Ameristar Casino East Chicago

Ameristar Casino East Chicago

Ameristar Casino East Chicago
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Roxie C
印第安那East Chicago2 条分享
Smoke filled air
2021年5月 • 独自旅游
It looks pretty. You walk into the lobby and it smells like cigarettes. I asked for a smoke free room and the 11th floor smells like weed as I walked to my room. The room didn't smell like smoke until later in the night. I don't smoke and the room filled with the smell of weed and cigarettes. Must be from ventilation or people in other rooms smoking. The bedding was clean but not the comforter. It had blood stained and brown stains on it, it is a white comforter...yuck. I asked for clean bedding, I didn't get clean pillow cases so make sure you ask specifically for it. The toilet flushes and it makes noise all night. I woke up with a headache because the room smelled like cigarettes. I brought air freshener and sprayed it last night but, it is worse this morning. The bed is hard unless you like an old firm mattress. There is no complementary breakfast. And they charge you a $20 fee and a $50 deposit is added to your credit card. I booked the room directly through Ameristar.
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tony zana
1 条分享
Machines are too tight
slots are tight and the service is zero . I don't recommend it to anyone . Next time i'm going to four winds casino..
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南卡罗来纳West Columbia2 条分享
Vacation is for relaxing
2021年1月 • 家庭
STAFF: The staff here is horrible. There practice for SAFTY is fake. No disinfectant allowed for guest to clean there rooms.
The staff clean rooms with no mask. Towels are not a given so you’ll have to ask these un mask works for towels everyday of your stay. One or to people may help everyone else pretends like it’s their first day and they don’t know anything.
Not Friendly to Kids.
Pool: I took my daughter to the pool 2 days in a row. 3rd day I was stoped and locked out of the pool because of the type of flotation noodle my kid had. It’s not always what’s said it how it’s said that brings me here. I have a 4 year old she said hello to the pool Tenant and she didn’t speak I then said to my 4 year old it’s okay baby everyone doesn’t always speak the young lady in return says oh you can’t take the toys in the pool I said ma’am this isn’t a toy this is what she learning to swim on this is what her instructor is teaching her own the girl then said she had saw us previously with the noodles but didn’t stop us but she decided to stop us on today this is what pissed me off this hotel has a double standard it not people friendly or kid Friendly and they are not clean. They give out mask before going into the casino but everyone smokes and they are not disinfecting or wiping down any machine’s. NOT KID FRIENDLY.
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Gloria P
伊利诺伊州South Holland1 条分享
Machines are too tight!!! They never pay out.
2020年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Ameristar has gotten filled with greed. Their slots are EXTREMELY TIGHT!!! I'm really looking forward to the new Hard Rock Casino. Maybe they'll change their ways when they lose loyal customers.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥1 条分享
Girls day out
It would've been great if the staff wasn't so rude, I wasn't even offered a drink of any sort. HOPEFULLY my next trip if any to this casino, It goes much smoother and I actually dont leave thirsty and broke...
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Justin B
1 条分享
Rather go majestic
Hey just a head up I think got no chance in hell No Ameristar bus out the of Chinatown period just I read the reviews no Ameristar & no damn horseshoe bus so I recommend go to everybody just go rivers Casino & majestic casino just precautionary measures everyone just wear a mask in state of Illinois and Indiana slow spread.
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Joliet3 条分享
Unprofessional staff
2020年7月 • 家庭
The staff is unprofessional and rude. I booked a room for two night first night everything was fine the next daya male security guard in a car stops me tells me my children are not allowed on the property. I was confused because many of the staff saw us walking in and out of the hotel the day before with no problem so I tell him I'm going to go ask. He must of called someone because as so as I walk in a man is telling me how I can't be here with the kids. My exact words were ok nothing I can do about it but I still need to get my property out of the room when one of the staff tell me well only one of you can get your belongings cause I can't leave my kids alone.I don't need your staff telling me how to take care of my kids. He don't know how old my children are to be telling me if it's ok or not to leave my children alone in my car and it's just not his place. I leave go to the car with my children right away. The security comes back outside gets in his car pulls around by my husband who is now going back in to get our stuff .slows down when he gets by my husband giving him dirty looks come by my car starting at me. Once I was told I couldn't be there with my kids we left with no problem. I didn't need all the extra nonsense. The security guard was way out of line by come out slowing down just to give dirty looks.
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伊利诺伊州Park Ridge7,031 条分享
I was disappointed with food selections here
I stopped here only because I though they will have great food options....I was disappointed. There was no decent restaurant here. Only some fast food option and also very limited. But the view from the top level of the parking lot is amazing. Don;t park on the bottom where everyone wants to park and it is crowded. Go all the way to the top. Not only the view is here better but you can park right at the elevator/indoor escalators door.
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印第安那南本德3,234 条分享
It was alright. Showing its age.
Casino reviews are almost always tied into if the person giving the review actually won or not. I did not. The place was alright. It's no Four Winds in New Buffalo or Blue Chip in Michigan City, but we had fun. The buffet was okay. Not a must do or anything, but most things were pretty good.
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伊利诺伊州诺斯布鲁克884 条分享
One of the worst casinos in the country?
I have been to many casinos in many states all across the country and this is easily in my Bottom 5. You can tell this is a riverboat style casino because it is very narrow. Not enough space to move around comfortably. An embarrassing number of older, boring machines. Also outrageously smoky. Two people were screaming obscenities at each other at the entrance. Security was nowhere around so I hurried off. Exceptionally unpleasant environment. The only reason this property gets 2 stars instead of 1 star is their high volume of easy-to-use sports betting kiosks. They were really convenient.
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