Sugar Valley Canoe Trips
Sugar Valley Canoe Trips

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伊利诺伊州Woodstock62 条分享
We had a great experience. Arrived just in time to get on a bus and off we went kayaking. (wasn't the busy time of year though. I'm sure you can't always expect that)
We did the 3 mile trip and it was very scenic. The creek was low so we had to get out a couple of times. But that was no big deal. We did have to wait a bit for our ride back but we chatted with some folks who we also waiting. I would recommend this place for sure.
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Lynzie S
5 条分享
it was a lovely place first time i went with my mom and my sister we did the 3 mile next time we will probably get 6 or 10 we will be coming back in a week we recommend bring drinks and snack in something waterproof its a relly nice family spot i recommend 3 miles for beginners i relly like the one porsening boat its relly nice
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2021年6月 • 好友
Sugar Valley has been our go to place for kayaking for the last 10+ years. Our group always has a good time. The staff is great. Never had a bad experience! There have been some changes since covid, but nothing that deterred our group from having fun. The 10 mile kayak trip is our favorite, a little less crowded and beautiful scenery. We most recently did the 3 mile tubing trip, very relaxing and fun! Sugar Valley will continue to be our go to place when we visit Turkey Run!
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IndianWoman A
印第安那印第安纳波利斯35 条分享
If you want to enjoy a beautiful area of Indiana ,this is it. Low cost compared to other high priced local businesses . We have taken 15,12,10,6 mile trips on kayaks from here. There can be hundreds of customers on the weekends. Bring your mask and a baggie to store it on the trip. Sunscreen and drinks along with some snacks its all you need for the best day ever. This is an unforgettable experience. Well worth every cent.It can be stressful for the staff on busy weekends with people not prepared at the window. Please try to arrive early and pack light for your own ease. The staff is made up of family and local kids. They have signs and boxes out front with the paperwork needed to fill out” prior” to approaching the window to pay. I grab extra to keep in the car for the next trip so I am prepared for my next trip. At the window they explain the times for pickup, and the necessity for you to get your equipment back to certain points. They also discourage alcohol consumption. While not prohibited they do ask if you brought alcohol because it often explains lost equipment and late returns. The deposits were added after several years of equipment losses and extremely drunk late passengers. In the summer when it has not rained the water can be low. I bring a rope to pull my kayak or canoe in low spots. It also helps to drag it out. Check out your equipment before you jump in and you can avoid broken canoes and kayaks without stretchy strings to hold your paddle. While it is true you do have to drag your equipment up a steep muddy hill on a couple trips. There is also another area with a very long uphill ramp to walk . Just tuck a couple of ones in a pocket for a tip. Either offer a young man a couple bucks to pull your kayak or canoe out, or tip the one that volunteers. It would give great incentive for them to do it. Unfortunately so many people have been tired and rude when getting to the pull out spots. That they don’t think about helping each other to carry their stuff up. Also overpacking and alcohol consumption, makes it harder to exit. It is explained at the beginning of the trip . You are responsible, to be on time getting out and, to get your equipment to a certain point. I totally agree bright staff t shirts are needed. Mostly high school and college kid are employed to get equipment in and out. They too could use a few rules on conduct. This family owned business has kept the cost low and been doing this for several years. I for one am happy to pay less and put in more effort. I am 61 years young and can get my kayak out at all areas. During the first months of Covid they were very strict on their rules. After G Holcomb declared it not to be required to mask up. Customers decided not to wear masks. They also do not think to put their masks in a dry place for the bus ride back. It’s up to each of us to be responsible. Every bus driver there and the owners have their masks on, unfortunately they can not police the customers, thanks to the lax rulings of our state. It has been hard on every private business around here to make ends meet during these trying times.
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Marleen S
印第安那韦恩堡4 条分享
2020年9月 • 独自旅游
Camping at Turkey Run State Park was such a horrible mistake, I packed and never got to kayak as I planned. Maybe Sugar Vslley should talk to ranger and not lose business.

If campground staff hadn't lied to me, I would have been able to spend money at Sugar Valley. Read my campground review.
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Beverly L
印第安那Plainfield117 条分享
Had been canoeing here many years ago here. Didn't know what to expect from some of the bad reviews. We arrived early on a Monday. Was on the bus within a 15 minutes. Everyone had masks on and were seated far apart. The driver gave us instructions after the bus stopped. It was a short walk to the canoes. The canoes, tubes and kayaks were at the water edge. Tubes had closed and open bottoms. Life jackets were required in the boats but didn't have to be worn. The water was low and we had to push the canoe off of high ground occasionally. We never had to get out to push except when we reached the end. The scenery was beautiful. We did have to paddle often to keep in deeper water. We left our canoe on a sandbar at the end of our trip. We didn't have to carry it anywhere. Be sure and bring your life jackets with you. A young man came by to sign our $20. deposit receipt. We had to wait a bit for the bus to pick us up. Busses pick up every half hour.
We had a nice time, with no problems. We had the blonde bus driver others said was rude. She was nice and helpful to us. She was very conscientious about staying on time.
If you dislike dirt, this may not be for you. This business was rustic and primitive. Dirt and dust were everywhere, not trash. Don't know if disinfecting would be practical or possible. 2 of the women's bathroom stalls were small. Third had a sink. Not filthy but did have dust on floors. Not somewhere you would want to spend much time. Didn't use the changing rooms.
We may have had a different experience on a crowded week end.
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Casey G
伊利诺伊州芝加哥2 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Will never book with them again. 1) If you are concerned for COVID at all, don’t come here. Their website makes it seem like they are cautious.....but let me tell you.....they jam pack you into a bus and there is 0 social distancing and 0 sanitization!!! Literally I’m surprised CDC or state of Indiana hasn’t been contacted. 2) Staff when booking the trip is extremely rude. 3) this company is extremely disorganized
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1 条分享
DO NOT GO HERE!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I am giving this place 0 stars. We had an awful experience! Staff was very rude to us. I have never experienced a rude staff like this. When we finished our 10 mile float, the staff of several young men stood at the top of a stair case and watched while my wife and I along with several young children dragged our canoes to the top of the stairs. They said it "wasn't their job" to help us. I have canoed several places and I can tell you I was shocked. When we confronted them about it they made snarky remarks and the bus driver said that she would leave us there if we said anything else. When we returned back to the main building, I was denied my $50.00 deposit because we were late getting back for pick up "even though the guide told us that we would have plenty of time to swim and relax". Worst experience ever. We will definitely be taking our business elsewhere when we return and I suggest you do the same.
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Brooks W
2 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
You will have a great time. The water was great. You will have to walk your tubes downhill to the water and take them uphill after the trip. Its not a long walk but it might be steep for some people. There aren't any directions or coordinating the herd except for the driver. We enjoyed ourselves floating down the river.
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Easy going
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2020年7月 • 好友
Avoid!!!!! No way are they sanitizing anything. Life jackets thrown out on ground, sanitized by the sun I guess.The bus is PACKED, zero spacing. We skipped our bus TWICE bc we didn't feel comfortable riding in a full, hot bus. Our bus driver, blonde lady, was so nasty and rude. One passenger was slow walking and the bus driver left her at the river, alone. Wouldn't let her on the bus though there was room returning. The lady asked to get on, bus driver said no, we sat for a few mins and the passengers asked her to let her on. She wouldn't. Very, very rude. I will never book w them ever again. Ever.
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