Ideal Classic Cars Museum & Showroom

Ideal Classic Cars Museum & Showroom(威尼斯)

Ideal Classic Cars Museum & Showroom

Ideal Classic Cars Museum & Showroom
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scott r
马里兰银泉562 条分享
If you have an hour or so to kill, it's a fun look around. It is not really a destination in and of itself. There are some bone stock cars, but many that have been 'improved' in some way. Say a 70/30 split. At the moment, market must still like mid-60's muscle; well represented. No pressure from the staff, they are used to car tourists and will answer questions. At the moment there's a very rare 71 Trans Am 455 SD stick shift on offer for <100k if you'd care to look.
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Anthony B
1 条分享
I spent over $800.00 to fly to Ideal Classic Cars and look at a truck. When I got there I could not have been more disappointed. The truck was advertised as an all steel body and that the previous owner spent over 160,000.00 on the build. I spoke directly with the General manager Jim before investing $800.00 and 2 days of time to go look at the truck. He even facetimed me and went over the truck. During the facetime he put a magnet on it in multiple placed to backup that it was an all steel body. He personally rated the truck and its build a 9 out of 10.

When I got there the first thing I noticed was that there were multiple cracks, nicks and chips in the paint. I stopped counting after 25. Yes this is the paint that was rated a 9. There were also touchups on the paint that were a different color.

The grill which I did notice in the photos was still damaged. I was told it would be repaired.

When we pulled the vehicle out for a test ride there were multiple puddles of both oil and transmission fluid on the floor.

When we test drove it just in the parking lot, there was a massive banging noise coming from the underneath of the truck. When I say banging I mean it was banging and I am not exaggerating.

We put it up on the rack and noticed someone during the build put the exhaust through the frame. Their solution was to open the holes in the frame even more to allow for more clearance. This concerned me because I personally felt the existing holes through the frame would compromise the structural Integrity they way they were.

I also noticed that the all steel body had 2 fiberglass fenders on the rear. What? I was floored. This even after the GM went around the truck with the magnet. This perplexed me and made me wonder where he was putting the magnet or did he just miss the fenders each time. Remember this was advertised as an all steel body.

On the rack we noticed at lease 3 different areas there were fluid leaks.

The A/C didn't work.

With all this I still took it for a ride on the road, after all I flew over a thousand miles to see it. We couldn't drive over about 20 mph because of the banging of what was diagnosed as the exhaust. The dash area had a consistent squeak and when we got back the antifreeze was leaking from the radiator. The wipers didn't work and it appeared they were on just for show. There were other problems but I am done with that part for now.

This trucks asking price was just under $80,000.00. I went to buy it and had made preliminary arrangements for Insurance and shipping. They had more that ample time to prepare this Truck as I had been talking to them for an estimated week and a half give or take. I felt I was deceived about the truck and it condition or did they just not care enough or what.

The sales people, Mechanic and other Staff were kind and courteous. but all and all the truck was a real bust and wasted over $800.00 dollars and 2 days of mine. I thought I had asked enough questions and did enough facetime with them but apparently not. I felt bad for me but even worse for them as they were trying to sell this vehicle as a 9 when I felt it was more of a 4 or 5. Don't be fooled by pictures and look at the vehicle top to bottom, inside and out.
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佛罗里达坦帕913 条分享
This "museum" not only displays their vehicles, they sell them as well. So, if you're thinking of a 1960's Corvette, this may be your place to view & shop. We enjoyed our visit, and took some great photos. Cars, motorcycles, soda machines, gas pumps, and so much more. Oh, by the way ... it's FREE admission. Hope this helps with your first visit.
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Bruce B
科罗拉多博尔德59 条分享
Some great classic cars such as a Duesenberg. These were restored as a Mexican Lowrider. This is an interesting combination of ideas. High end classic German engineering and as a low rider. This might not be my choice of ideas, but hey probably very historical.

I can only assume this is left over from the Germans being in Mexico during the Second World war. The Duesenberg was left by the Germans before departing Mexico. Interesting and unusual.

There is also a very weird combination of video clips of cars in movies and then cars that are created to look like the car in the movie. A real mix of fantasies and reality.

This place is worth a visit.
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Mason B
5 条分享
2020年7月 • 独自旅游
RIPOFF! Avoid at all cost. Lie like hell and don’t stand behind there crappy cars 1965 GTO I was totaled total rotisserie restoration the engine blew up after 400 miles ! Paid $65k to avoid this exact circumstance. Talked to Kermit he said he would help me out only later said I was herassing employees not true $4,500 later out of my pocket car still does not run. It’s a great demolition derby car. Avoid at all cost
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威斯康星Hartford187 条分享
My husband loves cars so this was a must stop. There are a lot of cars both for show and sale. The showroom is very clean. A nice variety. The kids would love the bat mobile, jurassic park jeep and others....
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Boston105 条分享
Fun hour looking at their vehicles to sell.
Can't sit in them.
Check their web site for current inventory
Personable, no pressure staff.
Buy a FL lottery tix before you go, ya' never know.
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威斯康星East Troy348 条分享
I wouldn't quite call this a car museum. It's really more of a dealership, but if you're in the area and you like old cars I would absolutely stop here. It's small so it wont take long but they had some fun things to look at.
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The Cincinnati Region92 条分享
This is a lot of value for being free, and they have a nice collection of about 60 vehicles, some of which are novelty items like three Batmobile replicas (two of the new one, one of the original), the Monkee Mobile, et al, and a couple of faux "Duesenbergs" which share nothing with the original Duesenbergs besides the appropriated names. Most of the vehicles are relatively interesting authentic samples from the 1950's, 1960,'s and 1970's, and are nicely restored and well-presented. Unfortunately, only a few of them have signage so it's not possible to know exactly what you're looking at most of the time. That's a disappointment, but not enough to keep interested car buffs away.
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Mason B
5 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Do not buy from these frauds! I bought a 1965 GTO and was told the engine was a complete rebuild. I bought this car in January 2020 I’ve put 400 miles on the car since the purchase I paid 60k and yesterday the motor blew up just riding down the road so I’ve spent $4.5k on the transmission now another $5k on the new rebuild then I will need a hazmat team come in to clean my garage I beg you to buy elsewhere
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