Faver-Dykes State Park

Faver-Dykes State Park(圣奥古斯丁)

Faver-Dykes State Park


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Excellent Adventure
Small quiet and beautiful state park. Felt like we were camping in Mayberry 😂 Quiet neighbors, no loud music, or bright RV lights all night. Lots of dogs but no barking, owners picked up after them, everyone was very friendly. It was very hot, low 90’s and buggy and lots of lone star ticks. Saw rabbits, turtles, armadillo, and many birds. Bathhouses were spotless thanks to camp-host. All dirt roads in park, rangers were friendly, nice trails, fishing and boating. yes we camped in Mayberry
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Kim Meadows
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Pleasantly and happily surprised at this natural paradise.
What a wonderful, peaceful camping experience. I nearly didn’t go because of the reviews but I only live an hour and 1/2 away so I figured I could always come home if I had to because of ticks. Well, I’m pleased to report I not only stayed both nights of my reservation, I didn’t want to leave when time came. The campsites are very private with thick foliage in between. I couldn’t tell when neighbors came or went. If you’re lucky to get one with no one across the way, it would be like you’re in your own private campground. There are only 30 sites, so this makes it for a quiet peaceful retreat.
The trails in this park are fabulous. There’s even one in campground area that leads to a beautiful view of open marshland that looks like the Serengeti. The other nature trails are nice, wide hard-packed sand so I could I could ride my recumbent trike through all of them. And they lead to beautiful view of a waterway I believe was Pellicer Creek. My friends had to little scruffy dogs who ran everywhere, even in to thick brush. And yes they had a couple of ticks on them when we got back to camp. But it was well worth it for the great trails and views. It’s nature, there’s bugs, and all kinds of critters. If you don’t care for those things. Stay home.
The park overly clean, even the bathrooms. Yes, they are outdated but it’s an old Florida campground and most everything works. Still worth the trip.
The road in was long and sand packed. I could see with heavy rains it being messy. But again, this is nature and the thought of pacing that long of a road would have a horrible environmental impact, so if you don’t want your rig dirty, stay home.
There’s an awesome boat ramp and an incredible new kayak launch. So this park really has it all.
So if you look on all the positives at this campground, they far outweigh any possible negatives. Don’t stay home, just be realistic.
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It’s a great place!
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We just finished our second stay. We really love the peace and quite. The bathrooms are super clean. We have never gotten ticks on us or our dog. The road is dirt, long and at times has puddles but it’s camping. We always spray our camp sites with Cutter mosquito spray and never have a issue. It simply hooks up right to your water hose. We highly recommend bringing bikes because the terrain is very easy to bike on. They have a great inlet if you want to kayak and just updated their dock with a kayak launch. Go check them out!
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Larry F
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Florida Camping Naturally
We recently camped at Faver-Dykes State Park. My wife and I are avid campers and I was a park ranger so we looked forward to experiencing this gem. This is Florida in its natural state so be prepared. You'll find bugs and ticks but if you know how to camp in Florida this place will be a peaceful retreat for you. We brought out dog and cat and stayed for 4 days. Hiking is nice and the trail by the creek is nicely shaded. We did regular tick checks and our dog came home tick-free. I found a couple but they were no problem. Come prepared and enjoy this place, they sell firewood so you can enjoy a nightly campfire. It's really nice there and has lots of opportunities for canoeing and fishing. If you want to get away from it all and don't mind a rustic Florida setting this is an ideal spot to stay.
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Karin F
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True, Florida Middle of the Woods Camping
It's been a few years since we went, my grandkids are there now which made me think of it. If you want a true nature experience, this is for you. We encountered plenty of snakes, banana spiders, giant owls. and animals that we were too scared to open the tent door and see what they were. Bathrooms were horrible, and actually a freak storm came thru and a giant tree fell right on top of the bathrooms and destroyed the whole buiding. Thank god nobody was in it at the time. My kids were scared to death, and the extremely long and bumpy ride in (and our not so great vehicle at the time) made us not want to leave for the day and find something to do like fishing or kayaking at a place with an employee. I do remember when it got dark, the owls came out and landed like ten feet above our heads and started hooting, coyotes started howling, the kids started freaking out, and we ended up leaving the next day. Anastasia State Park is WAAAAY more kid friendly with the beach, fishing, boat rentals, snack bar, store, and nature paths with less scary wildlife. If you have older kids, and love "old" Floria, this is def the place for you! Also: TICKS TICKS TICKS
