Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site

Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site(Rome City)

Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site

Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site
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Denny B
印第安那韦恩堡1,356 条分享
2021年5月 • 家庭
Pretty expensive for what you get. Frankly, one hour of information is too long. I guess this visit is once in a lifetime.
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印第安那韦恩堡10 条分享
A natural and educational asset to the region
2020年11月 • 家庭

My 7-year-old daughter started visiting this site with me when she was much younger in order to view animals, insects, and interesting plants. Over time, we wandered more often into the site’s visitor center where we met the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who encouraged our interest and inspired us to read Gene Stratton-Porter’s books in order to learn even more. My daughter’s (and my own) interests in nature and GSP have grown so much over the course of several visits to this site that she has begun to see Gene Stratton-Porter as a kind of role model.

This State Historic Site is a kind of sanctuary with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff that skillfully brings together nature, history, and literature in ways that make your visits educational and interesting to all ages. Ask the staff plenty of questions and you will learn much. Read a book by GSP and you will want to know even more. Highly recommended.
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印第安那Westfield85 条分享
Cabin is a must see
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited on a Sunday. Due to Covid there were only 2 scheduled tours for the day, but we were lucky to take a 1pm tour. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the cabin’s decor and well thought out amenities for the time. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable. I could have stayed in the home longer and looked in every cabinet at length. After the cabin we walked through the garden and the woods path. We happened to see a small fox to top of the delightful visit.
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Ruth G
印第安那Avilla6 条分享
Gorgeous grounds! Beautiful facility for a grad party!
2019年6月 • 家庭
We recently had my daughters graduation party at GSPSHS. It was absolutely beautiful! The gardens, the lake, the staff, the facilities! Perfect!
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印第安那韦恩堡64 条分享
Sunday visit
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Perfect day, not too hot, not too chilly, perfect day to walk around. The tour of the house (paid and very affordable tour) was very informative and the guide, Terry, was well versed in GSP's history.

The site is extremely well maintained and a real Indiana gem. We would highly recommend it.
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Thanks so much for your kind words. We're happy that you enjoyed your visit!
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印第安那韦恩堡21 条分享
Beautiful place!
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
The area in which this place is located is so peaceful and serene. We took a tour of the cabin with our guide Terry who was amazing and very knowledgeable. You can also walk through the gardens and picture yourself in a different era.
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Skylar B
加拿大基奇纳16 条分享
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful landscape, trails and garden. I got my photos taken with my partner and they turned out really well! It is free to walk around the site, but a tour costs money though. The price for a tour isn't too expensive, although we didn't take a tour. I would highly recommend this site!
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯11 条分享
Tour guide ok, cabin outstanding, gardens and trails nice
2018年7月 • 家庭
Went with family that included a 10 year old. It was easy to find. Free to enter Wildflower Woods where the cabin is located. There is also a pier in front of the cabin on the lake where you could sit and soak your feet. There are gardens and trails.
The setting was fabulous: an ingenious cabin on the shores of a fascinating man made lake - probably the largest of its kind in Indiana.
Price of tour was relatively inexpensive and worth it. Gift shop a little expensive. It offered books, post cards, and the usual gift shop stuff.
The cabin had many points of interest within, many that highlighted the intellect and ingenuity of this prominent Indiana author. Our guide was informative, but the legacy of Gene Stratton-Porter herself was just so fascinating.
Disappointed that we couldn't go upstairs due to structural issues and safety. However, the downstairs is so impressive. I feel that there was so much more to learn about it than what we got in the hour we were there.
The trails around the site were nice and easy to follow. The gardens were easy to navigate.
The lake is beautiful and intriguing. I was disappointed that there was not a public beach as we had found in Kendallville. Though Sylvan Lake encompasses most of the town of Rome City, there does not seem to be much access for tourists, unless you know someone who lives on the lake.
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印第安那里士满219 条分享
Garden tour
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
OK, I am male, not a gardener. Having established my bona fides, I was impressed by the garden tour (hourly, free). The tour guide was exuberant and knowledgeable. History of Gene Stratton-Porter was interwoven in an explanation of the evolution of the garden. Some nice woodland walks from the parking area. (Note: We didn't do the house tour, gift shop, etc.)
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midwest118 条分享
Highly recommend
2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We drove four and a half hours to get to Rome City and were really glad we did. We took the tour with Bruce. It was structured, informal, and a conversation, not an easy thing to pull off. We want to go back again, as this house and setting are so interesting. This house as many of the cool things you find in houses built around 1912, including solid cherry paneling from trees on site.

Grounds are beautiful, and easy to walk. The house is right on the lake.

We wish there was a tour of the upstairs, maybe for $7 more. Right now you can only see the upstairs on an overnight stay -- which is like a fundraising thing at $100 a head. Not really aimed at people on a budget.
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