Rorabeck’s Plants and Produce

Rorabeck’s Plants and Produce(西棕榈滩)

Rorabeck’s Plants and Produce


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Adriana R
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Great, affordable produce
This is our main place for buying vegetables, herbs, fruit and eggs.

Throughout the years they have put a lot of work in remodeling and expanding the place, they greatly improved it by adding more refrigeration, and they are continuously upgrading.
They have also expanded their selection of products: now you can also find different sauces, breads, rice, etc. - even cheeses and meats!

Their prices are the lowest you can find around here, not to talk about their amazing special offers! 2-3 full bags of products may cost you just over $20, which always give me such a great feeling.
Regarding the eggs: you can definitely find cheaper ones, but the price of the ones supplied by local farms totally matches their quality. Once you try them, it will be difficult to go back to the “commercial” ones: in fact, we would rather eat fewer eggs but keep buying their local ones.

If you are not familiar with any produce (they have a lot of “exotic” ones) do not hesitate to ask their staff: they are always glad to help you.
And if you want to ask something but you’re already home, just send them a message: they are very active on social media, where they list their offers, and promptly respond at any time of the day!!

The only “complaint” I have about this place is that they also sell plants and beautiful garden’s ornaments and vases, so my shopping there is never quick: I “must” always check out their new arrivals and… I don’t even have a yard…

We’re really lucky to live not too far from them!
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佛罗里达Coconut Creek1,531 条分享
Fresh from the Farm
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
I was in the area so I stopped by. Rorabeck's has been in business since 1968. It is a combination of a nursery and farmers market. On the nursery side they have ornamental, vegetable, and herb plants, shrubs, and trees along with Mexican pottery and statues to decorate your garden with. On the market side they sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, juices, and pantry goods.

On my visit I purchased $20 worth of produce, cut up pineapple, some vegetables, baby potatoes, watermelon, and apples. Prices on the produce were very good. I also could not resist one of their large pottery Jack-o-lantern's made in the Dominican Republic. It is now decorating the small garden I have in front of my house. I love this type of market where you can get locally grown produce. While not as big as my favorite just plant nursery and just farmers market, it still has a pretty good selection. Rorabeck's is a bit far for me but if I lived locally I would definitely shop here.
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佛罗里达博因顿海滩32 条分享
Clean, organized, and well stocked!
2018年5月 • 独自旅游
I hadn't been to Rorabeck's in YEARS. Yesterday as I was driving by, some beautiful plants for sale caught my eye, so I pulled into the parking lot.This place has upgraded itself tremendously since I was here last. The structure seemed rebuilt, bright, spacious, and organized. There are many tables with baskets of fruits or vegetables for just 2 or 3 dollars each. I purchased a basket with 6 huge red onions for $3.00. Their refrigerated section has a marvelous selection of herbs, lettuces (Is that a word??), asparagus,celery, bok choy, and much more. Everything was nicely displayed and very fresh. They have a beautiful selection of plants for sale within the building and outside, as well. They all appeared well taken care of and healthy. Huge palms can be purchased in enormous pots to make a big impact in your own yard. Then there's also a section of the building where they sell chickens!! A few different varieties, too. If you have children, they will love to see these adorable creatures- but "don't touch them" signs are everywhere. Hen houses and chicken coups are for sale, too. This place is amazing! NOTHING like I remember it from years back. Certainly worth a visit!
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so much fresh produce
Great prices compared to my home in the Midwest and tons of variety. Whole buckets of peppers and squash for $2, 10 limes for $1.
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baricat32 条分享
Produce Plus!
2016年8月 • 独自旅游
This little gem, known mostly only to locals, is the best option for finding fresh, inexpensive produce. Pretty much any veggie or fruit you can think of, and some you never even knew existed, can be found right here. Many hard-to-find items, such as those used in Caribbean and various Latin cuisines.

It's no frills shopping, as it's not air conditioned, with the exception of the relatively new walk-in area where herbs, fresh greens, berries, and any highly perishable items are kept. Great prices here that sharply undercut lesser quality items sold in grocery stores, such as Publix or Winn Dixie.

As a bonus, if you're looking for things that you'll use up within a day or so, they usually feature several tables of big baskets full of some items, most often vegetables, for $2.00. Selection will vary, depending on what they happen to have each day that they want to move. Tomatoes are frequently available. I buy a big basket of Romas when I want to make fresh tomato sauce or soup. I've found such diverse items as Vidalia onions, red onions, potatoes, and mushrooms.

They frequently have samples available of the fresh pineapple (which you can buy all peeled and cored,) cantaloupe, honey dew, and watermelon. Best fresh herbs around, and a good variety. The basil is always top-notch, huge leaves, with spectacular aroma. Most inexpensive place to buy tightly-closed (meaning very fresh,) clean, white mushrooms. They almost always have button and large stuffing varieties available, plus portabellas cost the same as regular varieties, $2.49/pound.

A few different types of tomatoes always available, and they're always of very high quality. You don't need to worry that either hard, green, or otherwise not yet ready to be eaten, nor that they will have mold in two days.

The corn I have bought here is always impeccably fresh, achingly sweet, and tender-crisp. Type depends on season. I just bought some white corn that was to die for! The one down side is that they do not allow you to husk it there. In fact, they post a sign saying that if the ear has been so much as peeled back for you to peek at "what's under the hood" you will be charged $1 extra per ear! Seems a bit excessive. But to be honest, I've never had a bad ear of corn from this place. Nothing rotted or bug-ridden. Best corn in town, each and every time.

Beside just produce, they carry such items as gourmet sausages, farm fresh eggs, locally produced honeys (like orange blossom, Florida wildflower,or palmetto flower), fresh flowers, unique shapes of artisan pastas and many types of bread. It's the cheapest place in town if you like Pepperidge Farm varieties, which typically run $3+ per loaf in groceries, always sold here for $1.99.

The best part is that you can pick and choose each item you buy, right down to each individual mushroom. No pre-packaged stuff like at the grocery store. I'm a chef, and that's absolutely imperative to me, and for what food costs these days, I'm sure others feel the same.

It's a big place, so it's rarely so crowded as to be bothersome. Saturdays and Sundays are obviously busiest, but never in the early morning on any day.

Because of the lack of air conditioning, it can get hot in there. So a tip: Shop first thing in the morning (they open at 7AM) and you'll not only stay cooler, you'll avoid crowds and also get the best selection and the freshest stuff.

With the confiscatory prices charged at grocery stores now days for produce, it's worth the trip to come here to feed your family nourishing, high quality produce for much less.
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佛罗里达博因顿海滩804 条分享
My visits to Rorabeck
2016年5月 • 家庭
I go to this place once a week for my veggie & fruit shopping. I get all kinds of vegetables year around. Particularly look for tamarinds ( rare to find) fruits etc. Really inexpensive than I buy elsewhere. I particularly like buying by baskets as it is really cheap.
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