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Wings Beachwear
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Kathy W
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Terrible Experience
I am a local and rely on TripAdvisor Reviews when I travel, so I want to warn visitors about this store. This experience is not typical of how we treat visitors to our area.
The store manager, Isaac, was verbally abusive to me when I asked about exchanging a chair that was missing a bolt. He accused me of breaking the chair by sitting in it too hard (I am 5' 3" weight 125 lbs), and called me a liar when I attempted to explain that the chair was missing the piece when I fist opened it, His verbal tirade was loud enough to be heard by every customer in the store. When I tried to leave, he followed me to the door asking if I wanted to try to break another chair while I was there! It was a frightening experience and I encourage you to shop at any of the other beach wear stores in our area.
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Great store
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Large selection in this area and good prices. We purchased several items. Souvenirs, shirts etc. Friendly staff
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Lynne M
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Not the greatest
Huge stock here but not particularly well organized. For instance one of us found a hoodie and asked if they had a smaller size. The staff person said ‘they’re all over there’. Two days later, stopping in for something else, we found another big rack of smaller sizes. Service is offhand to unfriendly, in our most recent experience. Not a top choice.
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Lindsey H
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2019年10月 • 家庭
Absolutely a horrible experience. My family & I went with the intentions of buying souvenirs for them & some to take home to their families. (I’m a local resident.) After having an extremely rude comment made about me by the dressing room attendant regarding my body type & having a sales floor clerk accuse my 13 year old cousin of possibly going to steal a necklace that she was simply holding until we were ready to check out, we left without buying anything. I was mortified & completely insulted! I’ll never take anyone there again nor recommend that place to anyone ever.
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Dawn M
内布拉斯加州奥马哈71 条分享
Great prices
I spent alot of money here. I loved the designs and shirts for family and friends back home. I mean come on, one long sleeved tshirt for 24.00 or 2 for 30. I think I bought 4 of them. Lots of different things to look at. Very nice staff. Very patient with the lady infront of me, I wanted to smack her and say why the heck are you trying to return that. But I did not.
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My last visit was this year
2019年6月 • 家庭
Always spend a few hundred here on a week long vacation each year. No More. On my 2nd trip to store this year I brought my MIL who asked if they gave military discount. Their response was "our prices our so low we cannot". Untrue. I shop there because of quantity- lots of stuff- but prices are basically the same as the other stores. All the stores have sales on certain items to get you in as they do. However, this year on my 3rd trip in to quickly grab a beach blanket and a shirt ($25 & $27) I had been eyeballing earlier my son and in laws waited in the car since I had already taken them the day before and they knew it was going to be a quick purchase. After items were rung up and paid for I mentioned to husband one of the items must have been on sale because it was a little lower than expected. The cashier immediately grabbed the paid receipt and started looking at prices of both items. Then determined they "made a mistake" on the bar code of the tag and it was ringing up a little cheaper. I am totally done with transaction and ready to walk out and tell them this and they continue to figure it out and then tell me I owe them another $12 because of their mistake. I should have asked them to return the money and walked out. This is not how to do business. Especially when they knew I was there earlier and made a large purchase. There are 3 other large comparable stores within the 1/2 mile and I will be using them from now on.
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Reasonable swimwear
2019年5月 • 家庭
We went back several times buying swimwear and apparel. The shop staff was very nice and help us with our purchases. My granddaughter luved the workers there. We will definitely be back.
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佛罗里达圣彼德斯堡21 条分享
Loads of great beach merchandise.
I love the beach stuff at this store but the Staff/Owner are not friendly. Unfortunately the lack of beach friendly attitude precludes me from giving this store a higher rating.
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马萨诸塞波士顿15 条分享
The only place with full brim hat with St Pete Beach embroidered on it
2019年4月 • 家庭
The only place with full brim hat with St Pete Beach embroidered on it. Huge selection of stuff ... great value.
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阿拉巴马亨茨维尔60 条分享
Nice place to get souvenirs
2018年6月 • 家庭
I always go to Wings when I take trips to beach locations. They always have great selection of souvenirs at great prices.
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