CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort


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Chicago,Illinois290 条分享
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I treated my twelve year old grandson and his parents to this for a Christmas gift and they loved it! It is hard to buy for preteens but a friend suggested this and it was a hit!
They felt it was a great experience and want to go back again sometime.
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Homewood, Illinois6 条分享
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2019年4月 • 家庭
We have been to this and other similar facilities many times, CMP Frankfort markets itself as a tactical laser tag for teens and adults, however at least 50% of our visits here have been mostly 7 & 8 year olds, a lot of which do not seem to be less that the 48” height limit.

If it wants to be a kids laser tag arena, that’s fine, but stop the misleading advertising.

Our visit today was pretty much a waste of $90, at least 20 screaming kids, with no parents present so a staff member had to join their team, so much time was wasted wrangling them up and getting them to pay attention that we only got to do four challenges.

Plenty of options exist for entertainment for younger kids, and this environment is really not suited to kids under 13.

I will be requesting our money back for today, it was an utter waste.
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Good afternoon Dave, I'm sorry to hear that your visits were unsatisfactory. I will be refunding your money. I wanted to make sure you knew that before I went into what I found while investigating and my official response to this. I don't think that's a fair characterization of our demographics or our advertising. If you could point to where we've mislead people, I'd love to take a look at it. What we have said is that we are an evolution of traditional laser tag. Nowhere on our main page, our pricing page, our about page, or any other page that I've checked is the word "teen" or "adult" even used. We do, however put on pretty much every page that players should be age 8 and up (except the first session Saturdays/Sundays). That's also not on any of our adwords campaigns nor has it been on any facebook ads, which we've barely run recently anyway. We do create the games for teens and adults and not for children. Children come along for the ride, much like most video games they play. Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even Fortnite weren't really built for children, but the player base spans a wide margin, much like our place of business. Our customers are much older than traditional laser tag by a fairly large margin. Last time we ran the numbers age 8-13 accounted for about 15% of our entire customer base. I did some researching because these sorts of things are very important. The day you came in the average age of the players was 20.9. Yours was indeed the youngest sessions of the day (average age 14), though. The next session after yours averaged age 17.5. The one after that averaged age 29. Through the entire day that Saturday there were less than a dozen players age 8 or under and that's including our 11:30AM session which is labeled as age 6 and up and where we push younger families. I looked up the last session you signed into in order to get a better picture of what you might be seeing and the average age there was 21.4. There were only 2 players younger than age 13 in that session. The previous session you signed into the average age was 21.7 and the only people younger than age 19 were the 13 year olds you brought in. Your first session was the youngest with an average age of 12. I'm not surprised since it was an earlier session time, but at this time the children you brought in were also age 12, so they fit right in with the session anyway. That's not to say some parents can be lying about the age of their child. We know that happens sometimes and that's why we have the height requirement, however it's very hard to tell a parent and a child who's standing right there that they must leave because we suspect their parent is lying about them. And then the entire party has to leave. It's a hard situation, but we think we've done a good job combating it overall. We'd be more than happy to direct you to a session featuring less small children. Generally speaking an afternoon on Saturday will have kids. That's just the reality of the way our business works and the time families get out to play. Later sessions are far more adult oriented, though. We can never really guarantee the demographics of a session because we won't see waivers sometimes until the day of, but as I said we can help. There were no employees playing that session, either. Someone who comes in quite a bit did play that day, but he is not staff and he was in to play anyway. He is a paying customer. I did look at the cameras and it shows your group went back at about the right time, so there wasn't any dawdling going on there. If there was on the field, which I don't doubt, that's why our staff kept you after extra time to make sure you got in enough games. Your group played King of the Hill, Sabotage Attack, Sabotage Defend, Heist attack, Heist Defend, and three matches of Team Death Match. That's perfectly in line with our usual lineup of matches. Sometimes we do just one match of TDM and Search & Destroy instead, but unfortunately we were having an issue with our bomb prop at the time. All of that said, we're not out to take people's money without giving them a good time. I do think we at least tried our hardest to live up to the promise we put forth, but know that you may not feel that way. I'm going to refund you the whole amount. You can watch your email for the confirmation and you should see the money in your account. I do hope to hear more from you regarding the advertising, though. We want people to know what they're getting into and that show the business as it is. And I hope we can see you again some other time. Give us a call before you come out and maybe try a later session. Thanks for coming out, Trevor
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威斯康星Janesville3 条分享
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2018年12月 • 好友
Tactical laser tag is exciting, team-based and an excellent way to be active in a competitive way. I have experienced competitors CMP and iCombat multiple times.

