Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens
上午10:00 - 下午4:00
上午10:00 - 下午4:00
上午10:00 - 下午4:00
上午10:00 - 下午4:00
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Ellen B
威斯康星Hortonville690 条分享
We recently toured the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens Butterfly Experience. What a lovely way to spend a morning! An orchid show had recently wrapped up, but many of the orchids remained. They were beautiful! We visited with our daughter-in-law and grandchildren, they absolutely loved communing with the koi. They had so much fun! All of the volunteers were very helpful, and were very informative about the butterflies. The kids actually were more excited by the koi, but it was fun to try to get a butterfly to land on one of the little sponge-tipped sticks (soaked in Gatorade). The experience was very well organized.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥6,231 条分享
I was visiting Rockford as a daytrip on a Monday, and stopped at the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens parking lot to access the Riverfront Bike Trail. To my pleasant surprise, I found the Conservatory & Gardens to be a lovely place to explore by walking. The Conservatory was closed (closed on Mondays), but the rest of the Gardens are open for free exploration. There are a variety of attractive features in the Gardens including the lagoon, the rose garden (in full bloom in August) and several small fountains and waterfalls. A pair of white swans and several ducks were living in the lagoon. The Floral Clock is a beautiful centerpiece. Plants and trees are meticulously labeled so a visit here is very educational.

In sum, a visit to the awesome Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens is well worth the effort, even if one misses going inside the Conservatory. Many nice places to take pictures and neat paths for strolling leisurely. I only wish they had signs saying no bike riding on the garden paths; a few bikes marred the calm atmosphere in the Gardens.
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伊利诺伊州奥罗拉609 条分享
2021年5月 • 好友
I went for the butterfly exhibit. I've been to butterfly wonderland in Arizona so I was kind of expecting that but it was very small compared to that. However that wasn't a deal breaker. The conservatory was small but very nicely laid out. Make sure you go outside and explore the rest of the grounds because they are beautiful.

As for the butterfly exhibit the movie was informative as was the next part where you can see actual cocoons. The exhibit itself was small but they give you Gatorade soaked sponge sticks so that you can attract butterflies. I had about 3-4 on my stick throughout the time in the exhibit.
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印第安那南本德3,488 条分享
I'll start by saying the Rockford Parks website isn't user friendly. They ask odd questions that you have to fill in to even get to where the tickets are shown. Since we are still doing timed entrances, it's best to plan ahead and order tickets online (or call). The website was asking for "departure" times and things like that. The site needs work.
All that said, it was a really good visit. In order to get in, you buy tickets for the butterfly experience (in my case). When our group is ready, we are taken into large room to watch a video about butterflies. After the video, we go into a smaller room with displays and we actually saw where they have the chrysalis and cocoons hanging. It was all pretty interesting.
We then head into the butterfly exhibit were we are given a stick and sponge with a substance they like on it. I had one or 2 butterfly on my stick the whole time in there.
After the butterflies, you can walk around the rest of the conservatory and check it out. It's not very big, but it is very pretty and well done. Having been to the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI, it's what I compare these places to. It is not on the same level as Meijer, but my overall experience here was excellent. The whole thing lasted about an hour.
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Lynn and Rich
威斯康星日内瓦湖141 条分享
What a beautiful place, so clean and inviting. The 'movie' and subsequent talk about moths and butterflies and their stages of growth was so interesting, we were so happy to have Lyndi be our instructor. The conservatory is beautiful, labeled well and easy to navigate. The butterfly house was a treat, really a thrill to have the critters land on you and see them up close and personal. Jim, the docent, was also so educating. It was a great venue.
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Kristine K
120 条分享
We just went to see the butterfly event. We were pleasantly surprised with a video which provided background information about the exhibit, and a visit to the "birthing hotel" as well as the actual enclosure to see the live butterflies. The docents & staff were fabulous. The conservatory itself is rather small, but a true gem within this community. Easy access into the building from parking lot. Parking is immediate available and there is an area to drop off guests. Restrooms clean and accessible. A few steps within the conservatory, but navigable. If possible try and get over to see the butterfly event - reservations required and was easy to do on-line. Once done within the building, walk around the grounds or stroll along the Rock River on the Bike Path - the area will be changing as spring & summer roll in, so will all the outdoor flowers. Enjoy!
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John O
佛罗里达克利尔沃特45 条分享
I went on a mild November day, unsure if it would be worthwhile. The location is right along the river with a walking / bicycle trail parallel to it. Inside the conservatory was very beautiful and informative. The entry fee was reasonable. Being from Florida, I recognized many of the plants and trees. A better time to visit would be summer when the outdoor rose garden is in bloom. Still, a great attraction, especially if you like to walk around and browse the grounds. Many nice places to take pictures, and benches to sit and take it all in.
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rita l
威斯康星Cambridge64 条分享
Friends traveling thru Rockford ask “what is there to do in Rockford. I had to think a minute and of course Nicholas Conservatory came to mind. If you don’t have a specific event to come to, I was at a loss having lived here all my life. But Nicholas and Sinnissippi Gardens are spectacular to see any time of the year. Always something going on and displays and lights, butterflies, birds, the indoor gardens and outdoor gardens and it is right along the Rock River with a path that goes for miles.
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Gail D
伊利诺伊州Prospect Heights94 条分享
2020年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful out door gardens with several koi ponds. Located next to a walking path along the Sinnissippi River.
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德克萨斯州Cleburne2 条分享
We went Christmas eve and saw the lights. they put lights of different colors on the trees and all over. Its really pretty we took lots of pictures.. It was cold but that did not stop us from taking pics and having a good time... Its great for families and couples... There were so many people there it was very crowded as well... You could spend money on the inside and buy hot cocoa and see an additional light show... We did not do that..
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