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Tahnee B
9 条分享
2023年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Came in on a weekday, no long waits for rides or food. You can spend hours here just walking around. Lots of different tours to go on too! We chose the safari tour - was great fun, got to feed the giraffes too!

The unlimited eat and drink pass is for every 90minutes which was more than enough for me. Food was average but expected.
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Clara Matera
巴西Sao Lourenco4 条分享
2023年9月 • 家庭
The place is amazing, the roller coasters and other attractions are the best. Most people who work there aren’t very polite, but that’s ok. My second time here and I’ll come back if I have the chance.
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英国南希尔兹1 条分享
2023年9月 • 好友
Firstly, let me say that the staff are lovely and really helpful. The rides are fun and we had a great time. This was my first trip to Busch Gardens so I didn’t really know what to expect although the rest of the group had visited many times in the past. The $30.00 parking charge seems to be the standard for the parks and, while we think it’s too much, especially when you’ve paid so much for the tickets, it’s on par with the Disney parking charges. What really got to us all is the new, cashless system they have adopted. Now, I may be classed as middle aged at 47 but, I love tech, and I’m all for cashless transactions and anything new that makes life a little easier. I don’t like to be ripped off though and the new cashless only transactions are just that. We paid the parking on our uk bank card and were able to see the transaction on our banking app. As we used our bank, we were charged a fee for changing it from uk to us currency. We were then subjected to a surcharge for using a card to pay. We had plenty of cash but weren’t allowed to use it. In the park itself, we were able to use the machine to put cash in and get a prepaid card for the rest of our purchases. Don’t be fooled though, you still have a 5% surcharge for using that card. The 5% is added to your subtotal and then the sales tax is added. For this reason alone, I would not visit again. Moving onto the animal enclosures. I don’t like zoo’s and the idea of animals being kept in an enclosed area although I do understand that it is sometimes good and necessary for endangered species. At Busch Gardens, the enclosures are too small for the animals and, in the case of the tigers, they weren’t able to go inside when they wanted. We watched a tiger literally pace the enclosure and go to each door to try and get inside before pacing around again. I was sickened to see an animal treated this way just so that the visitors weren’t disappointed. A lot would need to be changed before I would be comfortable going back and, from the lack of other visitors today, I can only assume a lot of others feel the same.
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Laura C
英国切尔滕纳姆164 条分享
2023年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We recently visited Busch Gardens for the first time and we were very impressed by the rides and how quiet it was.
The main thing to let them down is charging us to use the lockers in order to ride a ride, same as Aquatica and Seaworld. This shouldn't be acceptable, if you don't allow bags on rides then a free use of the locker to ride should be an option. They just want to make more money. Charging $30 to park is also crazy!
We had the all day dine which was so not worth it and when we did get lunch the staff were soooo slow. There weren't many people in the queue but getting out food took over 30 minutes, staff were just standing there doing nothing. Everyone looked unhappy.
Rides were excellent though, especially for the thrill lovers. Not sure if I'd rush back there though until they improve
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佛罗里达萨拉索塔39 条分享
Busch gardens processed a renewal of my annual pass along with my wife’s and daughters without my permission or knowledge. I missed it on my credit card statement and when I finally discovered it they refused to refund me. Busch Gardens has run so far downhill since I remember going as a child that I had no interest in returning. The place is pretty much a north Tampa dump owned by a private equity firm who has no interest or passion in the park and it shows.

Don’t waste your time and money on this sad run down park… You’ll only be disappointed. Make the hour and twenty minute drive to Universal Studios Orlando and treat yourself to a real professionally run theme park.
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Marlene V
12 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Ik was erg benieuwd naar dit park omdat ik best veel negatieve recensies had gelezen. Het viel heel erg mee. Het is een mooi park. De achtbanen waren eerst dicht vanwege het weer. Op gegeven moment konden ze gelukkig open. Wij hadden fast passes en dat zou ik zeker aanraden. We hebben bijna alle achtbanen kunnen doen. De combinatie met dieren is ook heel leuk. Voor ieder wat wils. De prijzen zijn aan de hoge kant maar ja, in welk park niet? Ik vind het wel een aanrader.
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英国谢菲尔德6 条分享
Very poor experience at Busch gardens this morning. Checked website before setting off due to it being closed yesterday due the passing hurricane to check the rides were open. It stated that one ride was down for maintenance so we decided to drive the 1hr 20 mins.

Arrived and there was a sign saying the drop tower was closed all day in addition to Kumba, only Kumba was listed on the website.

Disappointed but we continued into the park to be met with lots of yellow signs infront of rides. All but 2 rollercoasters were down for maintenance, they couldn’t tell us when / if they would open.

The only thrill rides that were open were Iron Gwazi and cobras curse. Most of the stalls were closed and games areas, some of the walkways weren’t open for animal viewing. Again nothing on the website about park running at reduced capacity.

Cobras curse done we headed to Serengeti flyers, arrived and it was closed so disappointed. Again nothing on the website or at the front of the park about this. Thirsty after walking around trying to find something that was open we decided to activate our all day dining. No ice in three drinks machines so had warm Coke.

Then decided to go to Iron Gwazi. Before we got there everything closed due to storm in the area. No issues with this as I understand this is out of the parks control, it wasn’t forecast but that’s Florida weather for you.

Totally get that it closed yesterday for the hurricane, BUT if they had stated the above closures on the website we wouldn’t have bothered making the journey and wasting half a day of our holiday.

Explained this at guest relations and he told us to fill an online form in. He tried blaming it on lighting in the area and ignored the fact that all these issues occurred over an hour before the storm was in the area.

USE YOUR website!!!!! Update people on what’s open and not!
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2023年8月 • 家庭
Terrible. Many empty pens. Only few a animals out unless you paid xtra to feed them. Then we could see them. The back side of them as they turn them away from the crowds. No prob charging full price or letting us know in advance. Guess it's ok for Human to be out in the heat but not animals. Then you couldnt see animals the Glass was filthy so pictures were impossible. Many food stands closed and bathrooms look like they haven't been updated since the 80s. With the cost of admittance this is Inexcusable. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
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Rita W
马萨诸塞波士顿73 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Serengeti safari was the best part of the park. Signage at the park was awful. We spent so much time walking in circles frying to find things. They no longer give out maps so it is very hard. Kids waited in long lines to get on rides. We were there from opening to closing and did not see all of the animals. Very frustrating.
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Cayman238 条分享
The park was clean and the lines were not too bad for the rides. We didn’t do much rides as we wanted to see the animals. I think it was too hot for some of the animals as I think there were hiding from the heat. Overall a good experience but I won’t recommend in August as we were baking in the sun outside.
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