On my most recent trip to Frankfort CMP, a new facility than the one I’m use to, I was overall disappointed.

1. First, upon receiving the laser gun the red dot was horrendously off-center. Game moderators said the red dot was correct however while playing my shots were not registering.

2. The game master spoke way to fast while providing instructions and was condescending and insulting players as he instructed. This was confusing for the several beginners on my team.

3. The first several games were heavily based on team strategy and our team of mostly beginners was no match to the experienced opposing team. The last several games had less to do with strategy. These last games should have been played first to allow beginners to learn the map.

4. The sound system the moderators used to relay important game information was muffled, and very difficult to hear while playing. They might as well not have said anything over the sound system at all.

5. On the first floor of the arena there were several small 1-2” steps which several members of our party tripped on.

6. Finally, our moderators didn’t monitor cheating well. Many of my opponents and a couple teammates (in a different party) manipulated their sensors to the back of their headband to make it substantially difficult to shoot them. Several opponents also blind fired frequently, and didn’t hold their gun with 2 hands, per the rules. Furthermore, in game mode Last Man Standing, once you died you were instructed to meet at the scoreboard which was an area still in play. Our opponents created a large human shield of dead players around their last player with several moderators watching. The moderators didn’t call this out as cheating or make any effort to deter the behavior.

In summary, your game experience is at the mercy of your moderators. Points are based on their discretion and it can be unclear how points are awarded. I would recommend iCombat over CMP. ICombat is much more organized, controlled, structured and fair. Until CMP steps up their game and the moderators learn to intervene, and speak more clearly and with kindness to their customers, CMP is second fiddle to iCombat.
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Apologies for the very late response. We didn't see this at all until now. Nonetheless, I'd like to provide some answers: 1. Yes red dots are going to be off center for most players. That's because the placement depends on the shoulder groove of the person sighting it in. It will however always be aligned with the actual laser. If it isn't registering you can always let a referee know and we'll test things out and/or get you a new one asap. We sight in our guns very often, but sometimes one can take a particularly hard hit in the right spot that might make it off. As I said, if you suspect this, let us know. 2. We have in the past had some complaints about referees being condescending and we dump them as quickly as we can, we just have to know about it. Customer service and fun is our number one priority and that starts with our team. We make sure they're top notch, so if you run into one that isn't please email us afterwards to let a manager know. 3. I don't know what session you were in, but we do actually plot out the games for least strategy and easiest to learn first and most strategy last. That general playlist has no changed, so I'm not sure what may have happened in your session if that wasn't followed. I've never heard of our referees deviating that much from the playlist. We start with King of the Hill, which is a game that people can get the lay of the land and learn things first. Next we go to Sabotage, which introduces some team strategy, but is fairly non-complex. You just shoot a box. Or you defend it. Then comes Heist, which is an easy prop but can take more team strategy. After that we play Search and Destroy, which is the most intense strategy-wise. Now the bigger problem is a team of beginners vs a team of experienced players. This should absolutely NEVER happen. We have rules against this sort of thing and only allow it if the players themselves begged for it to happen. Usually what we do is split every group in two so that we have experienced split evenly and new players split evenly, too. That also helps with demographics and making sure it isn't a really old team vs a really young one. If this happened I sincerely apologize, because that is not how we do things. 4. We've had intermittent issues with the sound system, which just happens with equipment. You may have come in at a band time, but it should be fixed now. It'll never be perfect in every area of the arena, but it should be good now. That said outside of "This game begins in 3...2...1... and Game Over" we don't use the system. When explaining we stand in front of the players and talk at a high volume 5. This is part of the building itself and unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do. I'll make sure we've marked things off better, though. 6. This is definitely not what we want happening. We train our referees to be sticklers especially with cheating. I apologize profusely if this was your experience. It's been a long time since you came in, so I can't really find out which referees were on and make sure they're disciplined and/or let go, but I can guarantee you our team now is not like this. Points are also not awarded at discretion of the referee. Each game has set rules on how many points can be awarded and how. You can always ask how many points a game is worth if you're not clear on it. It really sounds like you had a new or inexperienced referee that I'm fairly certain didn't or wouldn't last long with us. It's unfortunate and I really apologize for that. I'd love to find out when you came in and offer another try on the house. Please email me at with information about when you came in.
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Tommie J
Blue Island, United States35 条分享
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2018年9月 • 家庭
Took my girl and son to this lazer tag. I REALLY ENJOYED seeing my son and girl have so much fun. We met some children from a school, both boys and girls, and they had fun. They can really shoot, lol. This is outstanding and I will be back with more
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Clint B
伊利诺伊州Manhattan74 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2017年3月 • 好友
Fun was had by all in my group. 99% male, ages ranging from pre-school to old men. The course was nice and spacious as a 26-year old (so it must be absolutely gigantic to a little kid) Lots of rules to remember though, even as an adult. We wished rounds were longer with less missions & rules (and more free-for-all lazer tagging). Overall, worth the money; would do again.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥6 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
2016年7月 • 家庭
This was my second time there with my sons and a group of their friends. We went to the one in Frankfort. First time was awesome. This second time...meh.

