Eckert's Belleville Farm
Eckert's Belleville Farm
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David M
1 条分享
Pretty much a ripoff. It just doesn't seem right to have to pay to do labor for someone while they get FREE labor to get unused apples off their land before winter hits. Genius way to rip people off. I'll never go.
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Wayne B
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Used to enjoy going apple picking, but the new rate of $7 a person to ride three minutes to the field is outrageous especially considering you pay the same price for apples as a grocery store. Wont be back.
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Todd m
伊利诺伊州Roxana2 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
My family will never be back to pick anything again.
Paying over $6.00 !!!!!to ride a wagon out to the field to pick.
At 20+ people on a wagon. He’s making a killing .I wouldn’t mind paying $1.00 for it but at probably 50 or more wagon loads a day to the fields , what a rip off. Doesn’t. $120 in fuel to take people to the field
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伊利诺伊州O'Fallon22 条分享
Prices are really the only thing that makes this review not a perfect 5, but definitely worth it for a fun time with family. They have new things to pick nearly monthly. The restaurant is fantastic. The grocery store is really neat, too. They have various events, I have even been to concerts there. They have a park/amusement park. The kids love this place. I, myself, have been coming here for 40 years. They have been around forever.
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Deborah H
密苏里圣路易斯1 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
My family went apple and pumpkin picking. There were plenty of apples, but not a lot of pumpkins to choose from in the field. We ate at the restaurant (there were 7 of us and a toddler). There was quite a wait which ended up being longer than expected. Once we placed our order, we found out they were out of one of the appetizers. The food took a while to arrive, our server barely came around to give us refills, and around the time our food should have been coming out, someone told us they were out of the chicken pot pie. Some of our food was cold, my grandson's mac and cheese came out cold and unappealing. We spent around seventy dollars for an appetizer, 3 adult meals, my daughter in law didn't even get the food she wanted because of the chicken pot pie being out. I understand places being short staffed now-a-days, but the lack of customer service is inexcusable.
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密苏里185 条分享
Eckert's is well-known locally as THE farm to visit. However, it's an average experience at best - highly commercial at worst.

Employees are friendly, but not invested in your family's visit. It's like the Disneyland of farms. The produce itself is fine. It's nice to be able to pick it fresh, for sure. Prices are decent.

When you get to the store, you'll notice that many items in the store are grandma knickknacks you could get at Cracker Barrel - not true farm store items. That alone turned me off trying the restaurant.

Tip: keep going up the road, less than a mile, to Braeutigam's. Less crowds, more authenticity.
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5 条分享
A must stop place for me and my family. I have enjoyed this place for years and hope we can continue to enjoy it in the future. Good place, good people, good times.
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密苏里圣路易斯969 条分享
When our children we young, we visited Eckert's many times, at least once a year. Now that our children are in their 30's we have had less cause to visit. This year though, my wife and I decided to return, and we are glad we did!
Quite a lot has changed. The parking is more organized and abundant. The grocery store has been greatly expanded and moved. They now have a bridge across the highway, instead of stopping traffic for every tractor bringing folks to the fields to pick fruit or veggies. We picked strawberries, and that was fun. Lu nch was very good (loved the "biscuits" really closer to fry bread). Their custard stand was also fun/tasty. Eckert's remains a lot of fun, but especially for families. A nice experience!
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sue m
3 条分享
Visited with two 9 year olds on Sunday, May 16. One ordered chicken/waffles, ($12) pretty much all batter. 2 pcs chicken, one wing with zero meat, one thigh with three paper thin bites of meat smaller than a quarter. Other child ordered a grilled cheese. It was cold. Cheese was solid. Server was most professional and within 5 minutes a fresh grilled cheese was served. Went to get a frozen custard for dessert, one of the orders had loads of hot fudge on the outside of the cup. Took an individual Purell out of my purse to get it off my hands, and it freakishly shot into my eye. Asked for a glass of water, was offered a bottle of water for $2. Felt like my eye was on fire, went inside and flushed my eye the best I could. Told the hostess what happened and she said 'that's not right'. The general store is quite pricey, but perhaps that's to be expected. Certainly cost prohibitive for many. Live band outside was pretty good, but way too loud. Wasn't worth the gas it took to get there.
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密苏里圣路易斯25 条分享
2021年5月 • 家庭
We recently took our grandson to the Belleville Eckert’s to pick strawberries on a sunny Friday morning and had the most wonderful time! He was so excited to ride the tractor-pulled wagon to the strawberry field, which was full of beautiful bright red strawberries! The strawberries are the tastiest and sweetest of any strawberries I have ever eaten. After we finished, the wagon took us back to where we paid for our strawberries. Everyone was so friendly. After we put our strawberries in the car, we decided to eat lunch at the restaurant.....everything we had was delicious. There’s also a little outdoor cafe area with tables where you can purchase ice cream cones, etc , and a cute indoor market area that we always love visiting. It was a fun experience and we will definitely return. We can’t wait for peach and apple picking season!
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