Peanut Island Park
Peanut Island Park
岛屿 • 自然与野生动物区 • 公园
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Anne L
美国1 条分享
Peanut Island is an amazing place to go with friends and family. In my opinion is better to go there than to a beach. It's also a nice place for camping and snorkeling. I recommend people to get there as early as they can because the line to get to the island gets bigger and bigger, and also I recommend you to bring some food and water as they don't sell anything there, but again is such an nice and beautiful place to go specially with kids.
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Miami, FL39 条分享
Our family of 9 went to the park for an overnight camping trip.

Camping: decent facilities. The sites are very clean and while the tents are on sand, there are plenty of non sandy areas to walk on. There is a large pavilion available to the campers with 4-6 picnic tables and I believe 2 grills. The sites all had an accompanying grill and picnic table as well. The bathrooms you share with the entire island. There is a closed section accessible only with a code for campers to shower. In the women restroom, there were 4 shower stalls with doors and one handicap shower with a door. Private but not that clean - do not forget to wear flip flops while in the bathroom. There is a large fire pit also only available to campers. Nestled under palm trees, the sites can be very breezy however you very rarely feel that breeze in your tent. I do not recommend going in the summer heat. Staff was friendly. One attendant at the entrance to the campgrounds who was a pleasure to interact with. Overall a great experience.

Park itself: the beach is lovely and it’s a pretty place to walk around. Plenty to do and hidden spots to jump into the water which we full took advantage of.

While we had a great time and everyone was respectful, this place gets packed with boats and day visitors. If you plan on using the shuttle and are not in line by 11AM on a weekend or holiday, don’t bother going. Likelihood of getting in is slim and you are shoulder to shoulder with people along the shore and in the water. This is definitely a rise with the sun and be in line minimum 1 hr in advance type of place.

I would call and ask in advance about the jelly fish and sea lice situation. We went during Labor Day weekend and there were so many jelly fish in the water. When we are were able to get in, we were bit by the sea lice (which is itchy and painful).

The reason I rated it a 4 is overall bathroom cleanliness and because of how busy it gets. But lovely place to visit.
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4 条分享
Beautiful beautiful beautiful! But the Jellyfish were all over and they were no joke. The water was warm clear perfect..but the jellyfish and sea lice which is actually the larvae of the jellyfish were making it difficult to be in the water. The other thing is to avoid it during holiday weekends. We were in line for more than an hour and the girl is handwritting what she sold and hand calculating everything. A computer system to so it faster and effectively would make the process smoother.
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佛罗里达圣露西港15 条分享
Peanut Island Shuttle Boat- Having been using the shuttle to get over to Peanut Island for years, Great crew and extremely friendly. I love taking to Peanut Island you feel as your on a tropical island in the Caribbean. The best snorkeling hands down. Here's to many more trips to come!
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肯塔基路易斯维尔23 条分享
I love peanut Island! This was our den one time visiting the area. It’s amazing how many fish you can see, just by walking out a short distance with snorkels. There is also a lot of history on the island.
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Christopher P
犹他州Roosevelt545 条分享
Peanut Island is a hidden gem in Florida. It does require using a water taxi or another water craft to get to the island. The island provides excellent beaches, clear water, clean restrooms, and even barbecue places. We did much during our time on the island, from walking the 1.25 trail to exploring areas. We enjoyed a great picnic in the shade near the swimming lagoon. Then enjoyed snorkeling on the east reefs. So many colorful fish. To the north of Peanut Island, many boats are anchored in the sandbar. It is easy to walk and swim in this location area.

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Globe trotter
加利福尼亚里弗赛德29 条分享
Amazing way to spend the day with family. Beautiful clear water and overall feels like you are far away from it all. Nicely maintained.
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18 条分享
I had a fantastic day here snorkeling and swimming in the clear water. Lots of fish to see..brilliant for shallow in the lagoons...Hope I can back here again before the end of my holiday.
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195 条分享
We were staying on Singer Island and took the water taxi for $15/pp round trip out of Sailfish Marina. Peanut Island is probably 50 yards from Singer Island, if you have a kayak it would be fun to kayak out there. There is not much shade along the water so bring an umbrella and lots of sunscreen. Make sure you pack plenty of water and food as well as youre subject to the Taxi's transportation times if you needed to get off the island. They had public bathrooms and outdoor showers. Thought alcohol is not allowed on the island the employees working at the gift shop where we purchased the taxi tickets said we can take alcohol on the island. Just confusing what's allowed and what's not.
A nice view to see all the boats coming up to shore - I think the docks on the island are free to dock your boat if you have one. There are plenty of fish to see (we even saw some nurse sharks) so bring your snorkeling gear! We saw a tour group of snorkelers come to the island to snorkel. Hint; save yourself some money and just do it yourself, its not any type of snorkeling worth paying for, bring your own goggles.
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佛罗里达奥兰多1,107 条分享
I loved it here! I took the shuttle ($16 round trip) and stayed for a few hours because I just wanted to snorkel.
The shuttle is about 5-7 minutes. It’s calm and really nice. I wasn’t able to attend during high tide and still had a wonderful time.
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