023年11月 • 家庭
We did the Disney VIP tour the first weekend in November and it was pretty great. The price is ridiculous, but you get what you pay for in this world. I had so many questions leading up to our tour, and I just wanted to share our experience with everyone so you can have as much information as possible when you decide whether or not to pay for this experience.

I booked our tour a week out over the phone and decided to meet our tour guide at the Port Orleans hotel. This served two purposes. First, there is free parking there (save where you can) and it is very close to Epcot, where we were starting. Second, it enabled us to put a cooler of food in the Suburban to eat in between parks (life-saver). We opted for a later start and met our tour guide, Jaime, a few minutes before 11. Jaime was fantastic and spent the first few minutes getting to know us and asking how we wanted to spend our day. We told Jaime that we wanted the highlight experience for each park with respect to the rides (I handed him a list of rides for each park and he recommended some to cut and some to add). We did not have any interest in shows or restaurants. We wanted to ride all of the main attractions at each park and then we wanted to end our day with the VIP viewing of the Magic Kingdom fireworks display.

After getting to know us, he whisked us to his Suburban, and we departed for Epcot (5-minute drive or so). Jaime took us to the back gate/service entrance to Epcot where we had a cursory bag check, and then Jaime drove to his designated drop off spot. Here, several cast members met us with fanfare and enthusiasm, and offered us snacks to include chips, granola bars, candy bars, Mickey shaped rice Krispie treats etc. You can take as much as you want. Here, they also scanned our tickets for entry into Epcot. Jaime then escorted us through a back entrance (no photography allowed) and the next thing we knew we were in Epcot right next to the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Our first ride was the Test Track experience where you have Lightning Lane (LL) access (true for all rides). Jaime did not ride with us since it is a 6-person ride and that was how many we had in our party. We then immediately went to the GoG coaster through the LL access and had an amazing time on that ride. Jaime did ride with us on that one. That is arguably the best ride in all of Disney. We then got back in the SUV and drove to the far end of the park (we entered in Japan) to ride Ratatouille. This part took a while to walk to the ride and back to the SUV, so I would probably cut this ride out if we did this again; just not really worth the time for that particular ride. We departed Epcot around 1:00.

We then hoped back into the SUV for the short drive to Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS) and we ate some sandwiches we packed in our cooler. Here, again we were met with snacks and fanfare. We walked into the back of DHS by the Tower of Terror and walked straight to Star Wars Land. Here we did Smuggler’s Run and the Rise of the Resistance (great ride). Next, we did the Slinky coaster and Mickey’s Runaway Railroad ride. Finally, we finished with the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith Rockin’ Coaster. Jaime supplied everyone a bottle of water after the coaster ride. We then departed DHS around 4:30ish for Animal Kingdom (AK).

At AK, we parked near the Land of Avatar, and did NOT have snacks upon arriving here. We entered in Avatar World (pretty awesome to see) and rode the main Avatar Flight of Passage Ride, the Everest Coaster and the Navii River ride. These were all pretty great rides. If you are on a time crunch, I would skip the Navii River ride. It’s nice, but not super exciting. There is a $1.2 million dollar animatronic at the end which is crazy good. We left AK around 6:30 and headed for Magic Kingdom, again eating more of the packed sandwiches we brought in the SUV on the ride over.

Our last destination was Magic Kingdom (MK) and we arrived a few minutes before 7 to fanfare and more snacks. Here we did Tron (amazing) and Space Mountain. Jaime then led us to a VIP viewing area for the fireworks spectacular around 7:50. The show started promptly at 8 and Jaime surprised us with more water and ice cream for everyone. Very nice touch. The show was awesome, and then we went back to the car around 8:30 or so for the ride back to Port Orleans, where we arrived around 8:45.

Overall, an awesome day and we did everything we wanted to do. We did a TON of walking, so be prepared. The self-packed cooler with snacks, drinks and sandwiches was a lifesaver and money saver. We did not want to stop and eat while paying Jaime $700/hour. We also only did the high value rides and did not do any shows. We spent the next 3 days at a leisurely pace doing shows and taking in the Magic of Disney without a tour guide.

