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Indianapolis Zoo(印第安纳波利斯)

Indianapolis Zoo
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Mother Goad
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2022年6月 • 家庭
Indianapolis Zoo never fails to disappoint. Many months ago we renewed our membership and bought a 10 ride/feed ticket. Our children always looked forward to riding the Kombo coaster. Got in and discovered the manufacturer had changed the height requirements and our youngest was not permitted to ride. I know the zoo doesn't control the restrictions but I wish the staff would have said something before we spent so much on ride passes. The train is a joke... you see maybe a giraffe head, the vegetation is so high and thick and you get to smell the composting animal poo to highlight the conservation efforts. The sky ride is closed as much as open. Yesterday we went back because we paid for the membership and had 5 attraction tickets, and the new kangaroo exhibit opened where you can actually touch a kangaroo. What an absolute joke. They spend several minutes hyping you up about how and where to touch the kangaroo and the absolute rule to stay on the concrete path. Well there is ZERO shade on the path and kids in flip-flops were complaining about their feet burning. Guess where the kangaroo were not going. Not a single roo anywhere close enough to touch at all. We went through at 2 different times just to see if anything changed (temperature, crowd). We went to use up our ride/feeding tickets in the bird area. The budgie attendant sold us a stick and one child fed a budgie for a few seconds. We exited and went to the lorakeets. I asked the attendant to use our final ticket for the lorakeet cup. She informed me that it was 2:59pm and they stop feeding at 3pm so by the time I got inside it would be too late. She was extremely rude. There are ZERO signs indicating that there is no feeding after 3 or we would have scheduled ourselves accordingly. Do they just make this stuff up as they go along? The zoo is opened until 5. Why did the budgie attendant not say anything when I told her exactly our plan to have one feed budgies and one feed lorakeets? Also we had lunch in the cafe, very few tables with most of the room roped off for nonexistent lines, an entire side of fountains out of order. A hot dog combo, a sandwich combo, a fruit cup, a pretzel, and a drink came to $45. The animals are pretty spectacular but as zoo experiences go, this is ROCK BOTTOM of my recommendations if you have ever been to ANY other zoo EVER. If you find yourself in Indy and a zoo trip is a must do. Buy a ticket. DO NOT BUY A TAP PASS!!! You end up paying for a lot of nothing because things are opened and closed on an absolute whim. I would go in and see what is open and buy only as many tickets as you need. I don't have any recommendations for saving on food because I am not a "go back to the car to eat" kind of person. Maybe a hearty meal before, bring your water bottle, and share some popcorn. Good luck.
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亚利桑那吉尔伯特193 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
It's a small to medium size zoo, I think it took us 5 or 6 hrs, taking our time going through the exhibits. The volunteers were nice and provided good info about the animals. The road that Google maps took us through was a little rough.
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印第安那Rossville1,127 条分享
We remember visiting the Indianapolis Zoo when we were kids. This place has certainly changed. It has improved although this version of the zoo was not as good as the last time we visited a decade ago.

We went to the zoo on a May Saturday. Wonderful weather. Apparently many others had the same idea because we were not allowed to park in the zoo lot. We were directed to an offsite parking lot and were bussed to the zoo. This round trip added an additional hour to our visit (or we should say ate into our time at the zoo visit as we had dinner plans). That is disappointing enough, but when we got to the zoo drop off on the drive in we saw NUMEROUS open spots. That is super poor service and management! The bus was agast at the open spots and the ordeal we had to endure to spend a few hours at the zoo.

The shows were poorly done. We attended the bird show at the pavillion and the dolphin show. We also fed the giraffes. Each of these waits were longer than the experience. The bird show did not even have a working microphone so you could not hear the presentation. It definitely is not worthy of waiting 20 minutes for a maybe 10 minute show.

Not trying to be a Debby Downer here. The kids loved seeing the animals. Service and experience were lacking on this visit. Perhaps the initial parking issue tainted this visit. The poor quality of the shows we visited or the $109 price tag for entry for 3 of us all contributed to our lack of enthusiasm about this visit to the zoo.

