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Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Museum(Riceboro)

Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Museum

Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Museum
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
Tammy Lee B
作者:Tammy Lee B
A visual tour of Geechee Kunda
去Geechee昆达Riceboro文化中心是一个必须要去格鲁吉亚的时候。 我花了几个小时跟吉姆和他妹妹Bacote看守和它仍然是远远不够的。 这是我最喜欢的一站县穿越我的自由。 他们的热情和愿望的历史/共享格勒Geechee鼓舞人心的人。 昆达的(这意味着希望的复合或家庭)位于土地的米饭,棉花,赤橙黄绿青蓝紫组成的一部分増长"撤退种植园。" 现在这里是一个神圣的土地和非洲人在美国的精神中心。 "格勒/ Geechee民族的存在从杰克逊维尔,杰克逊维尔nc到,它涵盖了所有楼的海景和岛屿三十到三十五英里的内陆到河的圣约翰。 这些小岛上的,很多人从非洲民族与土著美国人和链接的创建独特的语言和传统格勒后来从这“Geechee。" 格勒/ Geechee的人考虑过了"一个国家一个民族在"从翰林酒店在美国奴役的时间直到他们正式成为国际公认的民族2000年7月2日上。 作为一个国家在其声明的时候,他们确认了他们的第一次选举"头重复双关语boddee”-国家元首和官方发言人和王后的母亲。 他们选择伊利冷清, Chieftess和元首的Geechee格勒/国家)。 " 画廊展览,当地的手工艺品,一个礼品店,一个家庭研究中心,该中心的所有部分文档和持续的努力让格勒/ Geechee文化活的和不断増长的。 如果你足够幸运的吉姆让你午餐,你真是一种享受。 炒龙虾,鳕鱼,格鲁吉亚甜白虾,玉米棒,意面沙拉,沙拉新鲜的草莓和菠菜都为我们准备好了。 你不会找到一个更好的在城镇里一顿。 我保证! 一个历史悠久的建筑已移动到该属性并且很快就会恢复的再用了作为一个酒店的赞美。 调用和响应事件的赞美,有现场音乐,我都会去看看。 我期待着能再回到看到吉姆有我自己的家庭。 他们将不断添加到市中心所以每次旅行都会比较令人满意的。

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sharon b
佛罗里达奥兰多4 条分享
2018年8月 • 好友
If you are interested in the rich culture of descendents of slavery along the coastline of the Carolinas and Georgia, this arts center tucked away in the little town of Riceboro, GA is definitely worth visiting. The mission and vision of the founders is to preserve, continue and sharw the culture and traditions of this very unique group of people. Call ahead to make an appointment since the facility is not always available. You won't be disappointed if you visit this gem on the historic Liberty Trail.
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Imani latifah
路易斯安那州新奥尔良30 条分享
2016年10月 • 独自旅游
I visited Jim and Pat two Sunday's ago for a program and it was amazing. You are treated like family, the feed you good southern food and give you a good dose of the amazing history of the African American (Gullah Geechee) in the Liberty County area. This place is a must visit, you will not want to leave!
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Tammy Lee B
Florida72 条分享
2016年6月 • 独自旅游
A visit to the Geechee Kunda Cultural Center in Riceboro is a must when visiting Georgia. I spent hours with Jim Bacote and his sister Bethany and it still wasn’t enough. It was my favorite stop on my journey through Liberty County. Their genuine hospitality and desire to share the history of the Gullah/Geechee people was inspiring.

The kunda (which means compound or home of hope) is located on lands where the rice, cotton, and indigo once grew as part of the “Retreat Plantation.” It is now sacred land and a spiritual center for Africans in America.

“The Gullah/Geechee Nation exists from Jacksonville, NC to Jacksonville, FL. It encompasses all of the Sea Islands and thirty to thirty-five miles inland to the St. John’s River. On these islands, people from numerous African ethnic groups linked with indigenous Americans and created the unique Gullah language and traditions from which later came “Geechee.” The Gullah/Geechee people have been considered “a nation within a nation” from the time of chattel enslavement in the United States until they officially became an internationally recognized nation on July 2, 2000. At the time of their declaration as a nation, they confirmed the election of their first “head pun de boddee”-head of state and official spokesperson and queen mother. They elected Queen Quet, Chieftess and Head-of-State for the Gullah/Geechee Nation ).”

Exhibit galleries, local crafts, a gift shop, a family research center, and ongoing documentation are all part of the center’s efforts to keep the Gullah/Geechee culture alive and growing.

If you are fortunate enough to have Jim make you lunch, you are in for a treat. Fried lobster, whiting, sweet Georgia white shrimp, corn on the cob, pasta salad, and spinach salad with fresh strawberries were prepared just for us. You won’t find a better meal in town. I promise!

A historic building has been moved onto the property and will soon be restored for use again as a Praise Hall. Call and response praise events, complete with live music, are something I would like to see.

I look forward to returning to see Jim with my own family. They are constantly adding to the center so each trip will be a delight.
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马萨诸塞波士顿85 条分享
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is to be avoided. The person who "owns" is an out and out racist and anti-semite. Within a few minutes of our arrival we were told how the Jews own the entire entertainment and news industry and uses blacks as stooges. This is not an honest museum. Stay away.
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宾夕法尼亚Coatesville7 条分享
2013年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This museum is subtitled "an interpretive center", which describes it very well. Here, in one place, you can absorb the history of the rice growing culture (hence Riceboro) and the history of slavery in this region. Do not expect elaborate exhibits or working reconstructions. There is a lot to read and if at all possible you should spend some time with Jim Bacote, the founder, who seems to be related to everyone who ever lived there. While offering some insight into the dialect Geechee, the museum illustrates how art and craft define a culture.

For more information see
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