I think that is it. Overall, super expensive, but super awesome. We will never forget it. We ended up tipping Jaime $100/person (total of $600). Total cost was $6475 charged by Disney for almost 10 hours. They prorate the time after the 7-hour minimum, so you can leave whenever you want after that time and they will charge you whatever portion of the hour necessary. Jaime was fair with how he charged us and I was expecting a full 10-hour charge of $7000 from Disney, but it worked out to be a bit less.

You’ll have to decide if it is worth it to you or not, but it really was awesome. Cheers!
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯318 条分享
A family of five with a 4 year year old girl that loves everything Princess. We told our VIP Disney guide that everything needed to focus on our granddaughter, and boy she was right on. The knowledge and excitement that she expressed was beyond our expectations. What we accomplished in our 7 hours at Magic Kingdom she said would of taken 2-3 days. (even did Tron) Bonus was the VIP Parade viewing, the water, snacks and she just knew where to go next. We never waited more than 10 minutes!! Our 2nd day we did Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Yes, it is very expensive but I actually got to enjoy the 2 days instead of been stressed with the Disney planning, (I did send a list to the VIP desk for all the things we wanted to do). This was a great experience a special gift to our family.
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英国伦敦5 条分享
2023年4月 • 家庭
I can’t say how amazing this service is.

Andrew, our guide, was fantastic.

Over the course of one day we managed to visit 3 parks and experience the best Disney has to offer (Star Wars Rise of the Resistance & Avatar Right of Passage are amazing).

It was simply amazing!
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2022年11月 • 家庭
Not sure if we signed up for a different service than the 55 that had Excellent reviews here. Our guide was personable but pretty much they just take you to Lightning Lane and make you wait as well like everyone else. I have visited DisneyLand since I was kid and DisneyWorld several times before and I always dreamed of availing of the VIP service since I always saw them in the “front of the line”. In their website, they even had “ No cameras, video equipment or cellphones may be used while in backstage areas.” Not sure what backstage they are alluding to here since you go where everyone goes. We ended up cancelling it and talking to their support team to make sure they don’t charge us for the 7 hours we originally booked. Right now, we are awaiting that since I have the full 7 hours Pending in our Credit Card. If you tried the Universal VIP tour that has food and guarantees front of the line access, don’t expect the same here.
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Sherry F
科罗拉多科罗拉多斯普林斯10 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
After 9 months of planning our Disney World vacation we got to experience the magic of Disney. After reading many reviews about the VIP Tours we decided to try it for 2 days. What a great decision! We had a wonderful VIP Tour Guide. His name was Jose. He was fantastic right from the beginning. He was prompt, polite, fun and funny and in those 2 days he made sure we got on every ride that we wanted. Was it expensive? Yes and worth every penny, thanks to our fantastic VIP Tour Guide, Jose!
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Disney D
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We were looking forward to the Disney VIP Tour as we had done a VIP Tour at Cedar Point in Ohio and had a great time. The Disney Tour isn't special at all. You get to use the lightning lanes but still wait in those lines. The guide walked us from ride to ride without any enthusiasm. We would of preferred being handed a pass to use for the rides with no tour guide and ditched him. My nephew was in a walking cast and at the time could only walk for very short distances so he used a wheelchair. We weren't allowed to ride any rides 2 times in a row since our gulde would leave and head to the exit once we entered the ride entrance. It was very difficult with the wheelchair and we got no help at all. My nephew was asked to walk and stand many times which was very painful. There is no VIPTour. It is just an employee with your group to allow you into lightning pass lanes. Not worth the money at all.
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伊利诺伊州Richmond8 条分享
I booked two days of the Walt Disney World Private VIP Tour and we had a great time. There were 6 of us in our group two adults and 4 teen/young adults ages 21,20,19,18. The first day in 8 hours we were able to complete 23 rides and the second day in 8 hours we were able to complete 21 rides hitting 3 parks each day. There is a minimum of 7 hours and a max of 10 hours, I thought we would use 10 hours both days but as we got close to the 8 hour mark we were getting pretty tired the two boys 18 and 19 they were ready to keep going no Suprise. The tour guides did a great job we had two different tour guides each with there own style.

