Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
Hollywood Casino Amphitheater


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Karissa D
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2023年8月 • 好友
This venue is confusing. I did my best to research before attending the Simple Plan/Sun 41/Offspring concert, so we were prepared for the traffic and wait times. We decided to purchase the EZ out parking for $80. There were no directions on where to find that parking ahead of the show, so we asked a parking attendant. We were told incorrect information multiple times, so we spent 30+ minutes just finding where we needed to go. EZ parking is in entrance 1, and the Gold, Premier and other upgrades are entrance 2. I would DEFINITELY recommend buying a parking upgrade, and do it ahead of the show. EZ parking the day of was $140. It took us 5 minutes exit the show.

I saw LOTS of people recommending to not walk, and I would have to agree. Walking to the show didn’t seem too bad but walking home in the dark after people had been drinking seemed dangerous. Uber/ride shares had a designated pickup and drop off in entrance 2. Looked quick and easy! There were a lot of cops and attendants helping direct traffic, which made for things to flow as quickly as they could.

The venue overall was nice, lots of drink and food options. Prices were typical for a concert. The women’s bathroom was clean through the whole show, lots of stalls so waiting wasn’t ever too long.
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Darlene M
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2023年7月 • 独自旅游
VIP baby.! The best VIP experience I've ever had. Beautiful bar area. Best, close parking spot one could have. The theater sound was amazing! Best outdoor music experience ever,.
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Bret S
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We've been to more concerts than we care to count from Elton John to Metallica, but this venue was ridiculously loud. The acoustics on the inside are horrendous. All I could hear was static in my left ear and that was WITH foam ear plugs. I can't imagine the pain that people were putting up with, who didn't have any hearing protection. I was exposed to it for 15 minutes before I called it quits and couldn't take anymore. We left after the 3rd song and when I went to bed that night, I still had ringing in my ears.

That was WITH FOAM PLUG hearing protection.

I will never return to this venue.
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印第安那Lowell44 条分享
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Recently there for a 3 Doors Down concert. Lawn was closed, so pavilion only. Paid $40 for Premier Parking and arrived early and that was a good choice. We were outta there in like 5 minutes. I was amazed. Place is nice, big. Long rows for seating. Padded chairs. The con, of course, is the concession prices. And quality can be iffy. Beer is $15. Wife tried the nachos with brisket. It obviously was sitting, even though we were in when the gates opened. We bought it at the normal concession rather than the dedicated nachos booth (same thing) so maybe that was an issue. I wanna say that was around $12. I had the cheeseburger/fries and it was good ($14). Since the nachos were underwhelming, we picked up Trejo's Tacos. This stand is within the seating area, so not out by the concessions. We had the beef barbacoa tacos, 3 street tacos for $12. They were fine. Can be pricey for tickets, of course, with Live Nation/Ticketmaster. I had free tickets ($50/ea), Section 103 FF 5/6. View was great there. One off from center section, so not way off on the side.
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Dan L
伊利诺伊州芝加哥58 条分享
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2023年5月 • 好友
Same issue as hundreds of others. We left to arrive before Janet was to take the stage for what should have been a 2 mile/5 minute drive. Instead of seeing the show we were gridlocked in traffic for over 2.5 hours. Couldn’t even turn around to go home.

It was chaos. We saw people getting out of their cars to relieve themselves along the side of the road because we were at a standstill for so long.

By the time we got to venue the police wouldn’t let anyone park or drive near the theater, saying the lots were at capacity.

Waste of money, babysitters we arranged for, and a terrible let down. I would not go back to this venue. If you do, you probably need to camp out in order to get there early enough for a parking spot because the organization of parking is so bad.

Never have I seen such terrible event organization. The venue should refund the tickets for the hundreds of people who wasted their time and money.
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Carolyn B
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2023年5月 • 好友
Terrible! Had tickets for Janet Jackson on Saturday. Waited in line for 3 hours to get into the parking lot only to be told that it was full! There was no more parking! I missed the entire concert! I will never go to anything at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater/Credit Union 1 Amphitheater again!
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When My family and I arrived, we had to wait 2 hours in line. People were cutting and doing other stuff. When we were coming up to the parking lot, the The traffic director said they were redirecting traffic. Then, we got up to the other parking lot they told us to go to. When we got up there, the traffic director yelled at us to stop. We stopped, and somebody coming from the parking lot told us that they oversold parking tickets, and the only one left was $140 parking. Im very disappointed in the disorganization of Tinley Park's Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.
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Michelle Q
伊利诺伊州芝加哥35 条分享
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2023年5月 • 好友
Went to see Janet Jackson yesterday, missed first 90 minutes of concert trying to get in and park. Sound system needs upgrade
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伊利诺伊州Beecher52 条分享
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I have been to this venue many times. This past time I was very disappointed. The price of food and beverages keep going up and the lines for the women's bathrooms are always super long (especially during busy concerts). With that being said about the bathroom issue, I noticed that men are able to go into the women's bathroom, but when women at a later point during the concert tried to use the men's bathroom security was outside letting them know they could not. I am sorry but if men are able to go into the ladies restroom them us ladies should be able to use the much less crowded men's restroom.
At least get a bunch of port a potties or something. The situation of bathroom swapping would be resolved and you would not offend some people.
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伊利诺伊州Bartlett975 条分享
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2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
My first visit and I have a few observations:

Unless you like sitting in a traffic jam, spend $40 for VIP Parking. Please do this in advance. Too many deciding at the venue to pay for it the day of the concert. Heads up, it’s $60 day of. We left just before the encore and hit I80 within five minutes. L

They are paperless. So please do everyone a favor and have your app with your ticket open on your phone BEFORE you enter security.

They are cashless. Bring either a credit or debit card. Remember your drivers license or you will not be served alcohol, regardless of your age. Hot dog $7; non-Domestic beer $15.75; Ben & Jerry’s 2-scoops $8.

The concert venue:

To my pleasant surprise, the seats are padded. Worked well until the main event when we stood for 90 minutes. Buying lawn seats mat help defer costs for your evening, but they do not stop for rain.

Be patient, there are a lots of personalities that will test your patience.

As for the sound system; when did massive bass become popular? I am into hi-fidelity and the sound needs to be more balanced. The vocals were drowned out by all of the pounding bass.

Will I go again; depends on who’s playing.
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