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印第安那Muncie864 条分享
One of my favorite places!!!
I love going to the movies and I love the whole movie going experience. This place takes it to the next level. Not only do you get to sit back and enjoy the film, but you can keep ordering food or drinks and have them brought to you.
You can also show up early and hit the bar while waiting for your room to be ready for people to sit.
They also brew their own beer, so you can sample some of their unique specials while you are there.
I really wish that this was closer because I would definitely be here a lot more.
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Sharon T
印第安那卡梅尔1 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Horrible experience. Went to the movie to relax and we were sold tickets to sit in rolling office chairs at a countertop. We were not told they were not theater seats. Go to any other theater if you want to be comfortable. I could have stayed home and watched a movie at my desk on my computer and had better seating.
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Denny B
印第安那韦恩堡1,359 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
How much more expensive can a movie and food get? If you have $$ to blow- go for it. Otherwise, go enjoy a movie at a competitive price and forget the overpriced food and service!
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Cathy Herr
印第安那卡梅尔71 条分享
Great place to combine dinner and a movie!
2019年11月 • 家庭
FLIX is a great place to see a movie and eat dinner at the same time! I had the California Chicken Club and it was delicious!! My husband had the fish tacos and said they were good but a bit spicy. Service is fantastic and seats are comfortable. You need reservations on the weekends; to get the best seats in thee upper rows in the middle, buy your tickets several days in advance!!
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印第安那Fishers32 条分享
Things to know before you go
2019年11月 • 家庭
My wife and I have attended movies at Flix many times and have been generally satisfied, but our experience last night was definitely a low point. We joined our daughter and her family for a screening of "Frozen II". They had already purchased tickets online, and we were able to purchase seats next to theirs. What we were not able to see online was that one of the seats, a "gap seat" (a seat with no pull out table in front of it, designed to allow patrons to exit their aisle without having to squeeze past everyone all the in danger of coming into contact w way to the end of the aisle), had a wholly inadequate swivel table (about 8"x16") on which to balance your food. This would be bad enough, but the swivel table puts your food in extremely close proximity to the arm of the person seated to your left, andith your (or their) sleeve all through the movie. These seats should be sold at a discount, as they lessen the enjoyment of both the meal and the movie. To compound our disagreeable experience, our waiter - who was perfunctorily polite, but seemed harried - tag teamed us with three other servers during the course of our meal/movie. At one point, we needed a second round of drinks. We called for a server. The procedure Flix has in place requires that you write your request on a pad of paper and hand it to your server. My wife could not see the pad well enough in the dark to write her request legibly. She handed the pad to me and asked me to help. I couldn't see the pad either. At this point, the server had arrived. I decided to just tell him what we wanted. "Well", he said, "you're supposed to write it on the pad". I told him I would be happy to do that if I could see the pad. He responded by pointing out that there was lighting at the front of the pull out table at my wife's seat, and yes, I would have been able to make that work had I not been pinned behind the little swivel table at my seat, which now acted as the precarious perch for my 10" pizza, and which put me at least three and a half feet away from that light. I do so enjoy being lectured on how I should make my server's job easier when I'm spending over $100 on what is essentially bar food. Thankfully, it only took twenty minutes to get that second round of drinks, and I was able to wash down my (by that point) cold pizza. Past all that, I was upsold on a 20 (rather than the standard 16) ounce pour on my beer, for a dollar extra. That would be great, had I actually gotten a 20 ounce beer. Unfortunately for Flix, I own both 16 and 20 ounce pub glasses at home, and having handled and washed them for years, I know visually which is which. Be advised of the bait and switch scam being executed here. You'll get the 16 ounce glass no matter what you order. The only thing you get by agreeing to the upcharge for a 20 ounce pour, is an extra dollar on your bill.
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印第安那Lebanon247 条分享
Unexpectedly great food
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Went to see The Lion King and was blown away by the food. Had the double cheeseburger, cooked to perfection. It was really good. But what really took me by surprise were the French fries. Outstanding!
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印第安那卡梅尔15 条分享
Nice Movie Experience
2019年7月 • 家庭
Came here in the morning at about 9:20 to see Toy Story 4. The sound quality of the theater is much better than the other one in Carmel. The screen is bigger too. I would recommend just coming here instead of the other theater in Carmel.
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Kate H
佛罗里达群村239 条分享
Might as well have good food
I think the food is good and the beer is very good. Why pay all the money for candy, popcorn, etc. when you can take the family for a meal and watch a movie?
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200 条分享
Our “go-to” local theater
2018年12月 • 家庭
We love this place. Tickets are reasonably priced and we usually go as a family once a month. You can purchase meals or just snacks and the seats are comfortable and tiered so that the person in front of you is not blocking your view. Wait staff is attentive and will come back during movie if you push you button. The beer is good, with plenty of choices.
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Peter C
德克萨斯州克尔维尔17 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
First time at a theater that serves beer and dinner. Seats were very comfortable with lots of room. The service was better than we expected. Had the fish and chips with coleslaw. The food was fresh and hot. The movie screen is large and sound system good. I would recommend this theater.
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