Here is what we liked about the experience.

You get to pick what time, and where you would like to start your tour and they will pick you up at your resort if you are staying on property.
You mainly go through the lightning lanes for access to the attractions but there are some that you basically just walk right on. I don't believe we waited more than 5 minutes in line for most of the attractions and the longest wait was maybe 10 minutes. With stand by lanes at 2 hours plus it is a great time saver.
You go at your pace and pick which attractions you want to enjoy and if you want to go again just let the guide know.
If you want the first row just ask and you get it ect, the kids would ride in the front one time and then switch to the back the next time.
The tour guides provide you with light snacks and drinks throughout the day and have vans ready to transport you between parks with instant access into the next park.
It is hard to justify spending an hour eating lunch when your paying on average $600.00 an hour for this tour so most people try to snack on the run but again its your option to stop and eat or not so you have the ability to do what's best for your group.
The guides we had were very knowledgeable and provided interesting facts as we walked through the parks and made are way to a ride, they even gave the kids tips on how to score higher and find hidden mickeys, both guides did a great job involving the kids throughout the day.

Here is what I have mixed feelings about the Private VIP Tour

Our family has been to Walt Disney World Many Time but first time with VIP Tour, with the VIP Tour we went at a pretty decent pace and in doing so I feel you loose some of the Walt Disney World Experience. For us it was walk to the attraction quickly get on the attraction enjoy the experience and walk right to next attraction and repeat. This is not a knock on Disney as it was our choice to go at a quicker pace and get in as much as we could. The second day we went a little slower.

Overall we had a great time and we will definitely use the Private VIP Tour again at are next visit. The kids absolutely loved it.

If you are considering this as an option here is what I would say you need to consider so you can plan accordingly. If you have smaller children you will probably get in 10/12 attractions due to a slower pace, bathroom breaks and they need to eat. Plus your probably wanting more of the Disney Experience for the kids.

If you have older kids and its all about getting on all the attractions you can in a day its money well spent!

We started both are days in the morning one at 9am and one at 10am, when we go again we will do one morning and one late afternoon and here is why the late afternoon. If you plan your tour to end at 9 pm or close to when the fireworks start there is a VIP viewing area that you have access to so no fighting for a good spot to watch the fireworks. Plus you get to enjoy all the lights at night and its cooler.

Overall great time will definitely do the Private VIP Tour again!
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Frank Z
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2022年3月 • 家庭
Super over priced. Tour guides with no personality. Not flexible at all. Very inefficient. Honestly I get more done by myself and planning with app. Had to ask for water a million times. Basically all they do is give you lightning lane access to all the rides. You pay a crazy amount of money for that service. You could achieve the same with genie plus and some good planning. Save your money
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Alexis C
犹他州1 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a group of 28 of us and we did two days of VIP tours: two parks per day. Our tour guides were Ryan M., Amy Joy, and Danielle. All of three of them took great care of us and got us through the first day in a flash! They brought us waters and churros throughout the day. Ryan was our tour guide for a smaller group of us on the second day and he is so much fun to be around. He had lots of fun Disney facts and tips. Everyone loved him and we cheered his name on his way out when we said goodbye on our last ride together. It was our groups first experience with a VIP tour like this and all of us would definitely do it again!
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俄亥俄Canfield205 条分享
With some of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, but health and safety still important Disney does it again! This was our 4th VIP Experience and like the 3 previous experiences it did not disappoint! We had Kirk as our guide and he was absolutely fantastic.We did ALL of Hollywood Studios often doing some of the rides twice then went to Animal Kingdom to do 2 of our favorite rides and he still got us back to our dinner reservations on time. Kirk is very friendly and informative.He intuitively was able to meet our needs.The VIP experience while a bit pricey allows you to do in one day what it might take 3 or 4 days while being pampered and educated with all sorts of trivia and information along the way.
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