Hegeler Carus Mansion
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Jaci C
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My husband and I loved this tour! Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the family and the home. It was obvious she truly loved this old home. Even though the house is in a state of disrepair, and is an ongoing project, you can almost see it in it's once magnificent grandeur. A must see for all lover's of old homes!
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Jim H
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Our guide was professional and informative. Beyond that, it was just average- nothing special! Maybe, living in Europe, I'm spoiled with actual history. I lived in La Salle as a child and adolescent and I learned nothing new today that I didn't know 35 years ago about the mansion. Julius W. Hegeler I Home is located across the street from the mansion.
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Taylor B
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In our travels, my wife and I love to visit old homes, especially mansions that date to the antebellum era and the Gilded Age. One of the biggest isn't located in Newport or Natchez. It is the Hegeler Carus Mansion in LaSalle, Illinois. Located at 1307 Seventh Street, it was completed in 1876 and is one of the Midwest's great Second Empire structures. Designed by noted Chicago architect William W. Boyington, who designed the Chicago Water Tower and completed the Illinois State Capitol, it was built for Edward C. Hegeler, a partner in the Matthiessen Hegeler Zinc Company. Later, Hegeler launched the Open Court Publishing Company to provide a forum for the discussion of philosophy, science and religion and hired the German scholar Dr. Paul Carus to serve as managing editor. The company was located on the first level of the house. Carus married Hegeler's daughter and the couple raised seven children in the mansion, where Carus wrote seven books. The 16,000-square-foot mansion has seven levels and 57 rooms. August Fiedler designed the interior with a unique parquet floor and a hand-painted ceiling for each room. Carus died in 1919 and his wife lived in the house until her death in 1936. Afterward, the house was occupied mainly by their children. In 2001, its sole resident was 99-year-old Alvin Carus, He died in 2004. The house, which is open for public tours, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥6 条分享
Off the charts as being informative...great staff and history...the history of the famiuly is inspiring...
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Jogyver .
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My wife and I took the short tour during memorial weekend. We were so intrigued we had to see more. So we came back and took the extended tour. Tricia was our amazing guide who has so much in depth knowledge and made the tour quite fun. What was really great is it was just the wife and I . That was awesome. This place has history. This place was built in 1876 . The family’s kept just about everything. Letters ,magazines,journals etc. from over 128 years. My wife read one letter dated July 1911 were the one son was explaining the Wright bros biplane at a nearby event. The accumulation of items was also amazing. Keep in mind these wonderful people are currently restoring this mansion. They are reviewing and cataloguing all documents, papers ,ledgers, Christmas cards etc.. Amazing dedication and patience in their efforts. I highly recommend the extended tour guided by Tricia. Go on this tour with an appetite to absorb lots of Americana history. If you leave this tour without truly learning the history of this mansion you’re obviously not listening to the guide. Thanks Tricia …. We will be back again to see more historical treasures .
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2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We took the general tour and immensely enjoyed the experience. Our tour guide Trisha was utterly outstanding. She knew so many granular details that brought the house alive. We only skimmed the surface with our 1 hour tour but I hope to come back for the full house tour at some point.
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Cindi G
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We took the full house tour, I love to tour old homes and we try to find one on vacation every year. We have toured homes from Newport RI to Florida, Duluth to Seattle. I truly felt this home was not ready to show. First the good, our tour guide was extremely enthusiastic, which I think gave us the false sense we should also be excited. Now the things we were disappointed in. Walked up to the building and noticed the outdoor Grand staircase was crumbling and there were beam supports holding up the front of the house. We went in through the back door and were greeted by peeling paint and crumbling walls which continued through much of the house. We started in the attic which was piled with broken furniture (think hoarder house), The floor had Xs made with tape that we were told not to walk on as the floor wasn't stable. Many rooms were full of white cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling, others full of moldy papers and moldy magazines stacked to the ceiling. There were some rooms on the main floor that were slightly fixed up, but nothing special. The parquet floors were very damaged and the hand painted ceilings they advertised had been painted over and just a small square had been restored. Several of the bedrooms had been made into offices for staff which added to the feeling of it not being a home. The basement was full of boxes of old bottles with jars from the recent past mix in, example herring jars and trash. The gym was a little more interesting except for the fact that the wall at one end was collapsing so that end was cordoned off. I do not understand the 5 star ratings. Definitely not worth the $100. price tag!
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密歇根Big Rapids21 条分享
What a wonderful mansion. The tour was very educational and interesting. Tricia was very helpful and got us started with tour information and basics prior to purchasing. She is full or enthusiasm and knowledge of the home. Brian was our tour guide the next day and did a wonderful job. It certainly wasn't a "canned" tour. The restoration that has taken place is amazing, and the history and life in the mansion is so interesting. Everything is really theirs belongings left behind, The mansion was passed between owners, so it is really true to the mansion. The wood work and wood is truly beautiful. A very interesting life style they had.
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Maryann O
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We took the general tour that surely wet our appetites for the whole house tour to be taken during our next visit to Lasalle IL. We were blown away by the house that was breathtaking and a little scary! Our tour guide, Tricia, really knew her stuff and made the tour ever so interesting, especially information about the family that lived there. Fascinating stuff! Now I want to know more!
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密苏里圣路易斯281 条分享
If you like touring old houses, that seem to be caught in a time warp, you will like this house and the tour. Be sure to book on-line ahead of time as they are limiting the number of people on each tour. That being said, you spend an hour or so walking through the first two floors of this mansion. The tour guide does a great job keeping things moving, and doesn't get bogged down in questions (you can ask questions at the end of the tour). We enjoyed this tour, and are looking forward to going back and taking the extended tour later in the year. Not really the kind of tour young children would appreciate, so keep that in mind...
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