Harry Hopman/Saddlebrook International Tennis

Harry Hopman/Saddlebrook International Tennis(卫斯理堂)

Harry Hopman/Saddlebrook International Tennis

Harry Hopman/Saddlebrook International Tennis
运动营与医疗站 • 文化体验课程


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Tennis Buddy
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Great tennis getaway
We had a quick four-day stop and booked full-day tennis twice (every other day). The tennis staff is exceptional. There is a top-notch pro shop for stringing, apparel and equipment. There are sufficient restaurant choices and the menus are excellent for either light snacks or full meals.
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Cynthia R
纽约州Dix Hills5 条分享
Tennis Paradise
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
If you want to improve your game and play where the pros train, look no further than Saddlebrook Tennis Resort in Wesley Chapel, (North Tampa) Fl.
The program is designed for people who want to spend a lot of time on court... you will definitely improve after 3 hr AM session and 2 hr PM session. Even the most serious players may find this to be a lot of tennis but the pros help you through it... and there are plenty of breaks in the unseasonable ( for tennis) months. I’ve attended for 8 years and have never been disappointed. Try it!
Spa on premises, dining and beautiful pool for non tennis activities...
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Florida77 条分享
Disappointed in Tennis Program
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I have been very fortunate the last 5 years to have a regular Pro that I work with at home who is an exceptional teacher and has a plan for every lesson, so I know the difference between a good and not so good instructor. Perhaps I set the bar too high based on my existing Pro, but I've taken many clinics with other pros as well who all have a different style, some you connect with and some you don't click with, but our Pro was not prepared and seemed to "wing it" with no plan. Teaching is not easy, and some people are better suited than others. Our group did not receive much instruction from our coach on either day and we did very few drills and had absolutely no doubles strategy drills. We had to ask him what we did wrong instead of him providing feedback. He was more of a human ball machine and would make a great hitting partner but that wasn't why I was there as I was expecting to be instructed. I was able to see and hear the other pros on both sides of our court interacting with and instructing their students up at the net and doing numerous drills. My husband was on one of those courts and he was extremely happy with his coach Phil, as were the other 3 men in the court, who did a ton of instructional drills and he learned a great deal.

The tennis facility was in good condition, the property was nice, towels, fruit, water and Gatorade was provided. The resort is older but has a very pretty property and remember you are there for tennis so don't expect Ritz style accommodations. We were lucky to get a renovated room which was clean, comfortable bed, newly painted with new carpet and all you need. The room was actually nicer than I expected based on prior Saddlebrook reviews. It was fun spending time with a few other couples and friends, but having the right Pro will make or break your stay. Bottom line, I was there to learn, and in all honesty, I feel that I wasted $400 on "instruction" so I would not return unless I was assured I could have Phil or Will.
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Tennis camp , great instructor.
2019年6月 • 好友
We did the 2 day camp for 5 hours each day, split with a 2 hour break, 10 hours in total. Phil Shelton was our tennis instructor and he was sensational. He was very strong fundamentally, great personality and made our 2 days together very enjoyable. Phil had multiple drills , he was clear with purpose and objective, his purpose was to also keep simple so we understood objectives. If we weren’t properly following, he would stop, bring us to net and explain to be sure we understood. At the end of each session we would then play incorporating those drills into our play. Phil also gave us many tips to remember once home : 7 essential points, serve , marker etc.. Without question Phil took something ordinary and made it an exceptional learning experience.
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Anil V
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Great tennis program!!
2019年4月 • 好友
Stayed at Saddlebrook in late April in a 2-BR suite with 3 friends for a 3-day adult tennis clinic. Before choosing Saddlebrook we looked at several other programs, including all the big names. In summary, great tennis, fun overall stay, and I definitely left achieving my goals for the trip/program. Patrick D, Bill H, and Larry made it great.

