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2022年3月 • 好友
Had a wonderful experience visiting this spa late at night. I had never been to a spa before, but everyone was extremely friendly and comfortable with nudity in the pools, so you feel very relaxed. The workers there are incredibly hard working and spend long hours on scrubs and cleaning the place constantly. I cannot thank Suzy enough for how at ease and cleansed she made me feel.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥9 条分享
I've been here more times than I can count. First time was when I first moved to Chicago: that was way back in 2012.

Ten years later, though prices have, expectedly, increased (tips were even once included with massage and other services, believe it or not), I can safely say that I've seen the same high level of service and sanitation standards from every employee at the place (with maybe one exception that I can think of) every single time that I've visited.

Plenty of other reviews cover the nudity aspect, and what a visit to a Korean sauna entails, so I thought I'd offer some perspective as a long-time frequent visitor.

There aren't a lot of spaces in the American lifestyle where people (especially certain people) can just relax, exist, and be human outside of their homes. The 24 hour admission sauna experience gives you a chance to experience that.

You'll have everything you need: bathing, food, entertainment (they have a small movie theater full of big plush reclining chairs). Yes, you can sleep there too and there is nothing more refreshing than waking up after an afternoon or evening of soaking, steaming, and sweating and dipping into the fresh morning water (the tubs are emptied and cleaned every night).

I've done the massages, scrubs, and V-steam treatments. I prefer receiving massage bookended with good soaks to some of the other places where you don't really have the option to soak or even take a pause and drink some water. The scrubs leave your skin baby smooth and supple. V-steam: honestly, it was a bit of a phase for me, but I did find that it released certain creative emotions, whether because of the symbolic nature of it or the treatment itself.

Bottom line: I cannot recommend this place enough! The only thing I would suggest is saving the chattiness and loud conversations for after your visit, as most people are there to unwind and have a bit of peace and quiet.
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2021年12月 • 家庭
I wish for no music -silence in the Spa is Golden! People come here to relax, escape from noise, rushing, stress and are encouraged to quiet their voices, please lead by example:)
I visited with my nice teen (16) kid of oposite gender then I, the staff did not allow us in , saying the teen must be accompanied by a (same gender) parent?? There is no policy on their website regarding that, I was ready to sign the waiver, trusting my kid's intelligence and common sense to follow rules and stay safe in "wet" area of the Spa.
I wish the staff (owners) were more flexible and used good judgment.
Otherwise very pleasant, clean place to relax!
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥2 条分享
2021年8月 • 独自旅游
Poor customer service. I purchased a birthday gift card for my mom online and called to give them her name to insure that when she came, there would be no problems like there were when I got her a gift card last year. Well, when she went today and gave them both of our names, they said that they couldn’t find either name and made her pay for her services which obviously defeats the point of a gift card. I called to speak with a manager and the front desk person who answered the phone was rude and REFUSED to give me his name and I asked several times and REFUSED to let me speak to a manager or give me their name. As a longtime customer, I am disappointed with this low, intolerable level of professionalism. He argued with me, told me my name wasn’t in the system repeatedly and when he found it by getting my confirmation number, didn’t apologize. He was combative, unprofessional and disrespectful. I will be calling until I can speak with a manager or the owner. Do better, King Spa!
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Maya s
1 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
you are over 250 lb don’t waist your time they will not perform any service on you. They will fat shame you and make you feel unwelcome if your fat
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥209 条分享
Great, as always, body scrub - King scrub was fantastic! Entry fee only $35, when using a King Spa coupon from website. Hot tubs all very nice and clean, good number of people for a Thursday. The sauna were great, my favorite still is the oxygen room., felt good for two days. Good rule following, some of the customers did not know to shower before the hot tubs, and after using the steam room. Food was good also. Staff was very nice as usual. I received a free VIP pass for next time.
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Raymond R
4 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
My favorite place to visit when traveling to Chicago. I recommend going . Very relaxing. Yes there is nudity but get over it. Womens side locker room naked and mens side locker room naked. Just like in school. The co ed is fully clothed. They have so many massage treatments and their food is amazing. Not like your local asian food. Also have a mini movie theater. Also they do speak english contrary to what rude people say on here. Ive been here over 8 times and never had a bad experience. Some customers are just rude.
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Meghan B
威斯康星伯洛伊特8 条分享
2021年3月 • 好友
My friends and I had the BEST day yesterday at the king spa. From the moment you enter it’s relaxing and staff is very friendly. As a plus size women I was nervous at first about being nude but that quickly changed with how welcoming everyone is. No judgment. We will absolutely be back! Can’t wait to try out the different services. I recommend the full body scrub!
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This is a detailed account of a Tuesday evening visit n October 2020. I've been to King Spa & Sauna in the past and had a great experience but this was my first time returning since the pandemic started. I hope others who are considering whether or not they are ready to return or want to try them out for the first time will find this helpful so I've tried to outline my experience so others can know what to expect.

