Tad Tayicseua
Tad Tayicseua
自然与野生动物区 • 瀑布
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比利时鲁汶517 条分享
Aan de ingang vind je een bord met de 5 watervallen op. Ze zijn genummerd dus je hoeft enkel de nummers te volgen.De wandeling op zich is al prachtig. Je moet wel over een basisconditie beschikken (dwz niet na 10 min trappen doen doodvallen). 1 waterval was niet bereikbaar (nov 19).
We hebben nog iets gedronken in het restaurant aan de ingang(waar we iemand moesten roepen want we waren de enige toeristen.
Als je alles wil zien moet je best een uur of 3-4 uittrekken als je alles op het gemak wil doen. Lijkt me niet gemakkelijk in het regenseizoen
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Yuri H
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2019年11月 • 独自旅游
At first I only wanted to make a quick stop while doing the big Paksong loop but I ended up staying two nights in the lovely guesthouse.

The waterfall hike is superb, you can reach the first three falls by doing a small hike through the jungle.
The first is just a small waterfall but the the second one is an amazing waterfall in a magical setting. There are flowers everywhere and you can make a small hike up the hill to make some pictures of the waterfall and the surrounding flora. Keep a lookout for venomous snakes though, as the wet surroundings make an excellent breeding ground for our scaly friends.
The third stop was more of a rapids section but it is a great spot to catch some sun and have a refreshing swim.

If you can you should stay at least one night in the guesthouse. It is run by a friendly Lao lady and her two helpers. They speak a few words of English but they will mostly talk Lao to the costumers, which can lead to funny reactions. The owner can sound grumpy at times but she is one of the most lovely ladies I have met during my Lao trip. They have nice rooms, a big garden and a decent amount of dishes you can choose from.

Do not miss out on this place, you will enjoy it for sure!
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英国伦敦25,876 条分享
2018年12月 • 独自旅游
I visited the area part of my Boloven platue tour.This is off the main road the road needs repair. Not developed like others for tourist but beautiful.
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泰国普吉岛491 条分享
2018年11月 • 独自旅游
The Tayicsuea Guesthouse is on what is normally considered, the “big loop trip.” Getting there is not so difficult in the dry season but the 12 km of dirt road to negotiate could be problematic in the rainy season. The people at Noy’s Motorbike Rentals in Pakse recommend not going in the rainy season. If you have time to do the Big Loop then definitely go here as it is probably the single best thing to see and do on the BOLAVEN PLATEAU. The guesthouse, although a bit expensive, is in a beautiful natural setting. The restaurant overlooks thick jungle and there is a stream with small waterfalls directly below. The waterfall trail they have set up is unrivaled in terms of a jungle hiking and waterfall sightseeing experience. I think it even surpasses the waterfalls around the Tad Fane area. Having already visited the Tad Champee, Tad Yuang, and Tad Fane on two previous occasions I decided to do the Big Loop in reverse. Instead of heading to Tad Lo, I rode directly to Tad Tayicsuea, a distance of 94 km from Pakse, and spent two nights at the Tayicsuea Guesthouse. I’m certainly glad I did because I allowed myself enough time to visit all the waterfalls in on the trail (including the big one that can be seen from the viewing platform). By doing the Big Loop in reverse I was able to ride down off the plateau to Sekong, on day three, in bright morning sunlight – as opposed to riding up the steep incline in the afternoon. The views of the remote, rugged terrain on the backside of the plateau are truly spectacular in the morning sunlight. I left Tayicsuea at 9 AM and after a slow ride, arrived in Tad Lo at 5 PM.
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東京5,887 条分享
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
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Raymond W
澳大利亚汤斯维尔4,564 条分享
2018年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Tad Tayicseua is the collective name given to 7 major (and many minor) small waterfalls in a wilderness area about 43 kilometres from the town of Paksong. It is in Paksong district and you can reach it from Paksong along a combination of paved and unpaved roads. The area is the wildest part of the 'waterfall loop' from Pakse up into the highlands, and it is here you can wander in the forest to see impressive waterfalls plunging off cliffs into lush gullies of ferns and bamboo forest.

There is a budget guesthouse complex at the site which provides bungalows, a dorm and a restaurant. We found it very charming with its scenic views, pair of pet geese and wooden cabins. The real attraction, however, is being able to walk out into the forest and enjoy waterfalls and nature in relative solitude. This is the closest you will get to an authentic nature experience while touring the area's waterfalls.

In our opinion, Waterfall 1 is the best, but you have to go down a steep earthen staircase to enjoy it. When you get to the bottom you can swim in the clear mountain water while looking up at the falls. It is worth the effort in coming here.
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