Schneider's Pub

Schneider's Pub(印第安纳波利斯)

Schneider's Pub

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Seth I
印第安那Martinsville231 条分享
A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name
2017年7月 • 好友
If you are looking for a laid back place to enjoy some drinks and have a good bite to eat, this should be your stop. The beverage prices are some of the cheapest in town (if not the cheapest). The food is better than most of the bars. Plenty of televisions to catch a game on. It is never a surprise to catch the owner, Kevin, tending the bar. There is a large assortment of people that frequent this establishment, old, young, wealthy, poor, local, foreign..... If you're looking for a loud, obnoxious, crowded, standing room only, hip hop kind of place, I would recommend taking your business elsewhere.
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印第安那格林伍德25 条分享
decent local bar
2015年11月 • 好友
decent bar to watch a game at. they have decent food at a good price. customer service is good. if you don't get there early before a game, you might not get seating.
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印第安那格林伍德40 条分享
Cheers type bar for southsiders
2015年8月 • 家庭
Schneider's is a neighborhood bar frequented by all ages. The name "Schneider's" as I recall is the namesake from the TV series "One Day at a Time" set in Indianapolis with a single mother with two young daughters with the apartment building "super" named "Schneider". He wore a tool belt and was sort of a hard hat "shrink" for the family of women..
I think Schneider's attracts St. Barnabas parishioners as the original owners were members of this parish. I believe the current owner is also a member of St. Barnabas, "Kevin".. Wednesday night is Trivia night as I recall and is always packed. The food is great and very reasonable, typical bar food but they do everything well, not five star but it is good, decent food and tasty.
I believe one Saturday night a month they have Karaoke (not my thing but a lot of people frequent). The owner's father used to make "firehouse" stew on Monday night. If there was stew left over, it was served the next night. The owner's father was a fireman and I can attest the stew is great but it always seemed like they were sold out. I meet neighbors at Schneider's for drinks and dinner occasionally and friends. Schneider's is sooooo much better now that there is a no smoking ban in Marion County. It was so smoky. For those who still enjoy a smoke, they can go outside for a drag where there are benches. The mixed drinks are okay, usual wine and beer offerings.
I love a mixed drink (gin and tonic) with the fried pickles. The best. My go to...
The atmosphere is a typical bar look. Nothing has changed from the original owner, still a lot of Purdue, Notre Dame and IU memorabilia as well as golf memorabilia. There are many big screens to watch games, etc. Loud music on occasion from some sort of sound system which I could do without. (mostly country western). You see the same faces and the atmosphere is very comfortable, like an old shoe. Norm? I always think I will see "Norm" from "Cheer" when I enter.....
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯40 条分享
Good local bar
Good place for a few guys to grab a cheap pitcher.... or 2 or 3... Good food, good price, friendly service. We make it a regular stop!!!
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巴拿马Los Santos Province68 条分享
A Great Neighborhood Bar!
2015年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This is one of the spots our group of friends like to spend an evening! A great neighborhood bar with good food and a pleasant atmosphere.
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Bob S
印第安那格林伍德17 条分享
Schneider's Pub
2015年2月 • 好友
Interesting local bar scene. Decent food selection and beverages. If not a regular service is a little on the slow side.
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Randy J
印第安那印第安纳波利斯46 条分享
Small pub
2014年4月 • 家庭
just a small pub with decent bar-food. Service is so-so and the bartenders slow and a bit snobbish for bartenders. Nice area.
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印第安那Martinsville25 条分享
Good food.
2014年7月 • 家庭
Food was good. The service is lacking as we waited several minutes before a server came to our table. The establishment smells like cigarette smoke despite it being a non-smoking business.
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Rick P
印第安那格林伍德73 条分享
Ok. Not Great!
2014年2月 • 好友
The food is nothing to brag about but it is not bad either. If you are lucky, your waitress will not stand at the bar and wait for customers drinks while your food is under the heat lamp waiting to be brought to your table. What disturbed me the most was watching my food at the heat lamp while another customer was at the window talking and coughing at the cook. I refused the food!
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