Beddington Park

Beddington Park(Wallington)

Beddington Park

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Cath Y
英国Cullompton107 条分享
2021年9月 • 独自旅游
Iv known this befall Park al my life but haven't be back for many years,it hasn't changed well accule it better ,nice paths for joking, walking cycling ,wonderfully scenery, a abundance off wild life .
2 cafe the pavlova cafe by the play area and the tower cafe in St mary Church open Mon to Fri,also their is the Grange pub backing on to the groove section off the park.
The park is well kept lots off sign,I also walked the permuse path though beddington farm land which linked up with tram link at beddington Lane.
In beddington Park you feal your in the heart off the country,a park for everyone
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英国萨里67 条分享
We visit here bi weekly, its a lovely park with lots of open space, however lots of dogs around both on and off the lead that cause problems especially if its wet and muddy, we have had clothes spoilt by dogs off lead jumping up at us, followed by half hearted apologies from dog owners. Local council appear to have not control and dont enforce bylaws concerning off lead dogs. Cafe area is nice, its right next to the childrens play area, again lots of dogs on and off lead, potentially dangerous for very young children. Food is well priced and lots of seating inside and out. Parking can be limited at weekends, although you should find s space after 10.30.
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英国伦敦178 条分享
Beautiful spot that has helped with obtaining fresh air, peace and exercise during these strange Covid times!
The cafe has a good range of snack items, drinks, icecreams etc for a little treat too.
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英国萨顿46 条分享
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Not realising what a gem we have so local. I live in Sutton and walked to and around the park , stopping off at the church before walking home. A great way to exercise and so many things to see. Waterways, wildlife, carew House. The avenue of trees that once linked Nonsuch and Beddington parks. There are plenty of children friendly things to so, flat paths for bike or scooter riding, a children's playground. Lovely way to spend a morning.
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Steve G
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2020年10月 • 家庭
I’m local. This park is lovely so I’m
Here regularly. It was touted a few years ago, that the park had secured significant funding from the National Lottery. To that end a significant section of the front of the park was fenced off and dug up. For over a year. I looked like there was perhaps intent to make another pond. After a while the fence was removed and the grass returfed ending exactly as it had begun.

At night only some of the park is lit. I’d imagine a multi million pound lottery grant could have paid for lighting around the entire park. Similarly, as cycling grows more popular, a dedicated cycle lane either side of the footpath would be nice as well.

More than anything I’d like to know how that lottery grant was spent.
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牙买加30 条分享
Visited the park frequently and had a different experience on each occasion.
Good for solo & Group/family walks.
We recently had a birthday picnic there, great time had by all.
Bridges, duck ponds, open spaces, wooded areas, so much to see whatever the weather.
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英国伦敦1,353 条分享
2020年8月 • 家庭
Gorgeous, enormous park. Perfect for picnics. Lovely streams you can wade it. Loads of areas to explore. Been such a family favourite for our daily walks in lockdown. Hadn’t been before lockdown and now it’s a regular place that my family visit.
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Ian C
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It was another stormy day when I decided to explore Beddington Park. The first thing to say that, compared to Mitcham Common, you felt really welcome because there are a number of different carparks at different locations. I have not yet worked out where to park during the week to be able to enjoy Mitcham Common, all the parking around it is so constrained. So, top marks here.

Originally part of the much larger deer park of the medieval Carew Manor owned by the Carew family. The Manor itself still exists with its medieval hall with hammerbeam roof inside, though now a school, as does the early 18th century dovecote, while St Mary’s Church is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

The River Wandle passes through the Park and later owners created the ponds and the formal gardens around the Grange which was rebuilt in the late 20th century as is now a pub.

Excavations in the 1930’s discovered a Roman stone coffin, suggesting that there may have been a building here, perhaps a villa, in Roman Times….

In the church graveyard is a memorial stone with the strange inscription 'Satisfied'. Who was satisfied, and why?

An enjoyable park to explore and walk in, obviously popular with people from the surrounding area.
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英国大伦敦132 条分享
Situated next to the rather ugly town of Hackbridge this park is a pleasant oasis in South London.

A rather nice Lake and the Wandle River intertwine to give the impression of being in the country rather than the suburbs.

With nice display boards educating you about the Birds,Fish,Plants and History of the park, makes this place a worthy visit for anyone.
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Stephanie Sparshott
英国萨里41 条分享
This park is great to go to in all types of weather. They have a cafe which is also quite nice. Only put down is, the fact that it gets horribly busy on a hot day. People running around everywhere, giant picnics with huge tables. But the scenery is still nice (without the huge picnics everywhere of course) I also find it great that they have restored the ponds and renovated the playground.
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