Tennis Clinic / Instruction: 3 days; 5 hours a day with the last hour usually being live play. We were lucky to have 2 instructors throughout the program, Patrick Daciek (Day 1) and Bill Heiser (Day 2-3). Both were excellent and ran very efficient drills targeted at improving our weak spots or focusing on critical aspects of the game. It was great hearing a bit about the pro tour life from Patrick and seeing him demonstrate good doubles strategy. My movement and net game definitely improved as result. Patrick is awesome. However, it was the 2 days with Bill that really shined -- Bill quickly identified what we should work on as well as taking our suggestions. 2 on 1, approach shots, serve+1, you name it -- we worked on it. But beyond the drills, what really stood out from Bill was the emphasis on gameplay/strategy. Tennis is a thinking man's sport and Bill gave us the tools we need to combine with our strokes to win. Next time I am at Saddlebrook I will absolutely request Bill in advance. One other thing -- Larry's daily warmup was legendary!

Housing: We were in a 2 BR suite which I am told is better than the other accommodations. I believe we were in a remodeled unit and it was fine. Not great but definitely spacious, clean, and located perfectly relative to the courts. Like other reviews have mentioned, don't expect extravagant accommodations here...come for the tennis (or golf).

Food: Ate onsite for several meals -- poolside cafe was great for lunch, especially in between tennis sessions. Steakhouse was good, probably among the best restaurants in Wesley Chapel. However, we did enjoy driving a few miles off-site to get away and try different food at places in Wiregrass, near the outlets, etc.
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Gail E
Boca Raton44 条分享
The tennis instruction was very personalized for each guest on the court.
2019年5月 • 家庭
I had Bill on day one... both morning and afternoon sessions; and Phillip on day two... both sessions.
Although they taught differently, both gave instructions that were very personalized to the guests on the court. Phillip gave very specific critique of each part of the game to each guest, then had us drill on that particular aspect of the game. The courts are in good shape, and the instructors were very careful to insure that we all drank enough as it was quite hot.
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宾夕法尼亚Allison Park33 条分享
Saddlebrook Tennis
2019年1月 • 好友
Excellent tennis program
. I can’t say enough about the Pros here. They take their time and give great tips Will and Hank we’re particular good. Will spent lots of time on the mental side of the game and his tips were golden. I highly recommend.
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Excelente hotel. Pessoal amável. Os quartos são amplos. Alguns precisam de um lance de escadas. Alguns precisam de renovação
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康涅狄格西哈特福德40 条分享
Best Tennis Camp!
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We chose Saddlebrook (SB) for a 5 day tennis camp Dec 22-26 due to the projected nice weather (relatively warm ~ 70F / no rain/sunny), number of adult attendees (16-20), cost/value ($380/day for 2 adults), and the nice tennis/resort facilities. It was our first visit to SB and we will return for additional trips.

Travel to Saddlebrook (4 Stars)
We traveled from New England to TPA, pickup rental car, and drove to Saddlebrook (SB) which is located 40 minutes northeast of Tampa. Suggest rental car if visit is greater than 2 days. Otherwise, Uber/Lift should suffice and adequate food/activities are available onsite for a 2 day stay. Valet is required at SB @$15/day.

Tennis Instruction (5 Stars)
All instructors were effective and provided great instruction. As a 4.0 male and my partner a 3.0 female, we both were appropriately paired with training groups commensurate with our respective levels.

Hotel/Accommodations (3 Stars)
Acceptable, but not posh. I read some not so favorable reviews here on TA about the accommodation, but found the rooms/facilities to be fine. However, I do suggest making a grocery run to the local Walmart to buy breakfast stuff/alcohol/snacks to stock the in room kitchen
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纽约州纽约市2 条分享
Another great Saddlebrook Tennis Vacation
2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We've been coming to Saddlebrook and the Hopman Tennis Program for many years. The coaching is outstanding. Kudos to Shawn McGee as one of the best instructors imaginable and for his excellent Program management. Credit also to Richard for great coaching. And a special thank you to Larry for his awesome 'new player' training. There were several strong, 4.5 and 5.0 players attending to go along with a bunch of 3.5 and 4.0's. Courts are always in excellent shape. The resort is very good - rooms are comfortable and clean, facilities including the pool, pool bar, and spa, are great. Cost is very reasonable considering what you're getting. And Wiregrass Mall, a ten minute drive, has some very good restaurants. PS: We'll all miss Howard.
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