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10 条点评

Elaine E
21 条分享
2018年2月 • 家庭
The kids were excited to bounce, run and play. It was a fun way for a few eight year old to get some exercise on a cold winter day.
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Pawan K
Uk8 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
we had a perfect birthday party at Jumpzone Schaumbaurg. Ben , the manager, is very nice person and very cooperative. All the arrangements were perfect and kids had a wonderful time. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to organize birthday party there.
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Jamie T
Maywood, Illinois, United States18 条分享
2016年8月 • 家庭
This was our 1st & last visit to this location. For starters, we were misinformed by the customer service rep and once we arrived at the location, the mgr was unapologetic. He never attempted to resolve my issue and disregarded my complaint. We will not be returning, ever.
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伊利诺伊州绍姆堡4 条分享
2016年2月 • 家庭
My kid makes new friends every time he is there. Website states for ages 2-12. I wouldn't let a child under 2 on the inflatables in the first place. 12 is a bit old to be on these with younger children but I have never run into a problem. I personally like going during the weekdays in the mornings. Very few people on the equipment. But last time I was there only a few kids were running around and my 4 year old son was very upset. He loves a crowd. So i'll have to take him back on the weekend. Really great place for kids to get a real workout. As parents you might be bored but if you're like me, you'll just love seeing your child have fun. I wouldn't plan on eating there. Doesn't look too good. But that's not what this place is for. There are different locations and I recently found out they all have different inflatables. We'll get to the others soon enough. Hours are limited during week. Check out the website for "open play" before you head there. Have fun!
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Gramma A
伊利诺伊州巴拉汀17 条分享
2015年4月 • 好友
Pizza was loved by the grandkids and okay for us. We take the little ones there fairly often, especially in the winter when there isn't much else to do. Kids love jumping and we enjoy watching and having a snack or some pizza.
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1 条分享
2014年9月 • 家庭
I had my son's 7th birthday at Jumpzone. They are very flexible on meeting our needs for the party (time, rooms and food). My guests (parents) love the place. Kids didn't want to leave and had so much fun. It is clean, spacious and love the sound system! Our assigned party coordinator (Mark) and the other staff were fantastic. They know what they are doing and made sure I got what I need. Overall my son was very happy on his birthday and wants to go back here again.
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johnalea b
俄亥俄Centerville25 条分享
I won't go back! Won't let all my kids play even though we were there first and 30 mins before everyone else... it says age restrictions on website but I didn't look there for info I only looked here :-( my fault I guess and we drive 5.5 hours to get there and would only be using the facility for a hour.... won't go back
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Zsolt J
伊利诺伊州绍姆堡1 条分享
2013年2月 • 家庭
We had our daughter's bday party recently and the management is very friendly and the kids had a blast. We had full access to our own private room and I was allowed to bring my own appetizers too! Pizza is excellent from Papa Saverios. Highly recommend it to anybody looking for a well run family owned party place.
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伊利诺伊州德斯普兰斯3 条分享
2012年12月 • 家庭
Well, not sure where to start. We just had my sons birthday celebration at Jump Zone. Everything was going great, the kids loved the inflatables. Everyone was having a good time, kids playing and adults talking. The pizza came and the food was good. My sister noticed 2 birthday cards were missing from a gift bag. A neighbor noticed a card was missing on the gift they brought. We started to dig deeper. All the cards were missing. I ask our Hostess for the room, was anyone in the room, hostess states 2 ladies and a man was in there. I start to interrogate her. She goes to the bathroom to check for the cards and she she finds one in the feminine holder. My niece goes to inspect the stalls and doesn't see anymore. I go to the manager and say we have a problem and to call the police. He does not want to do that. At this point I know one card is missing with cash in it, don't know what is in the other cards. I call the police and they send an officer. I ask about the people she stated she saw in the room, she cannot place them and is getting very nervous the police were called. Mysteriously 3 more cards surface from hostess. She states she found them in the feminine holder, but my niece already checked there. My sister starts interrogating her, hostess is shaky and very nervous. The police question her and take my statements. I ask the owner, how long has she been an employee - 2 weeks Did you conduct a background - not yet.... WHAT? We have kids in this establishment and you have not conducted background check?? Pedophiles, felons, thief's, drug addicts??? I ask about surveillance cameras - none..... So what have I learned that I can pass on for your child's next party:
- Ask about the staff and polices, do they conduct background checks when, how long is the tenure of employees and manager. Do they have anyone with a criminal history
- What is the protocol and policy if an emergency or other issue happens
- Always keep someone you know from your party in the room with gifts and personal items
-Take charge is somethings happens, if I did not call the police I do not think the owner would have.

If you have had an issue at this location where something went missing - please contact the Schaumburg Police. I saw a poster of a lost IPod near the party rooms.....
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Ridgefield, CT4,882 条分享
2012年7月 • 家庭
It was our granddaughters birthday and it was held at the Jump Zone. The staff was extremely helpful. The room was ready when we arrived. They assigned one girl as the person to coordinate our party and she set up the room, served and cleaned up! The kids went crazy! They were children set free in a candy shop only this was a jump zone! they didn't know what to jump on first. For the little children there are two attractions that don't require much climbing. For the older they can climb and slide and jump to their hearts' content. They had about 75 minutes of jump time and had really worked up an appetite. Pizza was served and almost everyone ate everything on their plate. The rooms are nicely decorated and colorful. It was a wonderful experience for us the onlookers and for the kids!
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