When walking in, a no-contact thermal temperature reading is taken immediately upon entering, to check nobody who comes in the building has a fever. The receptionist is behind a newly-constructed acrylic partition. To address other reviews that mentioned a problem with reception, I found he spoke perfect English with a minimal accent and we had no trouble communicating, He just wanted to ensure I knew the steam room and hot/cold pools were closed due to safety right now. Then I was given a locker key and headed back to the women's locker room. Per Korean custom and for hygiene reasons, everyone removes shoes before you go enter. The attendant who signs you up for those wishing a body scrub or v-steam is also behind a partition and I was greeted and then pointed to grab my spa attire from the shelf.

The locker area seemed very clean and everyone, patrons and staff, was wearing masks. They also sold masks for $1 if you forgot yours or if you need another like if it got wet or something. After leaving clothes and my bag in the locker, took a quick shower. I kept my cloth mask on right up until actually turned on the water and it seemed others were doing about the same. Social distancing was in place in the shower area with less than half of them being open so plenty of space. The scrub area was also very spread out between the tables and everyone was wearing masks there too.

Clawfoot-style soaking tubs were set-up in the back of the wet room behind where the empty soaking pools were. It took about 3 minutes to fill it half-way and I got in for a soak with steaming hot water (my preference, you can set it for whatever you like). Signs instructed not to scrub there, just use for soaking. It was super relaxing and while not as good as a soak in their pools or steam room, it felt great. I drained the tub and then rinsed off one more time before changing and headed to the dry sauna coed area. I also brought a pair of clean socks from home, something which is permitted to be worn, and they also sell foot covers that can purchase if you really prefer to not go barefoot. Usually, after getting a massage and sweating a little in the dry saunas, I shower again before I change into my clothes to head home. So I think that unless you're sticking your foot in your mouth or touching your feet a bunch and then your face, it's pretty minimal risk to get a virus through your feet.

It wasn't too busy at all, so after some dry sauna time, I had a fabulous massage. She found knots I didn't even realize after not getting a massage in months and working at home hunched over a laptop had really taken a toll. Theen more dry sauna time and if the kitchen hadn't been about to close, I probably would have ordered a snack. The food area seemed to have less than half the tables as it normally would and they were very spread out. In every sauna, I was either alone or had one other person in the room. I kept on my mask out of caution, even for the massage, and found it wasn't too bad but I had the option to remove it if I preferred. The lounge areas all had areas marked off for social distancing and it felt more spacious in general and very open.

The only person that I saw during my entire visit not adhering perfectly with mask weearing and social distancing was one cleaning person who had let her mask slip down so her nose was out. And another time I walked into the locker room and the same person had her mask dangling from an ear while moving dirty linens. Each time I was about 20+ feet away and it was a total of maybe 2-3 people total in a locker area that could easily accommodate 10 times that amount. So this seems likely a shortcoming of one individual employee as the other 99% of the employees and all the patrons seemed to be adhering the entire time. I'm sure if I felt the need to speak up, she would have accommodated but it was like 10pm at this point and basically empty, so I just avoided her.

While some may not be ready or able to return to an indoor spa experience, I found it just hit the spot. As a busy mom who works full time, this provided a much-needed time away to relax and unwind. If there was ever a time for stress relief options, it is now, and I felt comfortable with the risk I was assuming and felt the benefits outweighed it.
The place felt clean overall and despite some changes, it was still a very enjoyable experience and all the staff I encountered were friendlky and accommodating as always. Going at an off day/time helped my apprehension about safety and I could avoid others for the most part while still enjoying my visit.
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dani m
1 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
I've been coming here for a long time and I've always had great experience but today was not the same. The staff was awfully rude and disrespect towards me, telling me I was lying and not being friendly like usual. After this unexpected experience I will not be coming back, I am very disappointed in how they have treated me- a long time costumer.
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