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Roberta W
马里兰Laurel3 条分享
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We went to Bayport Park on May 2nd to have a picnic by the pier. The new pier is beautiful. But now when you come in to the parking lot, there is a machine for you to use a credit card to pay a parking fee of $10.00. It is good 24 hours, but it is an extreme amount if you want to spend just an hour or two. No one is at the machine to make sure everyone pays the fee, so no one actually does.

We went over to the picnic area and kayak launch before we left. Rest rooms are available and covered picnic tables, as well as a small Pavillion that can be rented for family gatherings. There was another machine in this area for the $10.00 parking fee for that section of the park. There is no beach and you are no longer allowed to walk by the water. There is a large wheelchair accessible viewing area with benches, but the large trees obstruct the view of the water. There is no area for children to play, so really there is nothing for them to do there. It is a nice spot to relax by the water, but not some place we would spend the day. We will continue to go to have a picnic and watch the sunset, but only until we are forced to pay $10.00 for parking.
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2 条分享
Went to see the new pier & park update. Nice, but the one in Homosassa is bigger & has a beach. No restaurants. Nothing special but it's pleasant.
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19 条分享
Seems like the whole area goes to watch the sunsets at the park. It’s simply exhilarating! The people are friendly.
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佛罗里达Spring Hill228 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
After many long months and delays, the fishing pier was finally done. It does seem to be a little larger and seems to be further out. Can’t real understand the delays but it did turn out nice. New roof are on the picnic tables but no other improvements were noted. Strongly suggest parking at the boardwalk area and walk to the pier. Parking is still real limited and when there saw two vehicles ticketed by looked like FWC. Before forming an opinion, there were drastically illegally parked. Just go to the spaces mentioned and you won’t run in to any issues.
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佛罗里达里奇港3 条分享
Great place to ride too.They finally finished the peir,it’s done but I don’t know if you can go out to the peir.Nice ride on a motorcycle.
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佛罗里达Spring Hill33 条分享
There is a $5.00 parking fee and the ramps are good and sturdy but I just wish they would make more ramps because it gets easily congested at busy times and people get aggravated quick trying to figure out who is next. We used to love going fish off the big dock at night but it has been tore down and under construction for almost a year now I believe and before that it was blocked off for a LONG time so you couldnt walk out on the dock. If you are wanting to get out to the Gulf quick then you are at the right place or if you want to travel up the Weeki Wachee river, go to Mudd River, Mary's Fish Camp, or Jenkins Creek you can do that very easily as well but becareful going off the main channel because there are a lot of very shallow places and you can get stuck. The history that comes from this location is AMAZING and something to look up and read about its pretty cool.
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佛罗里达Spring Hill20 条分享
2020年3月 • 家庭
Use the ramp to launch boat. The ramp is well built, accesible and protected from waves and wind. Area is kept clean and tidy! Also a good area to walk and observe nature. Fishing pier is looking good again!
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Sarah S
佛罗里达Spring Hill83 条分享
We enjoy going here to watch the sunsets. There is no parking fee, a boardwalk that the kids enjoy running up and down, but it is closed off sometimes. There is a picnic table or 2, and a roped off trail that many people use to walk down to the water. Did I mention it was a beautiful spot at sunset!! This is NOT Pine Island where the beach access is as many of the previous comments make mention to.
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Lillie M
3 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
Lovely place enjoy the sun the beach and the gulf all at a low price $5.00 gate fee. Watch a beautiful sun all in one day. Pine Island.
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Mini F
佛罗里达Spring Hill15 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
So it's 7:30pm, at the end of another beautiful Sunny day.
Pack the family in the car, & head for Bayport Park. Many locals, come to be awed by the most beautiful sunsets. Great place to bring your out of state guest. Enjoy the view!
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