It was July and their air conditioning was broke!!! It was Sooo hot it was horrible. Too make it worse, they have no water fountains. Then, they had the audacity to charge for water. Ok, i get selling drinks is a money maker, but when YOUR equipment breaks and I am paying good money to play, they should at least compensate with 1 free bottle of water.
Also, Unfortunately, the group leader did not do a fair job at dividing experienced players up. They were all on one team and our group was kind of frusterated.
Usually, a good time. But, this particular experience was very
If going in the summer: call ahead to be sure air is working, always bring your own water and speak up to your instructor to be sure you get a fair division within your groups.
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Hello Jennifer, I'm really happy your first time at our location was awesome. That's the experience we strive for. I want to thank you for the honest feedback about your second time here, though. Yes our air conditioning isn't working and we absolutely shouldn't charge for water. We will be offering water throughout all our summer sessions effective immediately. This is something we were going to implement when the A/C went down, but somewhere along the line we failed and dropped the ball. I won't let this linger any longer though. Next time you come in during the summer, your thirst for battle and for water will be quenched! I'd also like to hear more about which session you were in and how the teams were split. Our policy is that our referees NEED to split the experienced people evenly and if they're not doing that we want to hear about it and note which session and which referees were in. If you could, feel free to email me at and let me know when you came in so I can look into that. I'd also like to send some free session cards your way as a thank you for bringing these things to our attention and to make sure you have the great experience you paid for. Thank you again! It's concerned customers like you that help make us the best we can be. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Trevor Koenigs
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密歇根沃伦1 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2016年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We decided to try this while in Illinois and I am so glad we did! Very fun and it gets your heart pumping. We were given a chance to reschedule while in town because there were not enough people to play on the night we reserved. Very helpful and friendly staff!
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加利福尼亚旧金山94 条分享
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2016年3月 • 好友
Been here twice now. Loved it. The tactical twist on laser tag makes all the difference between a regular laser tag experience and this one. Love that the play time is so long (an hour or so). Love that it is a two leveled playing field with places to climb. The games are so well executed and thought out and impressive with the props they use. My only negative is that the staff is a little unfriendly or elitist feeling. If you can shrug that off I absolutely recommend this place! Book with friends, split teams evenly with experience and have fun! Can't wait to try the outdoor location where you can run and play different games! Will be back.
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伊利诺伊州Kankakee1 条分享
2.0 分,共 5 分
2015年12月 • 家庭
I have been to a few other laser tag facilities. The arena is good. Facilitated our registration quickly. I booked the event ahead of time thinking that we would be alone and got the discounted rate. We were not, which was not a big deal at first. Just try to make sure that all players have the same experience or level of play. Unfortunately, there were "members" that joined the other team and made it very unenjoyable for not just our team, but the other team members unexperienced players. Would only return if private sessions. Montgomery, IL has a better facility.
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Arick H
伊利诺伊州Mokena1 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2015年11月 • 好友
It was a lot of fun, it'd unlike any other laser tag. The best way to describe it is a video game in real life. The only downside was that our ref, Glenn, was unfair. Our team had a regular player who timed our matches. The ref cut us short 30 seconds in one round so our team got no points. He also said that we took 1:30 to complete an objective but it actually took us 45 seconds. He did this because we had a regular on our team, to make it "More competitive". Even though the ref threw our games, it was still very enjoyable.
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