We love zoo experiences. We have rated many zoo and petting zoos higher than 3 stars. We actually believe we have rated them all 4 stars or higher. This trip to the Indianapolis Zoo did not merit better than an Average rating.

Honestly not sure it would merit our return visit list. We have visited several times but think our money can be used better visiting other experiences in Indy.
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Kierra B
1 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Absolutely amazing!!! Great prices and so many animals!! I would definitely return to this zoo again!
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宾夕法尼亚Bechtelsville501 条分享
My husband & I love zoos and seek them out whenever we travel. On our recent trip to TN, KY, & IN, we visited three zoos: Nashville, Memphis (see separate reviews) & this one (we also had tickets for Louisville Zoo but it stormed that whole day, so we didn't go). Our favorite of the three we visited was Indianapolis Zoo, mostly because it was nice & compact, not too large and spread out; we were able to see the exhibits without a lot of excess walking and backtracking (unlike Memphis!).

A favorite exhibit was the indoor dolphin tank, which had great visibility through floor-to-ceiling glass; it was very easy to watch them swim all about and up close to the windows. The Oceans habitat also contained a nice aquarium. In Deserts, I enjoyed the enclosed desert house—a domed naturalistic space with arid-loving plants, animals, and birds; it led into a reptile house. The Plains area was full of iconic zoo residents. In the Forests habitat, a large enclosed building housed several orangutans, who were easy to view as they swung around on ropes, played, and climbed, etc.—again behind floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Flights of Fancy held many beautiful birds, including colorful (and noisy!) flamingos.

In general, this was a good-sized zoo with a nice variety of animals; all were easy to view (not like Memphis!). We appreciated getting a paper map upon entrance (not like Memphis or Nashville!). We enjoyed tasty salads at the Café on the Common, which has indoor & outdoor seating. All the staff members we encountered were extremely pleasant, and there are plentiful restrooms throughout the zoo (again, not like Memphis!). The zoo was easy to find and had plentiful parking. We spent four hours here and really enjoyed it. We did miss seeing the gardens and hope to return when that renovation is complete.
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印第安那布卢明顿104 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Pretty much everything about the zoo is great!! ….. except THE coffee. The kids DO NOT FIT THE CUPS AND HOT COFFEE WE T DOWN THE KEG!! Not good. At the concession stand they told us management has been warned but NOT ACTED ON THIS… think it’s important!
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Ryan Lawler
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2022年3月 • 家庭
Really nice zoo. We went on a beautiful day in March and most exhibits were open; however, only one restaurant was which created quite a wait at other little pit stops. For example, the Brew Hut was the o Lu other thing open and it was a 20 minute wait for a drink and pretzel. Overall, we would definitely visit again. Price for two adults, infant and parking was $50.
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Nikki W
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I went in February and about half the exhibits were closed, meaning the animals were not present. The zoo still charged full price for a ticket for not a full experience. I saw everything in about an hour, and I took my time. I guess it's nice if you have a membership and need something to do in an afternoon, but I probably would not call it a "must-see" attraction.
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Ben F
印第安那布卢明顿1,131 条分享
I don’t live in Indy, but coming from Bloomington (an hour south) and living in Indiana my whole life, I have strong, warm feelings for lots of things in the state’s capital. The zoo is certainly one of them. I’ve grown up visiting here dozens of times, marveling at the dolphins at the dolphin show, interacting indirectly with the orangutans through their glass enclosure, smelling the flowers in the on-site botanical gardens, and experiencing everything else the facility has to offer.

Albeit small, the Indianapolis Zoo holds a special place in my heart for my not-so-small memories made there. Admission does cost some if you’re not a member, but I hope you find it will be worth the cost. Food options are ample, and activities like the zoo train and a roller coaster will help break the monotony of animal viewing if need be.

I could go on and on, but I hope you are inspired to check out this zoological park NOW!! It’s one of the best in the Midwest!!
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Amy C
4 条分享
We traveled from Kentucky to see the Zoo and museum. The Zoo was very nice. We loved the dolphin show.
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