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Walnut Square Mall
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2021年5月 • 独自旅游
Nothing worth seeing here and total disrespect for locals that want and need a place to walk indoors like they did for decades until the current management changed it.
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乔治亚Chatsworth153 条分享
The appearance of the mall has improved. The new owners recently put a lot of money into remodeling and updating the building. The problem is they didn't seem to put a lot of brain power into how to revitilize it and make it a success.
Since their marketing team can't seem to think of anything, here's some advice.

1. Invite restaurants in and make a true 'food court'. The mall has always had sporatic restaurants here and there throughout the building. Put a variety of quick eating options all in the same place where co-workers can come in, get what they want, and enjoy a meal together during their lunch hour and you'll see increased traffic.

2.Offer three months rent free to new botique style occupants. As a small business owner working from home, (offering unique gifts) I can attest to the fact that I'd be very interested in having a storefront in town, but have been reluctant to try it because I'm unsure what the success level would be. If I had the oppertunity to sign a contract for free space on a trial run, with a promise to pay X amount of dollars monthy should I decide to stay, I'm be more open to moving forward with opening a store. There's nothing to lose with so many storefronts shuttered and not producing income anyway.

3. How about free movies at the mall? Put a blow up screen in the space, invite people to bring their folding chairs and show classics such as Hocus Pocus at Halloween, Home Alone at Christmas, Casablanca, during a 'Classics' month etc. Advise people to arrive a couple of hours early and receive a free packet from retailers.......free (item) just for stopping in at Bath and Body Works, 25% off any item at Belks, etc.etc

4. Wedding and other similar shows. Rent space in the middle of the mall to wedding vendors and invite prospective brides to learn more about their options.

5. Stop focusing on big name retailers and invite in more boutique style shops. Look around and you'll see many chain retailers going out of business. Small business owners who'll work hard to stand out and stay in business are the way to go.

6. Get rid of 'Gimmie Five' and offer Hobby Lobby a super sweet deal to move across the street and rent the space. I guarantee that would be an instant boost for the rest of your retailers from the get-go.

I'm available for hire if you need more ideas. Just contact me.
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Garrs J
9 条分享
A joke of a mall, in a joke of a town. Stores come and go on a regular basis, and unaccompanied teens are not welcome. Sears and Pennys closed, they tore down the ends of the mall, there is no radio shack anymore, But plenty of middle eastern people selling phones and gold chains in the hallway.
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乔治亚多尔顿30 条分享
The current owners have failed to follow through with their boasts of revitalizing the mall. The lead store is Belks. It is Belks in name only. Understaffed and poorly stocked. Pass the mall by and go to Chattanooga.
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2020年1月 • 家庭
Yes the mall is beautiful, but we need more stores! Less and less people go. It seems so lonely now.
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Marsha G
1 条分享
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
nothing much there, a total bore. I really went by Belk for something and there was so much jumbled merchandise in there it looked like a fire hazard, is the best Dalton can do?
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乔治亚Chatsworth17 条分享
Haven't been there in a while.
It has gone WAY down hill since I use to go all the.
I've heard that they are tearing down now.
If I'm not mistaken, that speaks for itself!!!!
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Terra N
荷兰吕伐登14 条分享
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Deze mall is een beetje vergane glorie, grote winkels zijn gesloten en is behoorlijk op zijn retour. Als je wat tijd over hebt kun je het bezoeken maar het is niet echt de moeite van een bezoek waard.
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乔治亚Calhoun71 条分享
2016年11月 • 独自旅游
I've been away from the Dalton areas for 20 years and upon my return I went to the mall for some shopping and what a shock to see the condition and lack of selection at Walnut Square. Sears looks like it's going out of business, Belks looked like a big lots and the customer service received while shopping in some of the fee other places was subpar. My best experience was in Aeropostale and it's going out of business. It's an aged facility that has not been taken care of through the years and keeping top notch retailers within has not happened.
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Daniel W
158 条分享
2016年9月 • 家庭
It's not a bad mall...most name brand stores but JC Penny's was closed. It was clean and quiet. I would recommend
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