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伊利诺伊州芝加哥2 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This food tour of the Indian area on Devon Avenue, given by Mohammad Ali, was terrific! Apparently the last of the season, we sampled food from different regions of India and learned some history and culture of each. We then visited a store offering traditional formal (including wedding) clothing, beautiful, and even got some temporary tattoos with interesting designs. We had a blast and the five of us, including Mohammad, lasted over an hour past our scheduled time. As others have said, he is interesting, educates, is very engaging, and fun. My wife and I highly recommend this tour.
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Mike R
2 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
Mohammed is such a great guide. Mohammed’s connection to his culture and the shared culture of the neighborhood is evident in every part of the experience. This tour is far more than just the food. His passion for providing a quality experience, sharing his knowledge and meeting new people makes this a tour worth repeating! No tours are ever quite the same! Eat, enjoy , experience! Repeat the three Es!
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田纳西布伦特伍德21 条分享
My adult son and I took the Spice of Life tour during our recent trip to Chicago. Muhammad did a wonderful job teaching us about the culture and many of it’s foods. You will not leave hungry. He went above and beyond to give us a full expeience (henna tattoos, Hindu temple visit, and trying on traditional Indian clothing). He even helped us do a bit of shopping at the end so we could make some of the delicious dishes that we tried.
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Jamie D
15 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We did the tour in September and it took me way to long to write a review. This was the perfect tour! We were able to get to know Devon street in a way like never before. We tried so many foods that we had never had before and learned much about the history of the neighborhood. I would absolutely recommend the tour to anyone who wants to go!
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pauljeagle .
54 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I have done many food tours around the US and Canada. This tour is a both a food tour and a cultural experience. You will get to try many Indian and Pakistani foods as well as experience so unique cultural elements (try on Saris, get henna tattoos and visit a Hindu temple). Mohammed is a warm and friendly guide and takes time to share his knowledge and experience. Mohammed has very personal ties to this area and clearly understands its cultural history, the customs and different religions. He is a anthropology teacher and takes a classroom approach to this tour (it gets a little heavy on the teaching at times and some of the religious discussion may not be taken in the right way by everyone). The tour starts at a market with a eating area where we enjoyed several "street food" appetizers and sweets (very tasty). There is a stop at a barbeque where we had two types of chicken and amazing beef kababs with yogurt and pita. We finished with Mango Lassis (a sweet drink) and small desserts. Our guide said we could make another stop, but by this point we had been on the tour for four hours and could not eat another bite.

This tour is a unique adventure and worth exploring.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥1 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Ditto to all the previous reviews mentioning the tasty food, the fun, and the personable and knowledgeable guide, Mohammed. Having lived with several families near Devon Street, Mohammed has very personal ties to this area and clearly understands its cultural history, the customs and different religions. His day job is teaching high school anthropology and he takes a classroom approach to this tour. He opened our eyes to this pocket of fascinating culture in Chicago. It was very enjoyable and we will recommend it to friends who are adventurous eaters and to others who need to open their minds to new experiences.
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emily j
缅因州波特兰15 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This was more than a food tour. It was a wonderful cross-cultural experience with a fabulous, knowledgeable guide. Mohammed is a warm, educated hyphenated-American, representing the best aspects of our country's traditions of welcome and diversity. Little India was about more than food, although the food we ate was delicious and generous! We leaned about Indian culture: religion, dress, marriage, etc., and how these have also translated to America. The four + hours flew by and if I lived in Chicago, would have been followed by an invitation to spend more time with our delightful guide. It was an inspirational experience - and also lots of fun!
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Adriana M
12 条分享
2018年9月 • 独自旅游
The tour was super cool!! The food was great, I learned a lot with Mohammed about the culture, not only from India but also about that neighborhood. He was a awesome guide. The experience on the shops and all the places we visited was very nice. I highly recommend!!
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Chakras G
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2018年7月 • 好友
Our friend is getting married in India and decided to do this tour as part of our bachelorette weekend and it was amazing! Muhammad was so attentive and willing to preparing us for our upcoming trip. His insight into the various cultures and neighborhood was such an amazing one that I can't wait to go back to Devon Ave. Muhammad, thank you for the amazing cultural experience!
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Arlyn V
伊利诺伊州Rochelle7 条分享
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Our tour lasted for 4 hours and our interest never waned. Our stops at 4 or 5 restaurants made up a multi course meal, from appetizers to desserts. Our guide was careful to note which foods might be a bit spicier than others. In between restaurant stops we visited many shops. The most amazing shop was a clothing store with beautiful, handmade, dresses in the fashion of India. No 2 were alike, there were hundreds of them. It happened to be a very hot day, and the guide was very attuned to handing out bottles of water and keeping a leisurely pace. Very, very worthwhile. The guide, who has a fascinating personal life story to tell, also does a Chinatown tour and we plan to take that in with him next summer for sure.
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