The Bends
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下午5:00 - 上午3:00
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Milli C
3 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
Don’t come to this bar!!!!! THIS PLACE WORKS WITH SKYWAY TOWING AND MAKES MONEY OFF OF ROWING YOUR CAR!!!!! This is shameful because people are coming here and spending money! And you guys have someone working here that calls skyway towing each time someone parks in the parking lot there. This is ridiculous and shady!
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Anne F
佛罗里达帕姆港4,175 条分享
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
They had lots of yummy unique drink specials and hand crafted cocktails. Bartenders were very talented and good at their job. Decor and lighting was neat. Would recommend. Considered a dive but still clean and hip.
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弗吉尼亚Big Stone Gap87 条分享
2017年3月 • 好友
The bartenders are pretty chill, the vibe is nice, indoor and outdoor smoking and seating. Drinks are made well, reasonably priced.

My only issue is with the bathrooms. By midnight the women's AND men's bathroom had a 6+ person wait. The hallway seems devoid of ventilation and so you're stuck standing there with tons of traffic squeezing by, sweating, totally killing your buzz.
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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA119 条分享
2017年1月 • 好友
We were at a place less than a block away and the beers were $8.for one beer.
We slid out the back door headed to the Bends for a shot of tequila and an ice cold Tecate - $5. total. Decent pinball machine, a little smokey, sometimes music but a nice crowd all in all.
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佛罗里达圣彼德斯堡296 条分享
I don't know how I haven't written a review of the Bends yet, but this place is fantastic. Keep in mind, I am calling it fantastic for what it is, and that's a dive bar. You have to know what you're coming to - this isn't a lounge and its not likely going to be much of a place for dancing, though I have not yet been on a Friday or Saturday. It's a bar, they have a few tables out front and a large room in the back for parties, games, etc. I think they have a golden tee back there, maybe a pool table - I forget.

The thing I like most about The Bends though are the drinks. I love coming here on a Friday after work, not really for happy hour though as their happy hour specials are okay, but never include their seasonal and specialty cocktails. Therefore, I don't come here looking to save a few bucks on drinks before 7. Instead, I come here for 2 things: an old fashioned or a sazerac. Now, they have more than that - they have a number of specialty, crafted cocktails, and I have had more than a few of them and liked them all. But their old fashioned and their sazerac are awesome.

In fairness, not every bartender there is as good. They have one particular bartender that has been there more times than not when I have. White dude, with a beard, a bit shorter than average, very friendly. This guy makes a ridiculous drink. Last time I was there, he made me my two go-tos, and I just sat outside in the gorgeous Florida spring weather, in awesome downtown St. Pete, with a book and my drinks and that was near perfect to me.

Again, I can't stress this enough - this is a 5-star dive bar as far as I am concerned, so I don't want to hear your complaints if you go there to dance to top 40s on a Saturday night and have a miserable time. That's not what this is.

Speaking of music, just a warning, you are welcome to play anything you want in the jukebox provided the bartender working likes it. They have and will use veto power. A little too much power, if you ask me.
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佛罗里达19 条分享
2016年1月 • 好友
Bartenders are great, live bands or DJ most nights of the week, and usually a throwback movie or skate vid on the TV.
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佛罗里达达尼丁268 条分享
2015年12月 • 好友
My kinda bar! Very small and narrow, artsy 'dive' bar (get it?) with super friendly staff, lots of fun shots, bombs, drinks and great variety of fancy beers. Because I don't smoke, I dinged a star because I walked out of there smelling like an ashtray - too small for even good circulation to work. Bands play in the small back room and start late a la Detroit garage rock scene. Good mix of customers ranging from ska kids, dogs, hipsters, and middle-aged peeps. Will be back!
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