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Ford Center(埃文斯维尔)

上午10:00 - 下午5:00
上午10:00 - 下午5:00
上午10:00 - 下午5:00
上午10:00 - 下午5:00
上午10:00 - 下午5:00
上午10:00 - 下午5:00
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Margaret Windle
1 条分享
Purses have to be left in your car.
2021年11月 • 家庭
Apparently handbags are not allowed at this venue unless they are see through. This should be publicized. I have a small handbag and have never objected to it being searched, but they insisted that I walk back to my car (4 blocks away) and leave it there. Ridiculous! Then transfer keys, money, id to my pockets.
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Dan W
1 条分享
Unfair treatment
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Went to a Blake Shelton concert last night and the security person told my wife she had to throw her purse away- because it was too large and it was slightly larger than the posted requirements, but we did not look at this before entering- that is completely on us, and taking it back to our vehicle wasn’t an option because of the No Re-entry policy, so she threw it in the trash.The frustration came when we entered into the arena and seen all of the women with hand bags larger than her’s- yet they got to keep theirs. In a world where we are trying to create equality, why was this allowed?
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Lisa D
印第安那Cayuga46 条分享
Brantley Gilbert concert
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice venue. Alcohol is pretty expensive ($15 for a beer and mixed drink) but that's to be expected at a concert. We had floor seats and the only complaint would be the seats being a little too close together. Sound quality was good. Brantley Gilbert always puts on a great show. I love that he always makes a point to give respect to our service men and women. Over all it was a good experience. Staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton next door was also a huge bonus having the breezeway connected to the Ford center was very convenient.
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Mary M
阿肯色州琼斯伯勒12 条分享
Hockey Saturday night
This is a very nice arena with comfortable chairs and a great selection of food and drinks. The atmosphere was great and we really enjoyed the game.
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Michelle L
3 条分享
Clean, good sound, drink service at your seat.
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We went for a rock concert. The sound was good. Seating was pretty comfortable. Seats more roomy than the YUM! Center in Louisville, KY. This venue did lack large screens which is disappointing. I had good seats, but sometimes like to see the screens sometimes. They needed more t-shirt vendors - had to stand in line for over a half hour to get my shirt. Prices on beer were reasonable. I liked that they came out in the stadium and sold beer so you didn't have to leave your seat to get a drink!
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Gerica S
伊利诺伊州科林斯维尔31 条分享
Will not be back.
2019年4月 • 好友
Maybe I’m spoiled being from the STL area, but I was disappointed with this venue and we actually ended up leaving early. Seating was comfortable and we had good seats, but couldn’t find anyone to help find them and we ended up in the wrong section because it’s not well marked. We just got rudely ushered to our correct seats after about 15 minutes. He didn’t seem helpful, he made it seem like we were “in trouble” or something. Bad vibes. If you walk outside for any reason, you can’t get back in even with tickets, so get your fresh air fix before going in. I thought that was a bit ridiculous and there’s not even a blocked off smoking area outside. Once you’re in, you’re trapped.
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印第安那Salem125 条分享
Great Experience!
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Went to the Ford Center in Evansville for a concert this past weekend. Really like this venue. It was small but put on a big concert. Great sound system! Easy to get to the location and 2 blocks away was free parking. All and all it was a great evening.
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Jeffrey R
印第安那Rockport14 条分享
A7X Concert
2018年1月 • 好友
Seats are comfortable. I enjoy most things about this place. Although I wouldn't put it on a list of must go places for a concert. Staying at the hotel and talking the Sky walk to the stadium was great.
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Rhonda F
印第安那埃文斯维尔25 条分享
2017年11月 • 家庭
Seating was comfortable. Staff polite and helpful. Plus side would be the elevators available. Place was pretty clean-even during a game. Bathrooms were large and clean. Enough variety going on to usually hold young grandkids attention
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Jeff K
印第安那埃文斯维尔1 条分享
terribly managed and the seating is poor
2017年11月 • 独自旅游
I would avoid coming to the ford center. there are other nice places to go outside evansville. they used to bring in bands all time.
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