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Vish K
加拿大渥太华21 条分享
2018年9月 • 好友
We had a great long weekend trip on the Noire. John was great in providing all the relevant gear we needed (boats, barrels, PFDs, paddles, helmets), and in providing guidance on where to drop in to start the trip. Being able to park our cars at the outfitter made for a flexible return time (important when there are unplanned swims along the way!). His boats are in decent condition, and certainly better than some others we have used in the area. It is a cash only outfitter, so you'll need to discuss with John your total costs to make sure you bring enough cash. The fee to the ZEC is paid on the way to the put in, but they do take plastic.

The Noire is a fabulous river to paddle, with lots of long, sandy beaches that can easily accommodate large groups. All of the rapids can be portaged, so it's great for new white water paddlers or older kids.
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2018年8月 • 好友
I have used John as my outfitter for organizing numerous trips on the Noire, Colounge and Dumoine over the past 7 years years, and I have had only great experiences. John is conscientious, organized, knowledgeable and committed to ensuring that you have a fun, yet safe experience. Further, his prices are very competitive.

I have been leading trips for upwards of a decade, across Ontario and Quebec, and John is one of the best outfitters I have come across. Blackfeather, one of Canada's leading guide services, uses his services to support their guided trips down the Noire.

His equipment is well-maintained. Further, he provides his clients with access to the appropriate equipment for dealing with rivers that have whitewater, including, for example, whitewater-rated pdfs and helmets, which are critical to ensuring a fun, yet safe time.

I highly recommend the Black River Inn and Outfitter!
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加拿大基奇纳2 条分享
Great outfitter ! Jon was friendly, helpful. I would highly recommend using this outfitter as the group of seven will be using him again for the next two years with the noire river next! Canoes and equipment we rented were high quality and the shuttle ride up river 3 hours was a fun one for the books !
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2016年7月 • 好友
We were a group of experienced whitewater canoers who requested two canoes and a shuttle for the Coulonge river. Here is a list of everything that went wrong:

- One of the boats we were lent had a massive hole in the hull at the bow. The hole was hidden on the inside by the airbag and from the outside it was hard to see from various patch jobs. From the minute the boat was put in the water, it started to fill with water (a really bad feature in a boat, especially a whitewater canoe). Luckily we had a patch kit and spent over an hour on the side of the river trying to fix the canoe. The outfitter offered no compensation or even an apology. This is VERY dangerous; rent out boats with holes in them. We were prepared and had gear - many groups do not.

- There was a mix-up on the pick-up location for the shuttle. We were told to park at the Grande Chutes (where parking is free) but the shuttle driver seemed to think we were meeting at the golf course. We waited a good 30 minutes and then sent someone looking for the driver. He was at the golf course, chatting with friends and drinking coffee, unconcerned that we had not yet arrived. We left the pick-up over 45 minutes late.

- We were told to call when we hit the bridge to confirm the pick-up location at the end of the trip. The driver agreed to meet us at the golf course. When we got there, he told us he couldn't pick us up there (I am not sure why). And he sent us downstream to "the shiny thing" then left. His instructions made no sense to us and we were totally confused as to where to go. Turns out there is a tiny take-out by the hydro outflow ... but we were paddling downstream (towards a giant waterfall) hoping to find a take-out we couldn't see with very bad instructions.

- While cheerful, the driver seemed less than interested in customer service and helping us get to the take-out or back to our cars. We felt like we were an inconvenience to him. He showed no remorse for being late for the first shuttle and couldn't care less about the massive hole in the boat.

I would not use this outfitter again and I would recommend others to avoid them too - renting out boats with holes in them is a huge safety concern and could have put our lives in danger.
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