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Alma Mater(厄巴纳)

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The perfect place to take a photo when you're visiting the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A dramatic, historic statue.
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Taylor B
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For four years while attending the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, I walked past and admired the Alma Mater statue on a regular basis while navigating the walkways between the Illini Union, Main Quad, Altgeld Hall and Illini Hall. Unveiled in 1929, the sculpture was a gift by famed sculptor and Illinois alum Lorado Taft on the 50th anniversary of his graduation. Located on the corner of Green Street and Wright Street since it was moved from its original location behind Foellinger Auditorium, the space in front of Altgeld Hall is now known as Alma Mater Plaza. The statue depicts a benign and majestic woman in scholastic robes, who rises from her throne and advances a step with outstretched arms, a gesture of generously greeting her children. Behind heer stand the twin figures of Labor and Learning, joining hands in a bronze incarnation of the University's motto, "Learning and Labor." At its base, two quotes are inscribed into the granite: "To the happy children of the future, those of the past send greetings" and "Her children aries up and call her Blessed" -- Proverbs 31-28. The statue rests on a granite pedestal conceived by Charles Platt. It's prominent location at the corner of Green and Wright is the gateway to the university's sprawling campus and to Campustown, home to student-oriented shops, restaurants and bars that line Green Street.
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FiveD M
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If your a graduate of this university it is a must to get a photo with this iconic statue. However, if you are planning to do this do it early because there will be lots of others that have the same thing in mind.
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As THE symbol of the University of Illinois, the statue attracts a lot of visitors, especially during graduation week. If you are visiting, especially staying at the Illini Union, don't forget to step out and visit the statue.
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阿拉巴马塔斯卡卢萨县692 条分享
We are alum and always enjoy taking photos in front of Alma Mater. We swapped picture taking with another former student who was visiting. Illini Nation!
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Taylor B
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The Class of 2013 at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign didn't know what to do. Historically and traditionally, members of the graduating class would take photographs at the southeast corner of South Wright Street and Green Street in the heart of Campustown with a backdrop of the 13-foot-tall, 10,000-pound Alma Mater statue. But Alma Mater was missing in 2013, having been removed from its site for restoration. It was returned in the spring of 2014. A bronze statue by famed sculptor and 1879 Illinois graduate Lorado Taft, it was installed in 1929 and quickly became a beloved symbol of the university. It depicts a mother-figure wearing academic robes and flanked by two attendant figures representing "Learning" and "Labor," after the university's motto. Taft envisioned a sculpture that students could climb on and, indeed, climbing on the statue and sitting on the throne have become campus traditions. For 33 years, the statue was located on the south campus behind Foellinger Auditorium. But the Illinois Alumni Association moved Alma Mater to its current location near Altgeld Hall in 1962. Taft, whose father was the first geology professor at the university. lived for many years in Champaign at 601 East John Street, less than two blocks from Alma Mater.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥29,714 条分享
2019年5月 • 家庭
Being a graduate of the University of Illinois - Chicago Circle way back when, I was skeptical when I heard about the Alma Mater tradition from my son who was graduating with an M.B.A. at the University of Illinois - Champaign. However, once you learn of it, you can appreciate it a lot. The Alma Mater was originally conceived by Lorado Taft between 1879 and 1883, after Taft had graduated from the University of Illinois in 1879. However, it took until 1922 for the first plaster cast to be presented to the school at that year's convocation and on 11 June 1929, the statue was dedicated, but it was behind Foellinger Auditorium. In 1962, Alma Mater was moved to its present location and from August 2012 through April 2014, Alma Mater was restored to its original condition. Alma Mater, along with the attendant male & female figures stands 13 feet tall overlooking Alma Mater Plaza at the southeast corner of Green St. and S. Wright St.
The three inscriptions on the base are: front: "ALMA MATER / To thy happy children / of the future / those of the past / send greetings"; left (Green St side): "Given to the University / by the sculptor / the alumni fund / and the senior classes of / 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929."; and the right (Altgeld side): "Her children arise up and call her Blessed" Proverbs 31:28.
Now, besides its normal presence, at various times, the statue has been dressed and adorned for events, including graduations. When we were there, Alma Mater was adorned in graduation robes in honor of the Class of 2019.
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印第安那南本德238 条分享
2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Loved seeing the Alma Mater after many years away. It is so worth the stop if you're back on campus.
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Urbana, Illinois20 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
This statue is a highlight of any U of Illinois visit. Graduates wait in long lines to have their graduation picture...cap and gown...taken in front of this statue. Lorado Taft was a well known sculptor. His Abraham Lincoln is in Carle Park, Urbana by the Urbana High School. When I visited the U of I as a high school student, our tour guide said, "When a virgin walks past this statue, she'll sit down."
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Emily S
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2018年7月 • 好友
Taking a pic by Alma is a classic part of a UIUC visit experience. Don't miss out on a chance to add to your insta.
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