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Shelly V
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Not so good.
Favor Dykes does have an extremely high tick outbreak. It is posted on the web site. However you also need to post that people with suppressed immune systems should not camp there and may be bitten by a tick and become extremely ill. My mom was bitten by multiple ticks and is now in the hospital ill due to a suppressed immune system. My father was bitten by even more all over his legs however thank goodness has not gotten sick. You all need to spray between each camper that comes in. We never knew that there were that many ticks. My dad called the week before and the ranger said they were not that bad. That was unfortunately not the case. Please take this recommendation into account and spray or close down until the issue is resolved!!!! Not sure what the winter time is like but would not recommend this park unless you have spray and weak immune system. IT's awful that she is sick and in the hospital while on vacation stuck in a different state and can't get home due to the illness. the park is nice and clean and quiet. Over all we did have a good experience except the hug tick problem. Not sure that we will ever go back!!! summer vacation during Covid 19 ruined due to tick issue.
Thank you!
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melvira manson
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Have you been here TICKS
Nice roads and trails but to the last person posting have you been here??? We are not talking a couple of ticks this is covered with dozens in less than 10 minutes sitting on a bench at end of trail. Would not take a pet here and I won't go back unless covered in cutters!
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2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
To all of the reviewers rating the CAMPGROUND low, because of ticks...GET OVER YOURSELVES!! You are not helping people get an idea about the campground if all you're doing is moaning about ticks. Use repellant.
When you're camping, outside,in Florida, there will probably be the following: Bugs in the air, ticks in the grass, moths in the bathhouses, raccoons at night, ticks in the dirt, ticks on your dog, noseeums,
mosquitos, dirt in the campsite, dirt in the bathroom, sand, mud, snakes, ants, more mosquitos, gators, raccoons, noisy millennials, etc.
Geezus...don't go camping if these things bother you!
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First and Last Visit
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited Faver Dykes State Park campground recently (end of July) and were very disappointed with the experience. The 1.6 miles entrance dirt/sand road was pure torture, full of pot holes, which made our camper and truck filthy dirty and even caused the breakage of dinnerware inside the trailer. We also had a trailer tire failure on the way back home of a relatively new tire which I suspect may have been caused by all those pot holes causing tread separation. Most of the camp sites were of plain sand which did not contribute to keeping the camper clean. The tick infestation was also a nuisance, I found two on me despite avoiding all nature trails. The bathroom and shower facilities were small, hot, and not kept in clean condition. This is specially bad since one is forced to using them because the campground lacks sewer system (it does have a dump station but its use is only practical when leaving the park).
In short we did not enjoy this visit and it will be our last. we feel that if this park cannot be made more suitable for humans it should be closed down and make it an animal preserve strictly reserved for those species and save the Florida tax payers a little money.
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弗吉尼亚钦科蒂格岛6 条分享
Ticks, ticks, ticks! Did I mention ticks?
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We camped in this park for 4 nights at the beginning of April. Campsites were large and relatively private. If it weren’t for the ticks we would have enjoyed the park much more but on the very first day, despite laying a camping mat down, ticks were crawling all over my husband and dogs, even with deet and recent tick treatment on the dogs. Not just a few, but dozens....on each of them! We spent the next few days extracting ticks and avoiding wooded areas. It didn’t make much difference however. They just kept coming! I was never so glad to leave a place in my life and won’t ever return. Nice park but not nice tick situation.
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